4 March 2015

This Month... February

Stuff that made me smile...

« attempting snow mountain biking « big hot chocolates with Mark « sledging « babysitting for both my nephews « running a whole six miles « a new running buddy mark « big life chats « planning little trips away « trips to Farm Park with Corey and my brother and sister in law, haven't giggled as much in a long time! « catching up with old friends « making some sales on Ebay « seeing the house come together « spotting a little stoat/weasel thing - so cute!

Stuff I snapped...

I wore my glasses, a glasses necklace and a glasses print scarf so naturally I had to take a selfie! My DIY uniform of Mark's shoes and old 90s combats! We finally went sledging for first time this season,  Yeah excuse for heart shaped stuff for Valentines, Farmer Corey, pretty crocuses.

Blog posts loved...

Polkadot Pink - What I Thrifted #3
I always seem to feature this blog, but I just love love love Donna's style. I especially love her Cath Kidston skirt, looks amazing. This inspires me to be a bit more brave with colour... 

Elise and Life - Finished Knitting: Cornish Dormouse Tea Cosy
Elise's knitted dormouse tea cosy is just about the cutest thing ever! It actually makes me want to attempt knitting again! eek! I wonder if I can convert the pattern to crochet somehow...

Outside Beauty Inside Health - Whole 30 Review
Wow Cat has iron will power, she is eating super healthy, no carbs, sugar, processed food, dairy etc for a whole month.  I love her weekly round up posts and I find this super inspiring.  I am still trying to make my diet a bit more healthy.  Where as I might not try anything drastic as this diet but little bits can be incorporated.

The Dusty Attic - Weekend Round Up
Yeah one of my favourite ever bloggers (and one of my fave people in real life too!) made a return to blogging this month, so happy. I love Anna's weekend round up posts, such a good idea... I may have to 'borrow' this idea myself. But sadly my weekends never seem as fun as Anna's!

Little Woolie - Seaside Wheels within wheels
I adore this blanket! Wow! Think this is the prettiest granny crochet blanket pattern I have seen in ages. Makes me super inspired.  If I ever get round to finishing a current project this is top of the list!

Goals for the month...

Oh dear oh dear, what have I been doing this month? I feel like I have been hibernating! I've hardly blogged, hardly instagrammed, ugh! Anyway... here is a little catch up of my big goals...

In February I have...

.... Blogged... 3 whole times! Oh dear... need to work harder for March!

... Ran 25.3 miles! This is better than last month, and I have achieved a whole 6 mile run too, but I still feel I need to run more each month if I am going to reach my goal of 350 miles by the end of the year.  The average miles per month should be 30 ish.

... Cycled erm 21 miles... boo! We did 1 trip to Whinlatter and I cycled 10 miles with Mark whilst he ran. Can't wait for light evenings so I can bike after work.

... saved more! I did, happy to report this is going quite well. I have been struggling not to blow my whole pay cheque on frivolous dresses and shoes, but it will be worth it for my hols!

How was your February? Have you had one of 'those' months too, or have you achieved something amazing?  I have lots of fun things planned for March, let's hope I'm a bit more organised with my goals...


  1. I do love your round up posts Jo. I also can;t wait for lighter evenings so i can get out after work - my bike riding habits depend so much on the weather of late {and we know how THAT one has been playing out!} and i can't wait 'til there are a few more hours after work to adventure too!

    Hope to see you soon!

    1. Thanks so much Sally! The weather has been so frustrating lately, but its nice to have a little glimpse of lighter evenings the past week. Gosh I'm craving warmer weather sooooo badly. x

  2. Aw thanks for the tea cosy love! It wasn't too hard to knit at all, if you know basic knit/purl/increase/decrease I think you could manage it. The most fiddly thing was sewing everything together! Yay for all the running, I really want to try harder at getting the miles up :)

    1. My pleasure Elise, it really is so good! I can knit but very badly and haven;t tried anything for couple years so I would fail badly at this I'm sure. All my knitting seems to have holes in too! grrr. hehe. Running tho, I can do. It's such a boost to log all your miles on an app and see them go up and up! yeah! x


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