9 April 2015

A Crochet Lion

For my Nephew James's Naming day recently I made him a little crochet lion! My sister Jen actually asked if I might make a lion quite a while ago, so I knew she might just like this one...

For the cutest crochet toy patterns you just cannot beat Luvly-Gurumi patterns, you can check them out on Etsy here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LuvlyGurumi and for just a few pounds you get a beautiful easy to follow pattern PDF. (Image source: Luvly Gurumi)

I completely failed to keep a note of the yarn I used, but I'm pretty sure its Sirdar Snuggly Baby DK. I used some cotton yarn for the face, stuffed with safety toy stuffing. Of course I embroidered the face on rather than using safety eyes as it was for a baby gift. I used my usual 3.5 hook.

A side pose...

Here's his mane in all its glory!

Look at that tail! I think this is my favourite tail of all the tails I have made yet. It's a little pom pom!

Squishy round tum!

Luvly Gurumi patterns simply are genius, his mane is a little hood and comes off. You lift it over his ears and fasten with a strap and button under his chin, cutest thing ever!

Ta da! Final lion in full.

Have you made any Luvly Gurumi patterns? Have you found anything cuter?


  1. What about the slippers. lion is super cute but slippers awesome !

    1. Don't worry, the slippers will be coming to the blog soon....

  2. Aww he's a cutie, I love his little tail!

    1. Hi Rachael, thanks so much for your kind comment. His tail is my fave part! x


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