5 April 2015

This Month... March

Stuff that made me smile...

«The Buchan weekend, put a smile on my face so big to last the rest of the year! « Mark, Mark, Mark, « Hot Tubs « turrets « mountain biking in new places « Mark's birthday and present buying « My little Nephew James's Naming Day « Corey in his bow tie « sunshine «a successful work event after a lot of hard work « daffodils « new crochet makes « light nights « introducing new friends to mountain biking. 

Stuff I snapped...

« New boots make me happy « healthy eating « a tree fell down so you can see my house now « muddy running « colourful yarn « I'm a scone person now « Peg waiting patiently for the eclipse « THE best burgers ever « more healthy eating « I did freehand machine embroidery at work in the sewing studios « Peg found a new hiding place « not so healthy eating, James's amazing cake! « Wuhu check that out nearly 100 miles ran since Xmas. « Pretty cupcakes. 

Blog Posts Loved...

Wish Wish Wish - Hello YouTube 
Yeah one of my favourite bloggers is now doing YouTube videos, wuhu! Carrie's videos are SO good, so well edited and pretty, super enjoyable.

Attic 24 - Winter Wreath Ta dah!
Seriously! OMG! I really did not think Lucy's wreaths could get prettier, did you see her Winter wreath? it's stunning. If only I could crochet this well.

A Beautiful Mess - Emma's Tattoos
Yeah I'm so glad that The Beautiful Mess girls are finally addressing their tattoos! They can be seen on loads of their posts but I don't think they have ever blogged directly about them before.  Love tattoos and love Emma's collection. I just hope Elsie blogs about hers too.

The Dainty Squid - Blogging, A Real Job
It's always super interesting when fave bloggers address, well blogging! You just assume that famous blogger types have a perfect life and everything comes easy to them, blogging for a living must be awesome! Here Kaylah discusses professional blogging and other people's views on it.

Tatty Devine Blog - Meet Team Tatty, Sarah Jewellery Designer
Think I have probably mentioned my love of Tatty Devine once or twice before on my blog, lol! I love posts like this which look into the background of the business. Wow, working for Tatty Devine must be the coolest job in the world!

Goals for the month...

In March I have...

... Blogged... 5 whole times, fail! I do always plan to blog twice per week so should have blogged 8 times minimum, come on Jo you can do better than this.  I actually have the whole of April already planned out, just need to put the effort in to get all the posts put together.

... Ran... 29.7 miles.... Quite happy with this figure actually, and I am so close to getting my 100 miles since xmas too. 100 miles is such an achievement for me, feels so good. All my runs were 4 miles and over this month too which is pretty awesome, 4 miles is my new absolute minimum.  What can I achieve in April?

... Cycled... 44 miles, wuhu, that's getting a bit better. We've made a few trips to Whinlatter this month, and I have a new found love of the North route, we even introduced some new friends to the trails which was super fun.  We cycled quite a bit on our little Scotland break too. Now the light nights are here I really hope to get out after work on some favourite country road routes.

... Saved more.... Still doing quite well this month... But I did have to 'borrow' some from my savings pot to pay a rather large vet bill for poor Peg, she's fine she just gets little urinary infections from time to time due to being a little worry head. She has some calming pills now that make her kind of stoned...!

Well all in all a much better month for my goals than February! I've already got blog posts planned, runs planned and biking trips discussed... let's hope the Spring weather continues to get better so I can spend lots more time outdoors!

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