18 May 2015

Outdoor Adventures: Gelt Gladiator Mud Obstacle Race

On Saturday I entered my very first mud obstacle race, a new local event called Gelt Gladiator.  After spectating at Mark's events for years I really wanted to try one for myself.  Gelt Gladiator offered a 5k entry level for people new to these types of events, so this was perfect for me.

Above you can see my friend Emma and I before and after the event! I was SO nervous beforehand!
So we completed it! Taking a little longer than anticipated mainly due to long queues for each obstacle and there were no flat bits at all, so we did half running half walking.

All in all I did really enjoy it, most of it was a lot of fun.  When else do you get the opportunity to get yourself completely head to toe muddy and act like a big kid? My favourite bits by far where any obstacles involving mud and there was a LOT of mud! It's a bit shocking and cold the first mud pit your have to climb in but after, once already muddy, you just don't think about it, just climb straight in to the deep mud, yeah!

In one obstacle we were wading through thick sticky mud up to our knees, impossible to walk in, and the very real risk of loosing your trainers! One girl we saw had odd shoes on, she lost hers but found someone else's later! haha.  In another obstacle we had to crawl through a trench with liquid mud, rather like silky melted chocolate, underneath a fence, LOVED it!
This slide, above, was rather a shock for me. I think this was the obstacle I was looking forward to the most.  A massive slip and slide, yes please! I loved it, setting off, but I was going a little too fast towards the end.  I could see people getting out of the pool and it was only waist deep so thought I would just be able to catch myself with my feet. Ha no! Right under I went, full head submerge.  The one thing I was scared of the most.  I wear contact lenses so this was a bit freaky for me, and not massive fan of putting head under, plus this wasn't clean water!

I was a bit shocked and disorientated afterwards, but got up and quickly recovered and onto the next thing!  I love my arms and hands here, I am clearly trying in vain to slow myself down! haha.
 Where as Emma looks quite the opposite, she's loving it, with a far more elegant landing!

I think this photo sums up our Gelt experience really well.  Emma being brave and completing the obstacle properly and me sliding in on my bum! haha. If in doubt always slide in on your bum!

There were obstacles, mainly climbing ones, I couldn't do, but in general it was super fun. Something completely new to me and out of my comfort zone, so for that I am proud of myself.  But I think that might be me for obstacle events. I'm not competitive at all, and I just don't have the drive to better myself in these events.  I accept there will always be things I'm scared of.  But I did it, and it was certainly an experience. Maybe a normal running race, a 10k for example along a road, might be a better idea for me to work up to.

Have you entered any mud obstacle races?


  1. Looks like you had a fun time Jo. I really don't think I would have liked it. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com

    1. Thanks for your comment Joan. It really was fun. Just don;t really get the chance to get really muddy and jump in big puddles as an adult! haha. x


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