29 March 2015

James's Naming Day

On Saturday we had a special party for my little Nephew James to celebrate his Naming Day. Rather like a Christening but without the churchy bit!

The local Community Centre was hired, here are the before snaps, a plain looking room...

The theme was the Very Hungry Caterpillar! 

Look how pretty it turned out! All down to my super talented and creative sister Jen.

Aaaargh so pretty, we literally could not stop taking photos. Of course it's all just for show, we can't possibly let anyone come and ruin the beautiful layout by actually enjoying the party now! hehe.

The centre piece was of course the amazing cake! Made by my friend Sian.

Look at the inside! So bright! It also tasted delicious!

Did you see the balloons, they are filled with confetti, so pretty! And check out the bunting all carefully handmade by Jen.

The cute drinks table with mason jar drinks dispensers!

each guest had a couple of little tasks to complete, firstly to say who James looks like most, mummy or daddy and then to add their finger print to the 'guest book' image as a keepsake.

The Hungry caterpillar theme was throughout the party including all the food! Check out the sweet labels for the fruit.

Yummy cupcakes....

The decorations were tissue paper streamers simply twisted and sellotaped to the walls, and tissue paper circles sewn together in garlands, all the creative genius of Jen of course!

Around the main food table were loads of pegged up pictures of the boy himself!

Look the sandwiches are in the shape of caterpillars!

So much yummy food....

And yes of course we let people enjoy the party eventually! It was such a lovely lovely day and we all enjoyed it very much!

 AAArgh the guest of honour, here's me with James and his dad!

I love this photo of James and his mummy Jen! aw!

So it is clear that my sister's talents are wasted in retail! She should SO be a party planner, it was truly beautiful, so much attention to detail. Want to hire Jen to plan your kid's party.... get in touch... hehe!


  1. Argh this is the cutest party ever!!! Zoe has learnt the Hungry Caterpillar book and will read it to us sometimes - so cute!

    1. Thanks Anna, it really was the cutest party, Jen's so amazing! Aw, would love to hear Zoe read Hungry caterpillar, so cute!

  2. Love the decorations. Really love the Caterpillar cake. As Anna says a cute party.

  3. Love the decorations. Really love the caterpillar cake. As Anna says a cute party.

  4. Perfect afternoon,(well apart from the weather) with lovely people at a well planned and very pretty party, the cake was amazing and surprised everyone when it was cut, (maybe not Jen !!) and the whole thing was great. My grandson was gorgeous, (both of them are) and we had a wonderful time xx


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