16 October 2014

Scarily Cute Ghost - Crochet Pattern

BOO!!! HOW scary is this ghost? Screeeam! hehe, it's the cutest ghost crochet pattern ever! I do NOT take credit for this pattern unfortunately, but this is the work of Amy Gaines, but you can find the pattern for FREE here yeah! I LOVE Amy Gaines's super cute patterns, do visit her shop here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/AmyGaines

The yarn I used for this little guy is Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake, the softest, snuggliest, loveliest yarn ever, but also the most frustrating and difficult to work with yar ever! Grrr. I was so excited when this yarn arrived in the post and couldn't wait to get started but basically you cannot see your stitches at all, so you have no idea what you are doing and for someone who has perfectionist tendencies with my crochet makes its very annoying.

Here is Amy's original photo (credit Amy Gaines) as you can see little scary ghost is meant to be a little plumper, have more of a peak to his head and a longer 'tail'.  I followed the pattern correctly, but my little ghost ended up a bit shorter with a less defined tail. 
I love the pattern so much and knew someone else who might just like him too... so I persevered with my frustrating yarn.  I wasn't pleased at first with how he turned out, but then when I put his little sideways smile on I fell in love.  He's my little imperfect ghosty pal.
Here he is modelling a side view pose!

Here you can see his little stubby ghost tail! This snuggly soft little guy now has a new home with my new baby Nephew James.  I just maybe won't show him the pics of how he is 'supposed' to look!
Have you worked with Snowflake or other similar 'teddy' yarns?  Any tips for making the process easier? I would like to use the yarn again as it is SO soft and lovely to touch.

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  1. I just love this! Yours is way cuter too.. Everyone needs a crochet ghost for Halloween.

    pierrelecat | fashion jewellery blog


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