29 March 2015

James's Naming Day

On Saturday we had a special party for my little Nephew James to celebrate his Naming Day. Rather like a Christening but without the churchy bit!

The local Community Centre was hired, here are the before snaps, a plain looking room...

The theme was the Very Hungry Caterpillar! 

Look how pretty it turned out! All down to my super talented and creative sister Jen.

Aaaargh so pretty, we literally could not stop taking photos. Of course it's all just for show, we can't possibly let anyone come and ruin the beautiful layout by actually enjoying the party now! hehe.

The centre piece was of course the amazing cake! Made by my friend Sian.

Look at the inside! So bright! It also tasted delicious!

Did you see the balloons, they are filled with confetti, so pretty! And check out the bunting all carefully handmade by Jen.

The cute drinks table with mason jar drinks dispensers!

each guest had a couple of little tasks to complete, firstly to say who James looks like most, mummy or daddy and then to add their finger print to the 'guest book' image as a keepsake.

The Hungry caterpillar theme was throughout the party including all the food! Check out the sweet labels for the fruit.

Yummy cupcakes....

The decorations were tissue paper streamers simply twisted and sellotaped to the walls, and tissue paper circles sewn together in garlands, all the creative genius of Jen of course!

Around the main food table were loads of pegged up pictures of the boy himself!

Look the sandwiches are in the shape of caterpillars!

So much yummy food....

And yes of course we let people enjoy the party eventually! It was such a lovely lovely day and we all enjoyed it very much!

 AAArgh the guest of honour, here's me with James and his dad!

I love this photo of James and his mummy Jen! aw!

So it is clear that my sister's talents are wasted in retail! She should SO be a party planner, it was truly beautiful, so much attention to detail. Want to hire Jen to plan your kid's party.... get in touch... hehe!

16 March 2015

Crochet Mother's Day Card

I decided it would be nice to make my mummy a card instead of buying something generic from the supermarket.  Naturally everything I make is crocheted!

I delved into my stash of super colourful Rico Creative Cotton yarn.  I do love this yarn, it is so different to work with than wool or more fluffy type yarns. You have to be careful as it does have a tendency to split but the finish it gives is fab and the colours are just amazing.

I picked some girly colours, something I thought my mum would like and something suitable for flowers.

I then consulted my favorite crochet pattern book, 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stansfield.  There are some lovely lovely flower patterns in here, I was spoilt for choice.  I wanted something not too big and something that would sit flat onto the card.

To finish off my flowers I added a little button detail to the middle with some visible yellow thread.

Here is the finished card, what do you think?

Did you get crafty for Mother's Day this year? What did you make? Or are you a mother and you were presented with something beautiful and handmade?

Mummy, I know you read my blog (mostly only person who does! lol!) Did you like your card? 

9 March 2015

My Weekend...

So totally blatantly ripped off  inspired by Anna's blog post HERE I thought I would blog about my weekend.  This is a pretty typical weekend recently...

Friday night had lovely evening with friends, we have a regular dinner party club and take turns to cook.

Saturday morning got up early and got ready... just as I'm about to go out the door as usual Meg decides she wants to play and mews at me until I give in! her current fave game is me throwing her little mouse up and down the stairs and her chasing him! It wears her out in about 5 mins flat, so then I leave for town...

Off into town, I'm wearing my super cosy duffel coat, comfy skinny jeans, trashed Cons and my lovely Cath Kidston bag.  I have no make-up on, but it is 9 am on a Saturday morning, who's up at that time? The weather is just yuck so I can't be bothered to look 'presentable'!

In town I'm drawn to the pet shop.  Kara dog chewed her way through her favourite ball on a rope toy recently so went to find her a replacement (I'm so soft! but she deserves it!) The pet shop has a shop cat oh and bunnies and hamsters, so I'm in there a while, as you can imagine!

I pick up some healthy lunch in town, super yummy salad from M&S and the head round to Mark's house...

A productive day is had working on the gloss paint in the front room.  Check out the beautiful 'shabby chic' floorboards, look so nice! The walls are coming together too, lovely forget me not blue shade.  I sand down all skirting boards and picture rail and put first coat of gloss all way round room.  I like painting, especially fiddly bits like this, I hate sanding however, with a passion!

We tidy up and leave Mark's house around tea time ish, popping to the supermarket on route home for supplies.  We have a big dinner of pasta in preparation for tomorrow.  Then we snuggle on sofa and watch couple of episodes of The 100.  We also most excitedly finally book our summer hol plane tickets! America and Canada here we come! screeeeeam!!!

Sunday morning we are up at 8am, leaving the house just before nine ish for our run.  We run 6 miles, with a couple of little walking breaks of around 1 minute at 2 and 4 miles.  The route is along the river which is kind of muddy in some places, then along a new bypass road.  Feels so good to be able to run 6 miles, super proud of myself.  Mark does 2 laps! 12 miles! Freak! he is marathon training. I'm more than happy with my 6 for now though....

This photo pretty much sums up the rest of Sunday, recovery juice! I have some energy, vitamin juice whilst I wait for Mark from his run, then shower and head to shop for bread cos I know he will want BIG bacon sarnies when he gets in!

Brunch is gobbled down and then I must confess we had a post run nap for an hour or so! These runs kind of take it out of us and the rest of the day is usually a write off. Mark leaves around 3pm, I binge watch Parenthood most of the evening, whilst tidying up and writing to do lists etc for the week ahead!

That's me, my average weekend! Oh but NEXT weekend I have something MAJORLY exciting, that I am sure I will blog about. watch this space....

How was your weekend?

5 March 2015


A wee round up of some stuff I am LOVING at the moment...
Erm.... the Cath Kidston new season clothing is to DIE for! These have to be my fave though. Yes that skirt is covered in ricrac, dream skirt! When I look at Cath stuff (and the prices) it makes me SO mad my selfish sister (! love u really!) doesn't work there anymore with her 50% discount! Grr Jen, just Grrr! (Image: Cath Kidston)

WHAT!!! Tatty Devine name necklaces now come in printed perspex! They have floral, rainbow and a black and white print. Oh god, why am I on a spending ban? and my birthday is a whole 7 months away, woe is my life! (Image: tatty Devine)

So everyone has figured out how to get American Netflix right? I am LOVING this show, Parenthood currently.  I am on the last season already, it is my favourite evening pastime, to sit and crochet and watch episode after episode, so good. (Also Crosby, er swoon!) (Image: NBC)

This blanket from Little Woollie blog is the prettiest I have seen in a long while. I desperately want to give it a go. (Image: Little Woollie)

I am just lusting after everything Rice at the moment.  I have been collecting their melamine beakers, all in different prints and colours, they look so so pretty. My dream kitchen would be just 100% Rice products, sigh... (Image: Rice DK)

I adore everything that Ella cooks on her amazing blog and Youtube channels. I think my body is trying to tell me something because I am so badly lusting after super healthy food at the moment. Everything Ella cooks looks delicious! I just wish I had some cooking skills, sob! (Image: Deliciously Ella)

I am just OBSESSED with this Calvin Harris and Haim song, what a fab collaboration! This is firmly on repeat as I prance round my kitchen and makes me zoom super fast when comes into my ears when I'm running.

What are you LOVING recently? Do share...