29 January 2015

Style Crush - Daphne

Wowee, I haven't written a Style Crush post in soooo long! I love putting together these posts of the people who inspire me.  You can catch up on previous Style Crush posts here.

Well first up for this years Style Crush we have Daphne from the beautiful and stylish blog Mode and the City this is by FAR my absolute favourite fashion blog.  I am seriously in love with every single one of Daphne's outfits! It was so difficult narrowing down my faves for this little post.

Daphne has a very clear sense of style, with a limited colour palette, and similar shapes and cuts.  I love her simple, yet super stylish way of dressing.  Super preppy and sophisticated and Parisian.  If you have not visited Daphne's blog go NOW, not only is her wardrobe stunning but her outfit posts are all taken in such beautiful Paris locations, soooo pretty.

As I get older I really do find myself being drawn to a more simple way of dressing.  Like Daphne I am a huge fan of navy with little colour details.  If I fall in love with an item of clothing I generally buy a few, perhaps in different colours.  I also think I will be eternally drawn to anything with a stripe or polka dot!

There are so many items in my wardrobe that I think must have been subconsciously inspired by Daphne.  I was desperate for a navy duffel coat this season, I have a wardrobe of navy striped dresses and I do in fact own the red and navy striped dress (from Gap, second set far right)!

Thank you Daphne for your blog and insight into your perfect wardrobe. I look forward to a year of new outfits.

Who is your current favourite fashion blogger? And what do you think of Daphne's style?

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26 January 2015

A Babygro Bunny in Blue

Meet my latest Babygro Bunny commission! I was super excited about this mix of fabrics all in lovely shades of blue.

He's starting to come together! All the bunny bits laid out ready for final sewing up! (eek the scary part!)

Flat bunny, all sections in place, pinned and tacked.  It's so exciting when you get to finally turn him right side out! Not so much when one of his ears escaped the machine, and that wee bit had to be unpicked and sewn back in again! haha.

All his facial features are beautifully hand stitched. I like to use bright contrast thread so the stitching becomes a feature.  His little nose and cheeks are felt, the rest of him is entirely babygro.  His eyes are embroidered.

I included feely tags on this bright bunny for baby Isaac and was asked to include them again for this new bunny commission.  I love this little ribbon detail, I chose blues in different shades and textures to fit in with the babygros.

One of the babygros had a cute little pocket on, so I carefully unpicked it and re-attached it onto the bunny here.

 Little arms!

The back of the bunny is blue too, a bit brighter than the front, with cool stripes and even cooler dinosaurs!

A full length shot of the final blue bunny.

I make bunnies (and bears and cats, and owls etc.) in all sorts of babygros! They cost £15 each and can be posted directly to you.  A lovely keepsake for your child's grown out of special clothes.  Email me perfecthidingplace@live.com if you are interested in having your own bunny made.

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22 January 2015

Glasgow Snapshots

Our first little adventure of 2015! I had planned on documenting our trip a little better for the blog, but only succeeded in getting a few snaps, but hey ho... they are here anyway.

Mark and I popped to Glasgow last weekend, Sunday afternoon over over to Monday.  To be honest I have not been to Glasgow many times and do not know it very well. I always thought if you were going to go to a city in Scotland it had to be Edinburgh, cos you know Edinburgh! But was very pleasantly surprised by Glasgow, lovely it was.  Look how snowy it was going up on the train.  I was desperate to jump out of the train and make snow angels in those unspoilt snowy fields!

We stayed in the Jurys Inn, literally 2 mins walk from the station, nice and handy and in town centre too.  Great hotel, lovely clean, a bit of a step up from our usual more budget hotels.  Can recommend. So we arrived Sunday lunch time, checked in, dropped off bags and set out exploring what Glasgow had to offer.  We popped in a few shops and wandered around streets that looked interesting, my favorite area being around Buchanan Street.  

We then grabbed some food, got cheap ciders and got a little drunk in our hotel room! (we are so classy!) For that evening, our reason for our visit, was a gig at the Hydro to see the epic Korn and Slipknot! Scream! They were AWESOME but of course! Took me right back to teenage years it did. SO loud, SO heavy! SO good! ahhh...

Monday morning we had a little lie in and then set out to explore Glasgow a little better.  First stop was GOMA, such a lovely building! I think I spent longer looking at the architecture than the art! I loved this circular balcony staircase bit.

Wow we are such a cultured couple! Fine musical entertainment (pah!) in the evening and now 2 galleries during the day! We enjoyed a wander out of the main town centre up to Kelvingrove to the museum. Stunning building. I do love a good museum. Sadly we didn't have long here, I'm sure you could wander for hours in this place... here are a few little insights...

