3 January 2015

This Month... December

Stuff that made me smile...

« Christmas! dur! « being off work for Christmas « Christmas lunches at work with colleagues « getting Christmas presents « giving Christmas presents « seeing my nephews with their new Christmas presents « spending time with family and friends « A grown up Christmas just me and Marky and our dinner turning out awesome! « drinking « eating « nights out « muddy rainy runs « muddy very rainy bike rides « Kara dog getting super better .

Stuff I snapped...

«Yey Advent Calendars « Meggy cutie « my pretty new necklace hanger « some crochet xmas bauble gifts « a cute little handmade gingerbread man « a super cute little handmade knitted dog « the cutest little dudes on the planet « got my wrapping done « elf checkouts (oh how I chuckled!) « spangly xmas nails « secret xmas chocolate stash has been found! « oh yes the xmas over eating started well « candy cane xmas cookies « the smallest cutest santa ever! « Kara conehead - its been a tough month for little K, she has had some nasty cancerous lumps removed and it was really really quite scary for a while there, thinking she wasn't going to make it but she's made a full recovery and just some nasty scars on her leg, but mostly healed now! SO happy, SO relieved! Yeah. Best Xmas pressie ever! « Super fun NYE night out with school chums.

Blog posts loved...

Sallytangle - Being 30
Sally turned 30 this month and to celebrate on her blog she came up with 30 things she has learnt in her 30 years.  I thought this was a great idea and a super fun read. 

Little Winter - Getting another cat
I'm cat obsessed, obviously! I have my little Meggy pal furry housemate and i'm fine with just the two of us mostly.  Meggy is an inside cat and I often wonder if she is bored/lonely when I'm out at work all day? How would she get on with a new friend? I loved this post and the pics are super cute, it made me think it might be possible to be a two cat family?

Cider with Rosie - Flourless Mint Chocolate Cake
I'm just obsessed with anything chocolate mint so when I spied this divine looking cake on Rosie's blog I saved it and pinned it in ALL the places.  I WILL make this recipe, I WILL! I'm saving it for when my friends come round for dinner next as I am sure they will love it and an extra special treat for one of my friends who is GF.

Zoe London - Four Steps to be more carefree and happy in 2015
Zoe is fast becoming one of my absolute fave fave bloggers. I loved this post! I'm instantly drawn to any type of list post like this especially with the promise that it will make me happier.  Zoe's advice is spot on! With the dreary long winter months I'm noticing lots of people around me feeling quite weery lately but if we all followed these simple and effective tips we would all be SO much happier. Thanks Zoe! :-) 

Superlatively Rude - A List of my 2014 favourites
Gosh I am noticing a big change in the types of bloggers who inspire me and they types of posts I like to read! I'm LOVING intelligent female WRITER bloggers, I have just discovered Superlatively Rude, and Laura Jane has such a refreshing distinctive voice.  This post has been a great intro to her blog and I've really enjoyed catching up with her inspiring words from 2014.


Well my goal for December was to not set any goals and now it is a new month and a whole new year I've set LOTS of goals! But these shall be saved for another exciting blog post coming soon....

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  1. Flourless Mint Chocolate Cake has also been pinned to my 'Recipes I WILL make one day', although given that my Day 1 Wedding Diet / New Year New Me plan started today, it may not be until after the wedding day!!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and maybe/hopefully see you soon x

    1. Oh but its gluten free, so that means its TOTALLY healthy and stuff! hehe.Surely the calories are in the flour? Thanks loads for the comment. Def see u soon, a blogger night out is in order! x


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