15 April 2014

What I'm Working on...

If like me you crochet or spend your time enjoying any type of craft chances are you will have many projects on the go at the same time! I get so excited when an idea of something new pops into my head I have to get started straight away, leaving a few little projects half finished!

This little cat above, has been 'legless' for quite a while now, poor thing! He is a prototype for some little crochet pals I am working on.  He is actually my own pattern, I am pleased with him but I am not sure he is quite right yet, so he remains in my work in progress pile.

 Little cat is half finished but yes, I started on the next one! I wanted to test my pattern so far so I started on a new little pal.  I am not sure exactly what he is going to be yet, maybe a bunny, maybe a pig, or perhaps another cat!

This is a shawl for my grandma that was meant to be for Christmas! Christmas was 4 months ago and this still has a long way to go! oops!  Well it's all summery out there right now so she doesn't need a shawl at the moment, perhaps I might get it finished for next Christmas...

What are you currently working on?  How many different projects do you have on the go at once?

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