20 April 2015

Packaging Handmade Crafts

I get very excited when I manage to sell a few little Crochet Pals and other little bits and bobs I have handmade. I don't sell crafts to make any money (I doubt very much I have made any sort of a profit!) I do it for the love of crafting and because it is my hobby.  I love making little Crochet Pals but really I don't want a house full of them for me  Making to sell for friends and friends of friends etc improves my skills and is super fun. But probably the most fun part is packaging off my little handmade beauties to their new homes.... squeeeal! Think of the stationery opportunities!

Check out the cutest little polka dot paper sweet bags I have, they can be purchase from Amazon, here. Those bunny stickers are just the cutest! Find them on Etsy here  and the Thank you stickers also on Etsy, here.

I cannot BELIEVE that I have not yet mentioned my amazing business cards on my blog yet! what!? My amazing Sister designed these for me to go with my blog design and we ordered them from Moo. They are superb quality, really thick and I just adore those rounded corners. I feel very important having business cards (don't give many out but you know they are there just in case! lol!)

So one side mentions my crafty stuff I sell, with link to my Facebook page, where most of my business comes from.

The other side showcases my blog of course!
I always add a little handmade tag onto my makes, this way I can add some details onto the reverse of the tag.  I printed up some stickers, using just a normal printer and laser labels with my blog name, address and contact details on. Mostly my Crochet Pals are given as gifts and I offer to send direct to gift recipient all nicely gift wrapped, so the tag acts as a little advert for me.

I also add a little stamp to all my tags, this fantastic stamp was made for me and given as a gift from my sister. Love it! Not sure where it is from, but I am sure you can get them made on Etsy if you do some searching. Then I add a little washi tape, any excuse for washi tape!

A little pal all ready to be packaged up.  There will be more on this super cutey in a forthcoming blog post...

And the final packaged pal, in his cute sweet bag stuck down with the little thank you sticker.  I couldn't decide which sticker to go for on this package so put on a bunny on too.
I love making an effort to package my crafts well, and I just LOVE love love getting beautifully wrapped packages from designer makers when you buy from Etsy etc.  You just don't get that attention to detail from shops and large suppliers, but it makes all the difference I think for repeat custom.
Have you bought anything recently that came beautifully packaged?

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