2 December 2014

This Month... November

Stuff that made me smile...

« A positive turnaround for a poorly ill little doggy wog « spending a weekend with my sis and the cutest baby nephew ever « Happy graduates at work « Driving « a dinner party with new friends « Spinning classes « the most fun night out dancing in aaages with the Cumbria bloggers « pretty, thoughtful gifts « mad half hour playing with Meggy Peg « a day out at one of my favouritest places « being happy with a completed craft project and a super happy customer « frosty cold weather and wearing my new coat finally! « Marky, always Marky!

Stuff I snapped...

« Erm business cards! what???! Screeeam! «A new sleepy spot for Meggy Peg « the prettiest Unicorn « naughty exploring as per usual « a super rare selfie « patiently waiting to play « fluffy paws « awesome new nail varnish « erm, Malteasers spread! I have died and gone to heaven! « Oh god Rice products are so utterly pretty! LOVE my new beakers « realising you are wearing odd socks half way through the day! « My new nail varnish makes my nails look like sweets!

Blog posts loved...

All About the Girl - Wedding: The Venue
I love Caroline's blog, she has such cool taste and impeccable style. I was super excited to see she was blogging about her wedding, whilst I may not necessarily want my own, doesn't mean I don't love hearing about others.  Caroline's chosen venue is perfection, just wow.

Zoe London - Life's Too Short to Not Just Go For it
Zoe is so cool, I wish I was 10 years younger and best friends with her! She has such good advice for her followers and is such an excellent role model to her younger readers. This post is excellent, I just wish I was as intelligent and together as Zoe is when I was her age, heck, I'm STILL not as intelligent and together as her!

Cherry Heart - Painted Roses Blanket
OMG this blanket is Cath Kidston in crochet blanket form, stunning. Oh my oh my! Super talented crochet designer, I am in awe! This blanket pattern is going on my never ending crochet to do list, perhaps i might get round to it in the long dark winter months...

Tilly and the Buttons - Choosing a Sewing Machine
This is a super useful post from professional, talented sewer Tilly.  I love my little red basic sewing machine, but should I need to consider a new one I will certainly save this post for future reference.

A Beautiful Mess - How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals
These kinds of posts are my absolute favorite. Understanding how super motivated and super successful people work and achieve their goals is fascinating. I felt instantly motivated and positive when I read this post.

Mode and the City - Double Trouble
I say this every month when Daphne's blog features in my faves every month that her latest outfit is my absolute fave, but this outfit THIS one has to surely trump them all. Oh my oh my, a red and navy striped dress, heaven! I loved this dress SO much I actually bought it! what? I never do that! And the great news, I look exactly like Daphne in it, like I could be her twin! LOL! haha, in my dreams! (i did actually buy the dress tho, its lovely!)

November goals review...

This month's goal was to get better at running and run further. I started off the month by measuring my usual running route, it is just about 5km.  I measure with either my Nike Running app, Map my Route website or with my little GPS logger, all work great.  On each subsequent run I went a little further, adding in one extra little section and it has worked quite well.

Didn't quite make it to park Run, but been Spinning a few times at the gym also and loving it! I think Spinning will certainly improve my fitness.  First time I did it though legs wouldn't work properly for a good few days after, so thats not exactly helping my runs! haha.

last couple of weeks have been super busy at work and my good start to the month has gone downhill, boo! Need to get more motivated again.

December goals...

No no no! December isn't a month for goals, (that's what January is for!) December is for eating, drinking and being Merry! The end of this month has been challenging in a few different ways so I would just like to chill this month and give up my to-do list for a little while.