30 April 2015

DIY: Crochet Birthday Card

I decided to make a little crochet card for a colleague at work for her birthday. I think handmade items for birthdays, even if you are just getting a card, say a lot more!

Here is what you will need:

  • Card, these are pre-folded blank cards, you can purchase them in Paperchase
  • Scissors and crochet hook
  • Buttons
  • Small piece of thread and needle
  • Glue, I like this Pritt PVA as its super safe and washable etc.  It sticks yarn really well.

And of course you need your yarn, this is THE most important part! I delved into my stash of Creative Cotton yarns for this flower.

The pattern for the flower came from Attic 24 of course, where else would you turn for a lovely flower pattern? You can find the pattern right here... 

Make sure to choose some lovely contrasting vibrant colours.  You can have a lot of fun here with different combinations.  I love the blue edging to the last row of petals.


  • Follow pattern to make crochet flower and leaves, weave in ends.
  • Take some embroidery thread in nice contrast colour and sew on your button to centre of flower.
  • Take your card and play around with positioning of flower and leaves until you get it how you want.
  • Secure the flower in place.  I always put a big dab of glue onto the card where want my flower, then secure in place by pressing firmly.  Then lift up each petal in turn and put smaller dabs underneath.  
  • Lift up where you want your leaves to go and secure in place with glue.
  • The good thing about sticking the flower to the card is that is secures in your ends and you can hide the underneath.
  • I always leave my card overnight under a big pile of books to set the glue and make sure it is stuck

Ta da!!!


  1. Looks awesome and I love your choice of colours. I've crocheted some snowflakes before for Christmas cards - love making cards with that added personal touch.

    1. Hi Rachael, thanks so much for your comment. Yeah I always way prefer to receive handmade cards over bought ones, it shows more love and care, i think! x


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