 The organ!

 Big animals!

 Odd floaty heads!

I Thought that teeny deer like animal was super cute! Who could shoot that little face! boo....

We wandered back into town and explored some different streets, coming across this pretty terrace.

We stopped for a drink, of course Iron Bru (it's illegal not to drink Irn Bru when one is in Scotland, but it does make your sperms not work though! lol!) This bottle was teeny, so I took a photo of it! I love how it matches my nails.

I really really wanted to visit the Glasgow School of Art, I've never been.  But of course it is closed due to the big fire.  Super sad for my first ever visit to see it like this.  Hopefully we will return soon when it is all fixed up and can look round.

Well Glasgow thank you very much, a lovely weekend was had by all.  And only just over an hour on the train for us, why have I not been more often? 

Have you been to Glasgow? What can you recommend we do for our next visit?

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20 January 2015

Baby Boy Fabric Bunting

Well I made this bunting quite a while ago now! It was a pressie for my baby Nephew James, who is coming up to 4 months old now (wait what!! shock! Gosh they grow soooo fast!)  James's nursery is a beautiful soft yellow and grey or greige colour scheme.

When I first visited James's nursery after it was completed, THIS bunting monstrosity was hanging up on the wall! Hehe, I liked this old crochet bunting at the time, but just didn't think it fitted in his beautiful new nursery, so something had to be done...

I went to my local craft shop (Fun2Do in Carlisle) and purchased the fabric, I believe about half a metre of each colour.  I then cut out all my bunting triangles to shape, 2 triangles for each bunting point.

I then found a nice font just on Word and printed out some large template letters to use these to cut round on some white felt for the applique name. I used a blanket stitch in grey thread to make it stand out.

I machine sewed all the traingles together and lastly hand stitched on a yellow ribbon to complete the bunting.

Here's James' finished bunting hanging over his sweet little cot in a perfect little nook in his nursery. And of course baby James is going to promise to keep his cute yellow bunting, handmade by his aunty, up in his bedroom until he is at least 21, or ELSE! hehe.

15 January 2015

This week's nails...

A nail post? Surely not! Why I haven't posted a nail post in like forever! You can see evidence of past nail posts here...  I am still painting my nails of course, I haven't had a nude nail since about 1996! HONESTLY! the idea is horrifying!  But I have mostly had one colour nails, how boring.  Yes maybe green or bright blue, but still all one colour, and well that's not a very exciting blog post is it!?

I was in the mood for something a little different but not exactly full on nail art.  I seem to have mostly been collecting greens and blues recently and happened to notice that in my collection subtle differences between shades and how nice they looked all lined up together on my shelf.

 From L to R we have: Rimmel Salon Pro in 618 Little Boy Blue, 2true in shade 20, Barry M Gelly in 308 Greenberry, Barry M Gelly in 426 Kiwi and Rimmel Lasting Finish in 700 Block Your Green.  Highly recommend the Barry M Gelly, vibrant colours, super quick drying. Rimmel Salon Pro also excellent, but not as many amazing shades as Barry M.  But sadly the 2true wasn't as quick drying, and you can spot a little 'pillow smudge' on this nail, boo! But then again this range is super budget! I love the colour though.

Got any nail varnish brands/colours to recommend? I get bored of nail varnishes so quickly, anyone else?

