22 January 2015

Glasgow Snapshots

Our first little adventure of 2015! I had planned on documenting our trip a little better for the blog, but only succeeded in getting a few snaps, but hey ho... they are here anyway.

Mark and I popped to Glasgow last weekend, Sunday afternoon over over to Monday.  To be honest I have not been to Glasgow many times and do not know it very well. I always thought if you were going to go to a city in Scotland it had to be Edinburgh, cos you know Edinburgh! But was very pleasantly surprised by Glasgow, lovely it was.  Look how snowy it was going up on the train.  I was desperate to jump out of the train and make snow angels in those unspoilt snowy fields!

We stayed in the Jurys Inn, literally 2 mins walk from the station, nice and handy and in town centre too.  Great hotel, lovely clean, a bit of a step up from our usual more budget hotels.  Can recommend. So we arrived Sunday lunch time, checked in, dropped off bags and set out exploring what Glasgow had to offer.  We popped in a few shops and wandered around streets that looked interesting, my favorite area being around Buchanan Street.  

We then grabbed some food, got cheap ciders and got a little drunk in our hotel room! (we are so classy!) For that evening, our reason for our visit, was a gig at the Hydro to see the epic Korn and Slipknot! Scream! They were AWESOME but of course! Took me right back to teenage years it did. SO loud, SO heavy! SO good! ahhh...

Monday morning we had a little lie in and then set out to explore Glasgow a little better.  First stop was GOMA, such a lovely building! I think I spent longer looking at the architecture than the art! I loved this circular balcony staircase bit.

Wow we are such a cultured couple! Fine musical entertainment (pah!) in the evening and now 2 galleries during the day! We enjoyed a wander out of the main town centre up to Kelvingrove to the museum. Stunning building. I do love a good museum. Sadly we didn't have long here, I'm sure you could wander for hours in this place... here are a few little insights...

 The organ!

 Big animals!

 Odd floaty heads!

I Thought that teeny deer like animal was super cute! Who could shoot that little face! boo....

We wandered back into town and explored some different streets, coming across this pretty terrace.

We stopped for a drink, of course Iron Bru (it's illegal not to drink Irn Bru when one is in Scotland, but it does make your sperms not work though! lol!) This bottle was teeny, so I took a photo of it! I love how it matches my nails.

I really really wanted to visit the Glasgow School of Art, I've never been.  But of course it is closed due to the big fire.  Super sad for my first ever visit to see it like this.  Hopefully we will return soon when it is all fixed up and can look round.

Well Glasgow thank you very much, a lovely weekend was had by all.  And only just over an hour on the train for us, why have I not been more often? 

Have you been to Glasgow? What can you recommend we do for our next visit?

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  1. I love Goma! I like to potter around the library there. And I live pretty near Kelvingrove but I haven't been in months, let's blame the weather... I'm glad you had fun up here! :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Elise. The area around Kelvingrove looks lovely, would love to explore more around there. I will be in touch for some good tips for places to visit next time! x


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