29 September 2014

What's in my bag?

Ooh I love a good nosey post! Peeking around other people's houses, craft rooms, handbags, LOVE it! I was thinking of doing one of these posts after reading Claireabelle's recently and then when I got the prettiest bag ever for my birthday I just knew I had to do it.

So, the bag.... It was a birthday present from my boss, her sister made it, super talented lady! It's a beautiful soft pastel blue old Harris Tweed skirt with a patchwork of pretty Cath Kidston fabrics for the lining.  I adore the unique shape with the pleats and a little spotty Cath print poking through.

What I love the most though are the little details, the cute blue buttons, with matching blue fabric strap (as she was told I don't wear leather) The original Harris Tweed tag as a label on the front and inside a teeny Stanley Cath Kidston button, patchwork pocket and key chain. This bag is so special, and so very well made.

 So what do I carry round in this lovely new bag of mine.... ?

We have my umbrella, can't go anywhere without this in the Cumbrian climate.  This bold leopard print from M&S has been going strong a couple of years (good old M&S!) A little fold up bag with London print from Paperchase, so I'm super organised for any large purchases! The cutest little handmade purse, my super bright neon orange academic diary from WH Smith and a notepad for blog ideas.  A trusty hand cream, can't go wrong with Nivea and that smell.... ah! A Cath Kidston train ticket wallet, I don't normally get the train to work, I only live 5 minutes away, but was off on a trip to Lancaster on this occasion. Keys with lots of old keyrings, Lip balm and a bit of lip colour, my lovely new bright iPhone 5c, a Cath Kidston pocket mirror in bird print, office key (yep more Cath!) pens and my work pass.

I'm having a neon moment recently.  I love the bright pop of colour when I peek into my bag.  My orange diary clashes fabulously with my pink and green phone.

The cutest little purse from Pocket Cushions, a recent find on Instagram, I fell in love with the cute fabric and treated myself.

Are you a bit nosey too?  Do you like these kinds of posts? Do leave me a link if you have done one yourself....

20 September 2014

I went on holiday!

I went on holiday! A real life, sunny, beach, abroad holiday! I went on a plane and everything! This is a big deal as it has been a very loooong time since this happened! 

We went to Portugal, flew into Lisbon, hired a car and camped.  We drove down the West coast and stopped off at some surfer towns then headed south to the Algarve.

Here are my holiday snaps...

There were beaches..... lots and lots of beaches! Woweee, so pretty! I didn't think I was a beachy person but even I enjoyed sitting (in little clothes!) sunning myself in this awesome scenery.  Top is Praia de Tonel in Sagres a cool surfer beach and middle is Praia Dona Ana in Lagos (my fave!) and bottom is Carvoeiro.

There was sightseeing... We stopped off for a couple of nights in Lagos, a medieval walled city with pretty marina, it was the busiest little place we found.  It had a great touristy feel and really came alive in the many many street bars and restaurants in the evenings.

There was fab places to stay.... Our last couple of nights we splashed out on a bungalow, I do love camping but after a good few nights in the tent (and one in the car! First night, but we don't need to discuss that!) this little wooden bungalow felt like luxury.  I loved these cute little chalets, I felt like I was living in the 70s! This campsite is Campismo de Armacao de Pera, by far my fave, mostly because we pretty much got the pool to ourselves! 

There was lots of yummy food... and LOTS of ice cream!

There was cats.... Yep the campsites had little kitties everywhere.  This one came to our little bungalow, er, yeah we named him (Blue, cos if his pretty eyes!) and er yeah, I went to the supermercado and bought him cat food! I'm a sucker for a cute face!

And... there was crochet! The surfer village of Sagres had been yarn bombed! awesome!

Have you been to Portugal? Do let me know where you stayed and which towns you visited....

8 September 2014

New Shop Pages

Have you noticed my blog has had a little work?  A little nip and a tuck! She is looking FABULOUS now! so happy.  Of course all the handy work of the amazing Magic Feather Designs.  It's super handy having such a super talented Sister!

Not only has the main blog had a little work but finally my little crafty shop page has had a facelift too!  You can check it out here..... http://theperfecthidingplace.blogspot.co.uk/p/shop.html 

I'm just over the moon with these collage images of my Babygro Bears and Crochet Pals.

4 September 2014


Here's the first in a new (most likely irregular!) series... Just some stuff that I am currently LOVING....

Layla Amber - I'm obsessed! Look how pretty her jewelry is! I want everything, but mostly the acorn and leaf necklace.  Did I mention it is my birthday soon... 

You can find Layla Amber here on her website, on her blog, and her Etsy shop (Image source)

White Stuff, new Autumn range - I LOVE this time of year when all the cosy Autumn clothes come into the shops.  Chunky knits and tights wuhu! Nobody does Autumn prettier than White Stuff, I was just droooling over everything on a recent visit to one of their shops...

View the range and buy White Stuff here... (image source)

Pretty Little Liars - Once again my tv shows of choice match my mental age (teen) not my actual age (not very teen anymore, not for a LONG time!) But yeah, I'm obsessing about this show after erm, discovering how to get American Netflix and binge watching 5 series in about a month! (image source)

Read more and watch a trailer here... 

Finkelsteins - Erm, are these not THE cutest things ever? I would be so happy if I could create some handmade toys even a fraction as awesome and cute as these. 

