1 July 2014

This Month... June

Stuff that made me smile...

« A new wool delivery « a cuddly Meg « bright sunny weather « meeting the Carlisle bloggers for dinner « being chased by Zombies « sunny road trips with Mark « days off work « coming home from being away « spending time with Corey « dinner with friends « seeing my Sister « booking summer holidays « taking new crafty commissions.

Stuff I snapped...

« Posh Afternoon tea for Father's Day « Working on designs for a new piggy pal « My train home from work had X-Men on each carriage, of course I had to be in Wolverine! « Marky is a Leeds Total Warrior « The cutest hedgehog planter « A flying visit to London for work « a cuddly Meg when I got home « We got infected with Zombie virus during the Zombie Apocalypse (2.8 Hours Later City Zombie chase game - THE best scary fun ever!)

Blog posts loved...

This ice lolly post from a fellow Cumbrian Blogger made me chuckle ever so much. Whilst pregnant Anne has been craving ice lollies and she has amassed an impressive knowledge.  I love her descriptions and it makes me remember fondly our ice cream man and hot summer evenings as a child...
I loved seeing Helen's Corfu holiday snaps, WOW just wow! This place looks so amazing it simply cannot be real.  Not jealous at all! I've just booked plane tickets for a little week in Portugal at the end of Summer, it will be my first abroad holiday in a very very long time and I cannot wait!
I really enjoy reading people's to-do lists, wish lists, goals lists etc, I find them really inspiring.  Here Anna counts down her 32 things to achieve before she hits 32.  There are many on her list that I'd like to do to. I love list writing and thinking about goals, but you don't need to wait until birthdays and new year to set new ones, get going on them today!
Cat is always one of my go to bloggers when I need a bit of a health and fitness advice and motivation, she is always so dedicated and driven with her goals.  In this honest post she admits her health and fitness haven't been a priority in a busy few months, proving that everyone really does struggle with motivation sometimes. But reading this positive post and hearing her new goals just makes me admire Cat all the more.
I've certainly got health and fitness on my mind this month! Another of my fave posts was this one from Charlene.  I absolutely love 'progress' posts and seeing before and after photos is endlessly inspiring to me, even more so when they are cool UK bloggers and not celebs or people in the public eye.  Charlene often posts about her fitness journey and she deserves her fab progress, if you follow her on instagram and see her cals burned pics you know she works dam hard.  She looks amazing here!

This month I am sharing a little list of my current fave Instagrammers... I love a good instagram stalk! Who do you love at the moment that I simply must be following?
Katymitten - Just super pretty pics! I love Katy's style and home decor tastes.
Kim Sears - Andy Murray's girlfriend (her with the great hair and impeccable style) is a talented artist, check out her pet portraits!
A Million Dresses - She makes her own dresses, all the one basic pattern, but different amazing fabrics.  they look so good, I badly want to make my own dress, but I doubt very much I have the patience.
Ollie Wallace - Oh how I love a good tattoo instagrammer, Ollie is a local artist and I am saving up to get a tattoo from him, he is fab.
Norman Cook - Kayley Cuoco - You know Penny from Big Bang Theory! I love her, I'm literally obsessed with her! She posts so many fun pics, not jealous of her lifestyle and amazing house, nope not! (humph)
Calvin Harris - I do like Calvin! My best friend grew up right behind him in Dumfries, anywho, he posts odd/funny little pics and vids.
So how did I get on with my June goals?
June Goals
  1. Complete 2 more Stanes - boo no! We haven't been out biking much lately! Mar's bike needed some work and we have been super busy with other stuff.  I did persuade my dad to do Whinlatter, his first single track and he did so well!
  2. Sell some more crafts - Yeah! I have 2 commissions for Babygro Bears and a commission for a Crochet Pal, with some more interest too.
  3. Get some more sleep - hmmm probably not, can always try harder with this one!
  4. Get off the internet! - Well have had a busy month so for that reason been off internet but still too much time spent on computer in evenings!
  5. Get out running again - yes! wuhu! I've done a few runs this month and really enjoyed being out again.  I have signed up for a Park Run too and I am contemplating getting some serious training in for Total Warrior next year! eek!

July Goals

  1. More running! - I need to build up my running, get out more, go faster, go further!
  2. Try something different for lunch - I hate lunch! I really do, quite happy not to eat anything if it wasn't for crippling hunger pains and not to mention the bad moods if I don't eat! But what to have??? Don't like sandwiches and want to be healthy, but salads are usually so unappealing (well when I make them they are!)
  3. Expand my Babygro Bear products - I have a little idea for something a bit different for my Babygro Bear range.  Just need to get designing and making!
  4. Be tidier - Yeah, so left to my own devices I can be a bit of a slob. I hate the flat when it is a mess, but can I keep it tidy?
  5. Meditate - I've been a bit stressed out at work lately and can't seem to switch off in evenings and weekends. I used to do a bit of meditation and it really helps.  Anything that will make me into a calmer, nicer person has got to be worth a try?

Well June you have been super super busy, lots of stuff going on at work, travels to London, Leeds, Newcastle but ended with a much needed week and a bit off... ah! Let's hope July can be a little less busy and stressy please....
Do you do a month in review posts? or seen any good ones on your blog travels?  leave me links....


  1. Thanks lovely, I'm glad you liked my post! Sounds like you had a very exciting month! Hope July treats you well :)

    Ann xx
    Prattle and Froth

  2. Hey Lady, I like this post, I like the idea of picking out posts you've particularly enjoyed and sharing them...I may have to steal that idea off you. I've just started following Ollie Wallace on Insta too, I'm thinking of getting a new tattoo next year (on my ribs, eek) and had heard he's amazing so that's where I'll be heading! :) xx


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