31 July 2014

5 Year Camping in Borrowdale

Last Friday Mark and I packed up the car and headed to the beautiful Borrowdale Valley, just past Keswick in Cumbria for a weekend of camping fun.

5 Years ago this very weekend we took another camping trip to this very spot, Hollows Farm campsite and it was our very first camping trip together, in fact one of our first dates together, where we decided we were 'boyfriend/girlfriend' LOL! We don't make a big deal about anniversaries (well Mark doesn't! haha) but I just wanted to come back to this campsite this weekend.

The campsite is very basic, there are 2 fields, a woodland one and a flat one, we favour the woodland one as it is sooo pretty.  There is a basic toilet block in the field and showers a little walk up the lane to the farm. But who needs showers and luxuries when the river Derwent runs right past the campsite!

We arrived on Friday night, unpacked, put up the tent and realised we had forgotten the tent inner! erm... so we drive back all the way to collect it? Nah we just sleep under the outer with grass below us! I was a little reluctant at first but was fine in the end, still plenty warm enough and we didn't get flooded! Win!

We then went for a swim in the river! I was so excited, had wanted to do outdoor swimming for ages, but never really plucked up the courage.  The river near the campsite wasn't too deep so we just bobbed about in the water a bit, got cold and got out... but there would be more swimming tomorrow....

We woke up early on Saturday and set off on our walk.  A walk!!! us! I was feeling a little lost without my bike, but I guess a walk would be something different! We headed for Rosthwaite along the river, which really must be the prettiest walk in all of Cumbria? I will let you judge for yourself....

We met Herdies, but surely this baby is a little too big for that by now?

My path, no you may not get past!

Once in Rosthwaite, we carried on up the road to Stonethwaite, the buildings were SO ugly! aaargh, how cute is this little cottage?

I couldn't resist snapping this sign! I fear our beautiful sunny, hot Saturday was a rarity in these parts!

We walked down through the valley following the river... and eventually found....

Black Moss Pot! A wonderful natural swimming lagoon! It has crystal clear waters, is not too cold and is super deep.  You can actually swim in it, and do some decent lenghts! I haven't swum in ages, and certainly not outside.  I was a bit scared getting in, and I certainly wasn't going to jump in from these high rocks like these brave idiots!

But I am so glad I went in and was brave! It felt fantastic swimming out here, we did some lengths up and down and at the end of the 'pot' there is a little corner with a waterfall, a natural stone wall corners this bit off, which you climb over and it is like a jacuzzi, it was amazing! If you are ever in Borrowdale, do make sure you go swimming here, it is a great experience!

We headed back along the path...

Past more pretty cottages...

Over some stepping stones...

And popped to Grange for some well deserved MASSIVE ice creams!

I loved our camping trip! Are you a camping fan? Where would you recommend?


  1. Ah what a lovely weekend Jo, so pleased you got such nice weather, its hard to beat the Lakes when the sun is shining :) happy anniversary too! xx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Anna. We have been really lucky with camping weather recently, it really does make so much difference! x

  2. These photos are gorgeous! I'd love to go wild swimming, I go about knee deep in Derwent Water and then chicken out. It looks lovely where you were though, I might have to drag the husband along! xx

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Anne, oh you should def go here, you won't be dissapointed! I was quite proud of how brave I was with the swimming and so glad I was it felt amazing to be swimming outside on such a lovely hot day! x

  3. Oooh you found Black Moss Pot!! That's been on my list for ages! And you went swimming! You are brave! I managed to paddle on my trip but that was about as far as I got. It looks like you had a wonderful time, we really are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lindsay. You must bump Black Moss Pot to the top of your list and go on a sunny day, its amazing! i was so impressed to find such a nice outdoor swimming spot in Cumbria! x

  4. I love camping! These looks like a really lovely place to camp and hike around. Nature just makes me happy and the photos look lovely and green! I have never done outdoor swimming but i'm not a big swimming fan so I'd rather hike around.

    I think it's lovely to go back to the beginning of your relationship, my bf and I's 5yr anniversary is coming up and I'm in need of ideas so revisiting old memories might be really nice :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. nature certainly makes me happy too, I'm always so sad to come home after camping.

      I think it would be a great idea to go back to a date 5 years ago for your anniversary too! I'm going to start a new tradition and try and come camping here every year now! x

  5. What a cracking weekend - it looks like you had it all with the river, the woods, the lagoon and of course the ice cream! I'm insanely jealous as the Lake District is one of my most favourite places.

    I agree with you on the massive sheep drinking milk, it just doesn't look right! x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I love the Lake District, I'm so lucky to live in Cumbria with all this on my doorstep. x

  6. Hi darling!=) I was there last year..It's a really wonderful place and your pictures are amazing!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Were you at the same campsite?, its so pretty isn't it, one of my very faves. x


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