5 January 2015

2014 - A Crafty Year

Oh how it makes me smile looking at all these lovelies together! In 2014 I really felt like my crafting skills came together, and I felt a lot more confident.  I even sold the odd commission which was SUPER exciting! here's the links if you want to re-visit any...

Crochet Pals

Crochet Bunny pals pink one here and Orange Awela bunny here 
Cute little bear pal can be found here
The cutest turtle ever right here
Skinny bear (he will always be my very fave!)
Blue Theo bunny for a boy
Personalised Pals
Percival Pig
A teeny super scary ghost

FREE Patterns

Everyone wants a crocheted carrot, right?
Scary Halloween Pumpkin
A Crochet Spiderman
A Crochet Legoman

Babygro Bears

A Babygro owl
A Babygro Bear, the original
A babygro bunny in blues (coming soon!)
A primary coloured Cath Kidston print babygro bunny
A pretty girly Babygro Bunny

Best of the Rest

The only thing all year I made just for me - Zippy WIP bag
An ickle T-Rex for ickle baby James
My fave project of the year, the Bear Square Blankie

Oooh I just can't wait to see what fun crafty projects I get up to in 2015!


  1. So many makes! I still love that pumpkin, although crochet Spiderman is all kinds of awesome too :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Elise. So glad you like my makes. I love looking at them all laid out like this, makes me realise I achiveed quite a lot! x


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