2 October 2014

This Month... September

Stuff that made me smile...
« The loveliest happy exciting family news ever « Holiday holiday holiday « sun sun sun « lots of time hanging out with my Mark « discussing future plans « planning camping barn fun with friends « a work event going super well after a year's hard work « an excitable Corey climbing the stairs! « My birthday and lots of lovely presents « the leaves changing colour « the amazing Autumn evening light « wearing my thick black tights again « a new winter coat. 

Stuff I snapped...

« A pretty new necklace from Finest Imaginary « a fun day's biking on this lovely « Jo and Corey selfie pouting « new colours for the collection ah, « being paid for a day's walking in the lakes, not a bad way to earn a living! « sleepy Meg « the last Vulcan « who can resist this little face? « A new friend, we named him Blue.

Blog Posts Loved

Pamflet - A Tribute to '9' - Debo Mitford 1920 - 2014
Deborah Mitford, the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (yep those Devonshires who own Chatsworth House) the last of the Mitford Sisters died this month and I cried on hearing the news.  On my bedside table currently sits her latest autobiography which I had been reading prior to her death.  I've been utterly obsessed by the Mitford sisters for a long time.  If you have not heard of this fascinating family I urge you to google them.  I knew Pamflet, a fave intelligent, feminist blog would do her justice.
Mode and the City - Un Apres-Midi Au Bois de Vincennes
Ok, the bright red line detail in Daphne's skirt matches her nails, lipstick and and shoes, her handbag and belt are the perfect colour match of tan leather.  I adore this girl's attention to detail in her outfits. You do not have to know French to understand that this blogger has some serious style.
Tilly and the Buttons - Behind the Scenes Studio Tour
I'm just about bursting with jealousy at Tilly's fab studio.  So light and so much space with amazing pops of colour.  Tilly is clearly doing very well after her experiences on Sewing Bee and so well deserved, I love her patterns and lovely blog.
Claireabellemakes - The Handmade Fair 2014
I'm not the biggest fan of London. I lived there for 5 years and did enjoy it at the time, but since making my escape I don't really have the desire to ever go back! Until of course my crafty idol Kirstie Allsopp decides to host a craft festival! what!? Kirstie, crafts, and all at one of the prettiest venues ever Hampton Court! Yeah Claire has convinced me here in her fab review post that maybe maybe London has a few redeeming qualities after all. Please repeat the Handmade Fair next year Kirstie, I may even be forced to hop on a train....

The Dusty Attic - Zoe's Birthday Party
Zoe is the cutest little girl ever! And super brave with her fashion choices, I don't think anyone else can pull off pretty party dress, with frilly socks and bright blue crocs, not to mention the matching umbrella (in the house!) I loved looking at these super cute photos of Zoe turning two on Anna's lovely blog. 
A Beautiful Mess - Crochet Basics
My favourite blog posting about my favourite craft! Awesome! There is a whole series on crochet on a Beautiful Mess with super useful and infirmative videos.  If you can't crochet, thinking of giving it a go or want to move on then look no further than this series you will be hooking up a masterpiece in no time.

September Goals Review
Well my one and only goal for this month was to relax.  After a super busy summer it was so nice to get away on holiday and do nothing much.  Mark has been really busy too and I think the best part of our holiday for both of us was the campsite swimming pool to ourselves, hot, lovely sunshine and just floating, ah, bliss!
October Goals
Again I'm setting just one, I think I've had enough of my big long to-do lists at the moment! My goal for this month is to give myself a good kick up the backside and get on with some serious exercise.  My plan is to do Total Warrior next year and I will require a complete fitness overhall if I have any hope of inishing this.
So I have renewed my gym membership (super cheap through work, wuhu!) and I plan on getting lots of evening runs in, I prefer running in the dark when nobody can see my bright red sweaty face!  Sadly biking will now have to be confined to the weekend as its a little scary cycling in the dark on country roads, but we still have quite a few Stanes to get through before the years out....!
What are your Autumn goals? Do you like to switch up your exercise routine over the colder darker months?

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  1. Aww thank you for the bloggy mention you sweetheart! Zoe is the queen of random fashion choices, even more so when Martin 'helps' her get dressed!
    Also I was sooo excited to see ABM doing crochet - Woo!!
    Anna xx


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