4 August 2014

This Month... July

Stuff that made me smile...

« Lots of lovely sunshine! « Being outside as much as possible « Camping « Ultimate Frisbee in the park « New bike ride routes « New dresses « Summer holiday planning « Time off work « Graduation week going well « Evening BBQs by the river « Corey crawling « Healthy eating.

Stuff I snapped...

« New cow pals « New Dino Jarmies « The prettiest shop ever « lovely big fresh scones on funny plates « A new dress « Feeding the ducks « Lunchtime walks with this girl « Accessorising « My amazing city.

Blog Posts Loved...
This is my absolute fave blog post this month, I loved it! Not being allowed to take her camera into Chatsworth House, Anna turned it into a positive and focused on the details that inspired her instead. I'm desperate to go back to Chatsworth and this blog post had me daydreaming about a visit for days...
Sally's first vlog! And such a pretty subject matter too.  She documents her pretty evening bike ride round the local park, which is my local park too, but made so much prettier through Sally's eyes.
I was instantly drawn to this post as, like Anne, I studied to be a teacher and it had been a dream for so long to go into teaching.  And, like Anne, I am not currently teaching! I really get where she is coming from with this and it is certainly a brave choice to be honest with yourself and not go into a career you know will make you unhappy. I'm SO with Anne and favour a quieter life and value my work life balance!
Nashville is one of my very very favourite programmes and Scarlett it the BEST character. I'm a little obsessed with her, she has an amazing voice and amazing style so I of course loved this post.  I may have to think about how I can incorporate a few Scarlett elements into my own wardrobe.
July Goals Review...
1. More running - YES, I've done well with this one and I'm loving running at the moment.
2. Try something different for lunch - I've made a new interesting salad a couple of times!
3. Expand Babygro Bear Products - I have designed a new product, just need to get on with the testing stage.
4. Be Tidier - Ha! No!
5. Meditate - I've done it once, does that count!?

August Goals...
1. Loose a stone, - I don't love the diet talk, and I'm not going to go on about it too much here but recently I've lost a little bit of weight and it is so motivating and making me feel so much more positive. My aim is to loose a little more this month.
2. Blog more!  - I'm afraid this little blog has been neglected recently, I could blame the nice weather, but it's just laziness. I asked myself, do I want to give up? A bit shouty NO came from deep within! So If I'm not going to stop blogging, I better do some more blogging!
3. Work on marketing my crafts - I'm useless at 'selling myself' but I would love to have a go at trying to sell some more little crafty commissions.  I just need to sit down one afternoon, be focused and set myself a plan...
4. Make the most of the Summer - I wore a coat to work today, it has been rainy and cold all weekend and I'm sad.  I'm not a massive hot weather fan, but all this sunshine sure does make a difference to everyone's mood. Summer will be over so soon, and I have loads I feel I still want to do...
5. Catch up with blog reading - Like most things recently my blog reading list has been neglected.  Ican't tell you how many un read blog posts I have on Bloglovin! I love reading blogs but just recently feel like I haven't given enough time to this.
I've loved July, so much sunshine has made me really happy. I'm determined that Summer is not over yet, come on it's August now, surely the hottest month! Why are we starting it drizzly, wet and cold? I am determined to make the most of the season and squeeze the last few weeks of outdoor fun out of the Summer. So what if that means running in the rain, muddy bike rides and soggy camping...? right? Let's see what August brings...


  1. Glad you enjoyed the post lovely! I never knew you'd trained to be a teacher too x

  2. I swear every day I tell myself to start meditating, I managed to get into once really well, but then stopped - I need to push myself to make time! I hope the weight loss goes well, I've got my fingers crossed for you. x


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