1 May 2015

Outdoor Adventures: Kirroughtree 7 Stanes Mountain Biking

We recently made a visit up to Scotland for a long weekend and whilst there we did a spot of mountain biking of course.  We were super keen to visit Kirroughtree, one of the 7 Stanes, neither of us had been before and we want to visit all 7 eventually!

The 7 Stanes are 7 mountain biking trail centres in Scotland, they are all pretty fantastic, 'Scotland's Mountain Biking Heaven'! We have now done 5: Ae, Mabie, Newcastleton, Dalbeatie and Kirroughtree, just 2 to go: Glentress and Glentrool.  Glentrool is in fact very close to here when we visited but all the trails were closed for forestry works, boo! so close!

Sadly some of Kirroughtree was closed when we visited too, but the red route had a diversion so we decided to do it anyway. Mountain biking of any kind is good for us! We were super impressed with the trail centre, big new building and play park, fancy bike shop and cafe, everything you could need.

We had to give the swings a test of course!

The trail itself was mostly diverted, but even the diverted tracks were super pretty.  Some of the trail actually took us on some footpaths and we came across this lovely little pond to stop and have lunch. Super lucky with the weather too.

Whilst we were sitting at the pond we checked the map to see if we would go past the 'stane' on our diversion. Each of the trail centres has a stane (or stone) along the course, each one different, so the idea for most mountain bikers is to collect them all! Here at Kiroughtree the stane is a shiny diamond shape.

It's a good job we checked the map at this point though as we noticed the stane was just over the other side of the pond and on a closed bit of trail, so we cycled up to it anyway for the obligatory stane photo.  Got to prove you were there!

The diverted route took us through a little farm to finish the trail, and I was super excited about this as there was a little field with teeny newborn lambs in, so we had to stop and watch them for a while!

Well I can't give Kirroughtree a full review as most of the red trail was closed, so we didn't really see any massive climbs or fun downhill sections.  But the visitor centre is certainly impressive.  I would love to go back sometime and give it a proper go once it's all back open.

Have you tried any of the 7 stanes routes? What's your fave?

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