8 June 2015

The Woollen Woods

So we heard recently that a local favourite walking spot was hosting an exhibition, not just any kind of exhibition, but a woolly one, the place has been yarn bombed! I jumped at the chance to go to check it out.
Talkin Tarn is a small local lake with a path all the way round, its probably about a mile round and completley flat so its a favourite dog walking place or day out trip for many Carlisle folks.  You can hire rowing boats and canoes, there's a little gallery to learn about birds, they do kid's activities and of course there's a tea room!

The exhibition is called 'Woollen woods' and was started by Eden Arts in 2013. They have enlisted local community groups in 'the Campaign for wool' to yarn bomb local areas with woodland animals, flowers and insects.  Wool is good tough stuff and whilst we chose a bit of a rainy day to visit the art works were still looking fab!

It was super fun discovering all the hiding places for the little crochet, knitted and needle felted creations. They certainly brightened up a rather dull weather afternoon! How cute are these little knitted toadstools?

We almost didn't spot little knitted moley creeping along the tree roots.

I wasn't aware we had many snakes in Cumbria! Eeek, this one chasing mice down a tree is a bit scary looking.

I loved these beautiful crocheted Primroses stuck in the ground amongst the autumn leaf mulch.

A lonesome conker hangs on a tree ready to burst out!

This little fellow was busy buzzing away in the wind, I had to hold him gently to get a good photo.

Some skillful person has put a lot of effort into this needle felted owl hiding up in a branch spying on all the visitors.

A little knitted frog on a log!

This scary fish has been catching some woolly dinner!

A massive woolly snail climbing up this tree...

And a knitted Badger playing look-out.

This group had decorated one particular tree with their creations and designed this lovely sign to go with it.

I love the detail on this sign, especially the little knitted caterpillar.

Look at this poor fellow, he won't get far up that tree with those drawing pins in his little paws!.

Here's the sign for the exhibition if you want to read a bit more, and they have a website here too... in fact you can see the Woollen Woods exhibitions in other places around the country.  Well worth a look if there are any near you.

Did I mention that Talkin Tarn have a tea room, yeah they do lovely ice cream too! How could we resist these? Sheltering from the rain eating ice creams, well it is 'supposed' to be Summer now right?


  1. Argh these pics are awesome! It was also on at Brodick Castle in Arran but we'd just been there a few weeks before so didn't get a chance to go back. I wish they'd leave them out for longer! :)

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Elise. Sorry you didn't get chance to see the woolly creatures near you... it seems to be an annual thing down our way now, so perhaps there will be an opportunity next year. x

  2. I was there yesterday and it's just fab! My favourite was the felted owl. You've noticed lots we didn't spot! Have you tried the cafe for food? They do the best sweet potato fries!

    1. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for your comment. I think they ought to have new woolly things to spot each time i visit, made it lots more fun than just doing the usual lap! I've not tried the food (other than ice creams!) actually, but I do love a good sweet potato fry! x

  3. Oh that looks so much fun - I love those knitted mushrooms, I might have to make some for my own garden haha!

    1. Hi Rachael, thank you loads for your kind comment. I think knitted mushrooms would look fab in any garden! Very good idea! Its surprising actually how much bad weather they can withstand. x


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