7 May 2015

Models Own Neon Review

I was over visiting my little sister and baby James in Newcastle the other weekend and she happened to mention that there was a new nail varnish shop in the Metro Centre! In fact not just any shop, a little Model's Own shop, JUST selling nail varnish, but also in the shape of a nail varnish! WHAT!? I had to check it out....

It was quite busy in the Metro in a Saturday afternoon (lol!) so didn't try to get lots of photos for fear of being stared at.  But look at it OMG! Did I mention it jut sells nail varnish, row upon row all beautiful colours. It was like a dream, however it was also impossible to pick some! Of course I had to buy a couple, spending ban, what spending ban! It's a nail varnish shop, in the shape of a nail varnish!
There can't be many shades I don't already own so had to go for really 'out there' colours! hehe. I picked this neon green in Flip Flop shade NP201.

It took 3 coats to get to this vibrancy, I never like more than 2 coats, because you just know it's going to chip easily.  But if you are going to have this colour on your nails it has to be done right.  

I loved wearing this varnish, I couldn't stop looking at my nails, and I noticed some other funny looks at them too. It's SO bright! However bit disappointed that it didn't dry as super quick as some others (probably cos of the three coast required) plus as predicted it chipped off on the first day.  But for a night out or special occasion, I will def be wearing this again.

The other shade I picked out what Pukka Purple NP158. I'm not really a massive fan of varnish in reds, pinks and purples, they are 'too obvious' for nail colours, I like a blue, or a green or some other crazy colour.  So if you are going to go with obvious colours they have to be bright and a bit different in shade.  This purple is bright and pretty shade, but it is maybe not so different to other purples I own really.

It did go on really well, could probably get away with 1 coat, but I like 2.  It lasted really well and dried really well.  Feels like a quality polish. I would recommend this one.

Have you visited one of these little Models Own stores? What colours would you pick out?

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