16 July 2014

Babygro Bunny

I can now reveal, drum roll..... my latest crafty commission, Babygro Bunny... This cute bunny was made for a little girl called Blair who will be turning 1 this week.  The bunny is extra special as it is made out of her old babygros.

 I loved making Blair's Bunny, the design stage is my favourite, choosing which fabrics to out where and trying to pick out some little details.

Jersey fabric is very difficult to work with as it stretched everywhere! My top tip and secret weapon is interfacing, simply iron it onto the back of your fabric before you begin any work.  Use the lightest interfacing you can find so you still get that lovely soft feel to the jersey.

 All the facial features I have carefully had sewn in lovely bright contrasting cottons to make them stand out.  I like them to have a 'rag doll' feel.

I embroidered all the facial features after interfacing, as it made it a lot easier.  I even interfaced the little sewn on details to the face here too.  it just make them a little easier to work with and to help me get that nice blanket stitch edge.

 I picked little details like this heart from the babygros and added them onto the bunny.

 This little cuff on Bunny's arm was one a little trim round the neckline of one of the babygros.

Here is the back view of the bunny, and you can see I have hand embroidered Blair's name as well as her date of birth and birth weight onto the bunny.

If you know of anyone who you think might like a Babygro Bunny made with their little ones old clothes do drop me an email perfecthidingplace@live.com 

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