13 January 2015

2015 Resolutions & Goals

Oh I do love a good resolution, a goal, planning, lists, organising etc.  These things make me happy (such a geek!) I don't go mad on resolutions preferring to think of them instead as wishes for the year and opportunity to have a good think about things to focus on and hope to achieve.  I certainly don't beat myself up if I don't achieve them!
So lets have a little look back first of all for my resolutions and goals post for 2014 shall we...
Get my driving licence
Well I've not achieved this yet, but actually I am super proud of how far I have come with my driving. This is a hugely big deal to me and driving was something I put off for too long and was absolutely petrified when I started. I am in no rush and I am not putting pressure and deadlines on myself with this. I am SO near my test now and I am loving driving which is such a massive step.  2015 will certainly be the year I am a full licence holding driver! eek!
Complete both red routes at Whinlatter in one day
YES! Done done done! I think we've done this a few times now.  We rarely just do one route, now usually blue and a red.  My biking has improved SO much and we have been to lots of Stanes routes (even longer than both Whinlatter reds together!). Loving biking now.
Save enough money for a shiny new bike
YES! I think I  have mentioned my bike a few times on this blog, hehe.
Open my Etsy shop and start selling my crafts
Well I don't have an Etsy shop but I have sold my crafts online. I have decided against an Etsy store as it seems a bit too much pressure and hard work, haha.  I love selling one or two pieces for fun, mostly through FB and word of mouth to friends of friends.  I wouldn't want to do too much more because crafting is my hobby and will always be my hobby.  If I had to craft every night and feel pressure to fulfil orders on top of the day job it just wouldn't be funny anymore.  But super pleased to have sold a few little things, getting orders and packaging them up to send off is SO exciting!
So what do I hope for 2015....
Blog more!
I fear my blog was neglected a little in 2014, with some months only 1 or 2 posts at most.  I can def try harder! I asked myself whether I wanted to keep going and the answer was absolutely YES. I love blogging. But never one to put too much pressure on myself, blogging is my hobby.  It is fun to post and receive comments and good viewing stats.  But I blog for me, what I want, when I want, how I want. I don't pay too much attention to growing or analytics and all that stuff we should be doing.  I just want it to remain something I enjoy.
Run 350 miles
I love running, even as much as I love biking. It gives me such a sense of achievement and I feel amazing during a good run, really free and strong etc.  I run regularly and I am now up to being able to run 4 miles with no breaks which I am super happy with.  So with the help of my trusty Nike plus app I want to set myself a goal and get running more.  I think 350 miles is certainly achievable.
Cycle 500 miles
I think this is achievable! I must go at least 15 miles on the average bike ride and we have some biking weekends planned where we will achieve a lot more.  I think it will be fun to count up how many miles total I do on the bike this year.  I've never set myself fitness goals before and its super exciting that I feel able to now with a little bit of training under my belt and fitness at a good level. Does spinning count do you think? haha!
More fitness challenges (I think I have gone a bit crazy!) well actually I see these as more of fun things rather than fitness things.  The running and fitness side is not what scares me or makes me anxious about these, its more having the confidence to do the obstacles. These are, if you hadn't guessed, local mud obstacle events.  Gelt is in May and is a 5k, then Total Warrior in August and a 10k.  let's see how I get on...
Save up for my Summer holiday to NYC!
OK so this is HUGE! I might post more about this soon, but we are totally going on my absolute DREAM holiday this year! I could scream I'm so excited.  But a lot of hard saving has to be done between then and now, no random purchasing and no new clothes (well not as many anyway!).
What are your goals and resolutions for 2015? I love these types of blog posts and find them super inspiring, please leave me links to yours...
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8 January 2015

2014 Adventures

I did a little round up of the previous years outings last year (here) and it made me so happy to put together and look back on all the pretty places I visited.  So here I am again this year with a round up of all my adventures from 2014....

First up is the image above. I went on an actual holiday, abroad to Portugal, this was a big deal for me and it was amazing! Read more about it here.

My absolute best purchase without a doubt in 2014 (well best purchase ever actually!) was my bike! I wrote a post about how much my bike means to me here and oh we went on so so many lovely adventures together! From full biking weekends away with Mark, on purpose built mountain bike routes to beautiful country Skyrides with my Dad in the summer and lovely evening rides on local routes by myself. I've loved every second.

Waaay back at Easter time Mark and I took a trip to an area we had not explored before, the Scottish Solway Coast. It was quite possibly my favourite weekend of the year, perfect weather, perfect place and perfect company. We stayed at Gorsebank which is right by the Dalbeattie 7 Stanes so of course there was some biking.

Beautiful Kippford.

Another amazing camping weekend we enjoyed in July to celebrate our 5 year anniversay. We went to Borrowdale in the Lake District, gosh I love that place. I was super brave and did outdoor swimming for the first time since I was a kid. Check out the full post here to see the stunning pics.

On our Anniversary trip we spied this little camping barn and as soon as we got home googled it (there's no internet or phone signal this deep into the lake District LOL!) and we quickly hatched a plan for a fun wknd with friends camping in the barn. It was a tad rainy at the beginning of October in Borrowdale but a good time was had nonetheless!

Another lovely day with my friend Ailsa was had back in April when we visited Lowther Castle, a huge local ruin just recently opened up to the public again. We enjoyed a lovely lovely walk in the beautiful grounds.

But by far my favourite adventures from 2014 include these two! I have 2 nephews now! My little sister had the cuttest little baby James this year, screeeeam! And Corey my eldest Nephew turned one and he is a proper little walky, talky person now and so much fun! I'm the luckiest Aunty in the world to have these two.

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