6 May 2015

This Month... April

Stuff that made me smile...

«Keswick camping weekend «perfect weather «long walks «muddy biking «big burgers, «Easter eggs «pretty scenery «long weekends «camper van daydreaming «a Corey visitor «babysitting my perfect angel nephews «seeing our hard work at the house come together finally «Kara paddling in the river «treating mum and dad to a day out «an exciting business opportunity «running

Stuff I snapped...
«Playing with Kara at sunny lunchtimes «a lonesome Daisy on the lawn «A Corey visitor «pretty flowers
«I was bored on a train playing with my Beautiful Mess app! Can you tell! «My fave Meg photos «Baby James in his lion slippers! «My idea of selfies, «and a soppy one of Jo and Mark photos!
«A little present from myself «Pretty flowers «Kara dog playing like a puppy «THE nicest new yog discovery (only 99cals!)

Blog posts loved...

Helen is a fellow Cumbrian blogger, I loved this post, made me LOL! Helen's writing style is always super fun.  Completely agree with what Helen's message is here, about the growing up and 'settling down' expectations of your thirties.

OMG this made me unbelievably excited when this popped up on April 1st! I started watching fully taken in by the joke, only to realise it was a spoof half way through, boo! But I would SO watch that. I'm obsessed with anything these two do, so a full on documentary would be a dream.

This is a super useful post. We are flying to USA and Canada in the summer and it will be the longest flight I have ever been on, and er, I'm not an experienced flyer and well, yeah, I'm absolutely terrified.  Some of these tips will certainly come in handy to make it slightly more comfortable for me.

A new blog discovery this month.  You know when you have been blogging and reading blogs for years, you think you probably know or have heard of all the best blogs by now! How is it possible I have never come across Forever Amber before? LOVE it! Amber's blog is beautiful, her style is stunning but she is also incredibly funny! A fashion blog with a personality, awesome! Check it out NOW! This particular post had me in giggles.

Are you serious! How is it possible to have a tattoo that beautiful? She already has a stunning tattoo (That I have pinned about a billion times to my tattoo inspiration board!) now this one... This is a tiny post, really only a picture, but that tattoo needs to be shouted about... I wonder how much it costs for that artist....?

Goals for the Month...

In April I have...

... Blogged... 10 whole times! WIN! Super happy with this, I am super inspired and motivated with my blog recently.  I now have access to Photoshop too so can play with this to make my photos better and add little bits of writing to them.  I have loads of posts scheduled, dunno whats come over me! haha.

... Ran ... 17.2 miles, boo! :-( pissed off at this.  I have been letting the bad weather de-motivate me.  I have been for a fair few very rainy runs, and its not too bad, but trying to motivate yourself to go out for a few runs a week in heavy rain is tough.  Come on weather, get a little nicer so I can go out running more. 

... Cycled... 11 miles, boo again! We made 1 trip up to Whinlatter and did Red North and then blue.  I have still yet to get out after work on my local country road routes.  We had planned to spend the BH wknd checking out a new trail centre but we made the grown up decision to stay at home and work on the house, plus it rained a lot too. So hardly any biking has been done yet again this month.

... Saved more... still doing really well with savings, I am finding it tough, as I am not leaving myself much leftover each month, so no new outfits and no going out but I'm coping. it will all be worth it to have our amazing holiday! I would also really like a car too, so will be saving hard for this. 

Well what has May got in store for me... a little road trip camping adventure, my first ever mud obstacle race, another bank holiday, old friends visiting from London... loads to look forward to....

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