15 January 2015

This week's nails...

A nail post? Surely not! Why I haven't posted a nail post in like forever! You can see evidence of past nail posts here...  I am still painting my nails of course, I haven't had a nude nail since about 1996! HONESTLY! the idea is horrifying!  But I have mostly had one colour nails, how boring.  Yes maybe green or bright blue, but still all one colour, and well that's not a very exciting blog post is it!?

I was in the mood for something a little different but not exactly full on nail art.  I seem to have mostly been collecting greens and blues recently and happened to notice that in my collection subtle differences between shades and how nice they looked all lined up together on my shelf.

 From L to R we have: Rimmel Salon Pro in 618 Little Boy Blue, 2true in shade 20, Barry M Gelly in 308 Greenberry, Barry M Gelly in 426 Kiwi and Rimmel Lasting Finish in 700 Block Your Green.  Highly recommend the Barry M Gelly, vibrant colours, super quick drying. Rimmel Salon Pro also excellent, but not as many amazing shades as Barry M.  But sadly the 2true wasn't as quick drying, and you can spot a little 'pillow smudge' on this nail, boo! But then again this range is super budget! I love the colour though.

Got any nail varnish brands/colours to recommend? I get bored of nail varnishes so quickly, anyone else?

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  1. I looove these colours, that blue on the end is gorgeous! I have no patience when it comes to painting nails, so I'm limited to super quick drying shades. And Tam calls me a goth when I use dark colours so... :)


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