21 October 2014

A Crochet Dino - Pattern Review

As soon as I knew I was going to have a new baby nephew I began to think about what I could crochet (obviously!) and I knew instantly that I wanted to make him a dinosaur, specifically a T-Rex so I set about googling for a decent pattern.

I found THIS PATTERN from Bluephone Studios which you can find in their Etsy store here I fell in love, how cute! I love this pattern, I love his rounded shape and thought he would be just perfect for a new baby.

The Timothy T-Rex pattern costs just £3.18 and is available in an instant PDF download.

(Image credit: Bluephone Studios)
I really like the line of these dinos, the body is one solid shape rather than my usual Crochet Pals which are made up of a seperate body and a head. It takes a lot of skill to design a crochet pattern that is a little different like this, one that is molded into one solid shape.  I wasn't sure how easy it was going to be to make and just couldn't figure out how to get the shape without having to join sections.
The pattern itself is excellent, so well written and easy to follow with everything you need, yarn suggestions and hook sizes.  I really liked the joining up section, this made it very easy, with a instructions as to exactly where to place the pieces.

(Image credit: Bluephone Studios)
I set off crocheting, following the pattern exactly and I was so surprised and happy to find that with just a few rows in he was taking shape!
The hardest part of the pattern has to be the stripes.  I must admit to unravelling and re-doing this section quite a number of times to try and get it right.  I have not worked this way with colour before, changing colours mid way through a row so I was a little unsure how I was going to make this look neat.  I did get very frustrated at one point and considered abandoning the stripes, but how could I, look how cute they are.  I think it is so effective using a different shade of the same colour.
My stripes kept ending up underneath his chin which is just not right at all! I did end up going off pattern a bit to save my sanity and just working the stripes vaguely where I thought they ought to be.  They did end up a bit uneven in the end, but I think that just adds to Dino's charm! ;-P
My top tip for the stripes is to take your ends with you! Don't cut off your old colour and fasten off, simply bring the end of old colour with you and stitch over the tail, that way it is right there when you need to change colour again and you do not risk messy joins.  Do be careful though, if your stitches are not very tight and colours very bright you can see your lines of yarn a little bit.

I think my little blue dino turned out so well, he looks like the pictures right? That is testament to how well written the pattern is.

What I love best is the teeny tiny arms! When I made them up I thought, this can't be right, they are far too small, but they look so cute. T-Rex's have stupidly short arms don't they! This vid always makes me lol!

Scream! Look at all the pretty Dino colours! (Image credit: Bluephone Studios)

The pattern calls for a safety eye, but I changed this bit and replaced the safety eye with an embroidered eye as I felt this was safer for a baby.  You can just never be too careful and I didn't want any small parts.  I still achieved the 'pulled in' shape by simply pulling the thread through to the other side.
I couldn't resist making another dino! This time in green! This little guy is for my other little Nephew Corey.
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  1. Haha I love this guy!! I've done a couple of different dinosaur patterns (one from a magazine and one from the Amigurumi book - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Amigurumi-Cozy-Lan-Anh-Bui/dp/1861086741/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1413894805&sr=1-4&keywords=amigurumi) but I love how cute this guy is.

    I've only tried a couple of patterns that involve crocheting everything in one go, rather than separate elements and I have to say it hasn't worked well for me. I think I just possibly need a little more patience!

    The stripes are brilliant - very glad you persevered with them!


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