28 August 2014

Meet The Latest Crochet Pals...

Bunny Crochet Pals seem to be popular at the moment in my little crafty shop, here are a couple of recent cuties who have hopped their way to their new little friends...

 New baby Awela's Pal in a new bright orange jumper! She has her name embroidered on his tummy too!

Sewing tails onto bunny bums!

 Here we see Baby Theo's bunny sporting a beautiful bright blue jumper!

I love making these teeny bunnies!

Hello there!

Crochet Pals are made to order and make an ideal gift for a new baby or child.  You can customise them with your choice of fur and jumper colour and even add an embroidered name onto the tummy!  All this for the fantastic price of £15 which even includes beautiful gift wrapping and postage.  

Email me perfecthidingplace@live.com for more info or to place an order.

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