10 October 2014

Bear Square Baby Blanket

The most special news ever happened very recently, my little sis became a mummy! Screeeam! Oh and what a fantastic mummy she is already, I can tell she is such a natural.  We welcomed teeny baby James Philip Raffles into the world on Tuesday 30th September, phew he just made it into THE best month ever! He was 6 lb 15 oz a teeny little thing but the cutest little baby EVER! I now could not be a more proud auntie to have the two bestest, most perfect, cutest nephews in the world!

So of course I crocheted! I crocheted quite a lot.  Let's start with this, bear square blanket as this was his main pressie.  I'm in LOVE with it, It's so good (if I do say so myself) I love how it worked out and the colours etc.
 Here's the blankie in all its glory.

My inspiration came from this image, I pinned from Pinterest and it linked to a pattern on Ravelry, which you can find here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/funny-face-square for free, you need a Ravelry account first though.

I tried a few different 'fluffy' yarns for the bear's face but was not happy with any, I find fluffy yarn infuriating to work with and my circles just were not up to scratch, so I stuck with my trusty Lullaby by Stylecraft and my three colours are Misty, Primrose and Denim. I adore this yarn, super soft and perfect for babies as it is washable.

I joined the blanket in a traditional single crochet raised join, I love this join for a granny square blanket, I like the effect of the edging and it looks great in a contrast colour.  I then edged the entire thing in one row of triple crochet in the grey, with two stitches in each corner, and a ch 3 in between them to get the corner holes.  I then did a row of yellow triples, then a row of blue triples and finally another row of grey triples to finish it off.

All the bears have slightly different personalities! Some have eyes and ears closer together and they all have slightly different smiles.  It wasn't entirely intentional at first but after a few turning out different, I just went with it. My embroidery is not perfect so the back of my work is always a little untidy.  To hide this on my blanket I simply sewed a circle of grey felt to hide the messy stitches.

The finished blanket is super soft and quite heavy and thick, perfect for his pram on these blustery Autumn days.  I hope you like it James. 


  1. Argh I love this design, I have to learn teddies next! I bet James loves it (excellent name too) :)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment Elise. x

  2. Congratulations! I saw the pictures that Jen put on instagram, he's gorgeous. This is the cutest blanket I've ever seen, he's a very lucky little boy to have such a talented auntie :) x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Anne, he is beautiful isn't he! Not long now until your little one is here, so exciting! x


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