1 June 2015

Lush Blogger Event: Summer Skincare

I was super happy on Saturday to be invited to a special blogger event at my local Lush store in Carlisle.
I have been a big fan of Lush for years, being veggie I really admire them for being so animal friendly and outspoken against animal testing.  I have used Lush products on and off for a while but never fully incorporated them into my everyday skincare routine.  I was really intrigued to find out more and to have a really good look at all the products.
Around 10 Cumbrian Bloggers,some I hadn't ever met before, turned up at the store just after closing time.  We were treated to some yummy cakes and fresh fruit smoothies to drink.

The ladies in the shop could not have been friendlier or more welcoming.  They certainly knew their stuff about the products and skincare.

First up we were treated to a demo of 'Mermaid Water' which is a Big Blue Bath Ballistic together with a crumbled up Sunnyside Bubble Bar.  It creates a beautiful ocean coloured bubbly golden shimmery water.

Then we got a demo of how to make a Big Blue and we got to have a go ourselves! wuhu!  I was really surprised how the all the ingredients just stick to themselves, no water etc necessary. The mixture feels a bit like magic sand and you can pat it down and it sets in shape.  The mixture is squished into two half round molds and squashed together.  We got to take our Big Blues home with us, still in the molds to ensure they set.

I must admit the many different beautiful smelling bath bombs and bubble bars are very tempting but I am just not, and never will be, a bath person! I just get cold and bored! haha.  So perhaps these products are not for me.

Next up we were divided into smaller groups and worked round 3 stations, each with a member of Lush staff doing a demo on different products.

We had a demo of a Massage Bar, the one being used here was Each Peach. The bar is quite oily but leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and of course smelling fantastic.  It provides a really rich moisturiser for before bed, or of course a massage bar if you can find someone to play with!

On top of our Each Peach Massage Bar we put some Powedered Sunshine, an innovative SPF sunscreen powder.  I was super impressed with this product, I wasn't aware that Lush did any products with an SPF, so I was really interested to hear how this worked.

The powder on top of the massage bar took away the greasiness and left our skin feeling amazing.  A great way to prepare the skin in the morning ready for a day in the sun.

 Another great SPF product is The Sunblock, a solid bar that you wash with in the shower. Great for quick and easy sunscreen application.

 All of the pretty Massage Bars.

Our next demo was all about brightening the skin.  Ocean Salt scrub was applied and massaged into our arms and then wiped off with Breath of Fresh Air toner water. On comparison to your other arm you could really see how the scrub brightened the skin.  Also I think Ocean Salt has to be the best smelling product of the evening, amazing, smells like summer!

For our last demo (which I failed to take any photos of!) we had a facial skincare consultation and looked at cleansers and toners.  Ultraband was applied to our arms, and the lovely shop lady explained that this was the No 1 cult product.  It's a really multi use product, can be used for taking make up off and cleansing the skin but also applied to rough areas such as elbows etc to keep them soft.

We each picked a different toner water, I went for  Tea Tree Toner as I love the smell but also I tend to have oily spot prone skin and this toner works well with my skin type.

At the end we had plenty of time for browsing the products and for purchases of course! That was the hard part, what did I want to buy? Well everything of course! We were lucky enough to get a well stocked goody bag full of samples to try and I also purchased some Ultrabland cleanser and an Each Peach Massage bar. 
Wonderful evening, I feel a lot more informed about Lush products now and I just cannot wait to try my samples! Thank you SO much Lush Carlisle :-D 
A full review of all my Lush goodies will be coming soon....


  1. Great post! It was a fab evening and I loved meeting everyone. You managed to get some good photos too :) x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Yeah was a great event wan;t it. Shame it was over so quick and we didn't get to meet everyone properly tho. x

  2. LOVED this Jo! Really hope the Ultrabland lives up to my (and their!) ranting and raving about it! Hope you'll love it as much as me!xxxx

    1. Thanks Sally. I'm LOVING Ultrabland actually! And the Tee Tree Water, they shall certainly be re-purchased. x


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