29 January 2015

Style Crush - Daphne

Wowee, I haven't written a Style Crush post in soooo long! I love putting together these posts of the people who inspire me.  You can catch up on previous Style Crush posts here.

Well first up for this years Style Crush we have Daphne from the beautiful and stylish blog Mode and the City this is by FAR my absolute favourite fashion blog.  I am seriously in love with every single one of Daphne's outfits! It was so difficult narrowing down my faves for this little post.

Daphne has a very clear sense of style, with a limited colour palette, and similar shapes and cuts.  I love her simple, yet super stylish way of dressing.  Super preppy and sophisticated and Parisian.  If you have not visited Daphne's blog go NOW, not only is her wardrobe stunning but her outfit posts are all taken in such beautiful Paris locations, soooo pretty.

As I get older I really do find myself being drawn to a more simple way of dressing.  Like Daphne I am a huge fan of navy with little colour details.  If I fall in love with an item of clothing I generally buy a few, perhaps in different colours.  I also think I will be eternally drawn to anything with a stripe or polka dot!

There are so many items in my wardrobe that I think must have been subconsciously inspired by Daphne.  I was desperate for a navy duffel coat this season, I have a wardrobe of navy striped dresses and I do in fact own the red and navy striped dress (from Gap, second set far right)!

Thank you Daphne for your blog and insight into your perfect wardrobe. I look forward to a year of new outfits.

Who is your current favourite fashion blogger? And what do you think of Daphne's style?

All photos taken from Mode and the City go follow Daphne on Bloglovin here Daphne is also on Instagram here  go follow follow follow!!!


  1. I haven't come across Daphne before but I absolutely love her style and have started following her blog. I love how she mixes navy and red and I think the first look with the green jacket is my favourite.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lindsay. Fab news that you have now discovered a new blog to read. I love Daphne's style SO much! Always so well put together! x


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