11 June 2015

I bought a car!!!

So... a couple of weeks ago I earned myself some MAJOR grown up points and bought my first ever car! You're thinking, so what? It's just a car, right? ... well for me it's a MASSIVE big deal.

I don't really do the whole 'grown up' thing, see post here for a little on that! However I have felt for a while that it might be a good thing to learn how to drive.  I always lived close to town and school growing up, walk-able distance home from nights out in teenage years and then off to uni where a car was not necessary and then in London, where no-one does cars! So being able to drive hasn't ever really been a necessity, but mostly the idea of driving scares the absolute c**p out of me!

I remember having recurring driving 'nightmares' where I'm driving down this big hill we have locally onto a massive roundabout (Hardwicke Circus - Carlisle folks!) and I've had no lessons and I don't know what to do and I just freak out!

Well I've been having lessons for quite a while now, and I'm due for a test soon ish... (good god!) I have even driven round Hardwicke Circus many many times and it isn't SO scary! I hate getting lifts from people and I hate feeling stuck and frustrated when I can't get to some places. Having a car, and being able to drive it, would certainly give me some more freedom. I'm a (relatively) intelligent, sensible person, absolute idiots drive, why can't I? Perhaps it is time to give myself a talking to, and at the age of 34 do a teeny bit of growing up? (boo!).

So a car was purchased! I think if I have any kind of gap between finishing my lessons and passing my test to getting in a car of my own I probably just wouldn't! Plus for the past few months my driving skills haven't really progressed. We have long since covered the driving syllabus, my instructor and I (who is fab and I love her, most patient woman in the world!- has to be to teach me!) but it is my confidence that needs to grow.  So having my own 4 wheels to pootle about in at the weekends in between lessons is surely a positive thing?

Look at her though! She's cute and small and brightly coloured, these were my essential criteria when car shopping! I don't know the first thing about good brands, engine sizes, blah blah blah... I took useful people like my Dad and Mark along with me for all that business...

She has a snazzy orange interior and Mummy purchased me a little owl air fresher to hang in her window!  What she doesn't have yet is a name.... I'm not sure I have got to know her quite well enough yet to be on first name terms....

I still have the L Plates on of course until I pass my test and Mark has taken me out for little drives a couple of times.  We go to a really quiet housing estate and do laps mostly! I've only ever driven my Driving Instructor's car, which is much bigger, much newer, generally much better and a diesel engine which makes it a little easier to drive.  I'm still getting used to my little red car, it feels a little bit scary driving it, well mostly the starting up bit and stopping at junctions etc, feel a bit back to square one again, but I'm sure I will get there.

I can't fail to thrive in this little red car though, her 'official' name is 'Inspiration'! Look her name has a leaf too! So I am hoping seeing her cheery red colour in the drive way each morning will inspire me into positive driving vibes and I will pass my test soon and be on the roads like a normal grown up person! (cripes!)

Am I alone in my driving fears? Any tips for getting over driving nerves?


  1. Hi Jo - Love your car. I remember when I was learning to drive I was so nervous all the time. Practice is the key and even after I passed my test I was nervous for a couple of months. You eventually get over the nerves and you just jump in the car and don't think about it. Good luck. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com

  2. Cute little car! I was nervous for a while after passing my test, but you eventually get used to it and the nerves turn into excitement. :) x

    P.S. Following you on GFC and Bloglovin'.


  3. Aw congrats Jo! Lovely little car -my first was a Micra just like that, only blue and called Micra Wave (because she had Wave where yours says inspiration!) - she was a great little runner :)

    Good luck with the test - driving is one of my very favourite things and the freedom is unbeatable! Xx

  4. Nice one, Jo! Your new car looks elegant, in all ways that is classic, with the color complementing it really well. Furthermore, it feels like it was really personalized to your liking. I love how hip and quirky it appears. Anyway, good luck with getting your license. Cheers!

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers

  5. I like the quiet coolness of your new car. It appears to be worth the price. And it seems that everything is in working order, so you won’t have to worry about repair costs any time soon. Anyway, I hope you get to take a lot of adventures with your new car. Drive safe!

    Paige Hollingsworth @ Baldwin Motors Lincoln

  6. How exciting. I do not think that there is anything that I have been more excited about than my first car. And to be honest, maybe even my second car. It just feels like you have a new lease on life when you have an improved mode of transportation. For a while I was walking everywhere. Not so very enjoyable.

    Paul @ Viva Nissan


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