Check out and buy Finkelsteins here.... They are on Instagram too, scream! (image source)

Wish Strings - Kelly (an alumnus of the uni I work for!) set up this amazing shop and online business whilst studying for her degree.  I think she is a superstar, and her shop in Brampton, Cumbria is filled to bursting with THE prettiest handmade gifts, furniture, jewelry and vintage.

Visit Wish Strings website and spend spend spend here...  follow on Twitter here.... 

Ladybird Likes - Another awesome Etsy shop find lately.  I bought this 'Do Awesome Things' necklace recently for my goddaughter's 16th birthday and I would really rather like one for myself, did I mention its my birthday soon??? I was SO impressed with the service and the beautiful packaging from this cool, handmade jewelry shop.

Go here now and buy buy buy! Check out the website here....  (image source)

Taylor Swift, Shake it off - Literally cannot stop listening to this! I'm too old to worry about what people think about my music tastes these days, I'm going to listen to what the heck I like and this song is so much fun to dance (around your living room on own) to!

That's it for now folks, what have you been obsessing over recently? Got any Etsy shop recommendations?

1 September 2014

This Month... August

Stuff that made me smile...

« A new pretty pink iPhone « a smiley birthday Corey « a little visit to MY Palace (Holyrood in Edinburgh) « new dresses « a little nip in the air and the first signs of Autumn « a new Cath Kidston bag « getting my thick black tights out « new pretty smart lace ups « getting through my busy/stressy time « Ceilidh dancing « huge ice cream sundaes with Mark « lovely day out in Newcastle with my Mum « pretty autumn clothes in the shops « little Meg's face and mews after being away a few days.

Stuff I snapped...

« Bird spotting with Meg « Corey and my brother wore matching outfits to his birthday party, which was just the cutest thing ever! « Birthday cakes « Birthday boy « Edinburgh Castle « erm Nutella on the go, erm YES! « My little Edinburgh visit « New Cons day is always a sad one « this little welcome home face « hipster eatery for lunch « huge sundae date « and the aftermath of said Sundaes! 

Blog Posts Loved...

Little Tin Bird - Crochet Squares
How pretty are these squares? I love the colours and the slightly different granny square pattern, they just look so bright and cheerful all lined up together.  Inspires me to get going again on my granny square blanket I started for myself, oh about a million years ago...

Miss Imogen Smith - Observations of a Waitress
This post made me LOL! I've not been a proper waitress but of course I've had crappy jobs during summers at uni etc. I love her observations here, and too right people walk out if there are no scones! There should always be scones!

Wish Wish Wish - Let's talk body image
Carrie's attitude to her body image is awesome.  I find it shocking that so many people are fascinated with bloggers' and celebrities' measurements. I've always admired Carrie's style and her beautiful blog is so inspiring, what does it matter what size she wears.  Carrie addresses these issues eloquently here in this fab post.

One Ten Zero Seven - Indie Biz - Can I go Self Employed?
Loved this series, super interesting and loads of great advice here if you would ever contemplate going self employed.  It is a dream for me, a far of distant one that will never come true though.  I love making crafty things as a hobby and any little bits of money I make from selling little crafts is a little bonus but it will always be a hobby.  I'm not motivated enough to do it for real and would be FAR too scared, plus I fear I'd start 'hating' crochet if I HAD to do it to make ends meet?  But I greatly admire people who craft professionally and love hearing about how they achieved it!

August Goals Review...

1. Loose a stone-  Ha! No, I think I've been loosing and regaining the same few pounds over the last few weeks.  Oh well! Lets start again on Monday! LOL!

2. Blog more! - Yes, in August I blogged 8 times, that's double last month! Got to keep it up...

3. Marketing my crafts, - Yes, I've been really focusing on my FB page and trying to post every other day and I've seen some new commissions and emails of interest which is fab.

4. Make the most of summer - Well I just don't think we have had the weather to properly achieve this.  I've been on a couple of lovely dog walks and evening bike rides.  Even braved the park for some very rainy runs but sadly I seem to be too late and summer has gone, oh wait... it might just be hiding in Portugal though where I will be week after next... WUHU!

5. Blog reading - Yeah no, I've been reading and enjoying new posts but still have a massive archive of older posts to get through and organise..... 

September Goals...

1. Relax

I am setting one goal for this month and one goal only and that is to relax! 

I feel a bit stressy lately with a huge project at work, going away a bit and all sorts of silly deadline pressures I put on myself .  I am finding it a bit difficult to switch off and just chill.  I have a funny little nervous, anxious energy about me at the moment and I don't like it. I constantly feel like Ive forgotten something and I'm scared to look at my to do lists! 

Well this needs to just all stop. This week coming sees the culmination of a lot of hard work at work and I will be SO happy to come out the other end, then what follows is something very very rare for me, a holiday! An actual real life away from home holiday to like actual abroad! An aeroplane and everything! I have not been abroad for many many years and am super excited (and quite stupidly a little nervous!) 

So quite frankly I would just like to enjoy my hol! Then the week after I get back it's my birthday! WUHU for birthdays and WUHU for September, the BESTEST month there is.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year, it is the proper start of the year for me, new academic year (I work in a uni!) and I turn a new year older. 

Oh lets hope the weather is crisp and dry and we can look forward to lovely Autumn spotting walks (and bike rides of course!) ....