6 July 2015

This Month... June

Stuff that made me smile...

A beautiful wedding, an excuse for new dresses, lovely sunny hot weather, holiday planning, peonies, spending time with both my nephews, a little weekend away, exploring new parts of Newcastle with Mark, hotel stays with Mark, seeing an old favourite band (NOFX), new glasses, driving my little red car, a new diary, stationery shopping, beer garden evenings, strawberries smothered in yogurt, ice lollies.

Stuff I snapped...

The Lush Carlisle Blogger Event, Meggy Peggy scared of the thunder, morning playtime with this little person.
New stationery wuhu!, I just can't stop snapping this cute little face! This is the only thing I want to eat right now strawberries smothered in yog! (healthy alternative to cream and just as yum!)
The only photo I took at a friend's wedding (doh!), wuhu beer garden for tea! Spicy mine, snoozy ill little Peg.

Blog posts loved...

Forever Amber - Things that tell me I am not a real grow up
Amber's blog is fast becoming one of my absolute favourites! This post in particular is just perfect, made me chuckle but also I take it quite seriously because I relate wholeheartedly to each and every word. 

Love Taza - Taza's NYC Guide: Urban Living
I am a little obsessed with anything New York at the moment, in anticipation for our trip next month (NEXT!! month! screeeam!) I'm re watching SATC for the billionth time as I type too! I love Taza's NYC posts they have such a cool lifestyle, great for daydreaming about living in New York!

Emma Block Illustration - A Little Guide to New York
Told you NYC obsessed! I loved reading about Emma's trip, fab photos and some really great tips here too. 

Ella - My eight loss and well being journey
I've said before I find these types of posts super inspiring. I am trying to be a bit healthier myself and it is great to hear about other's journeys and pick up some positive tips along the way.

Goals for the month....

In June I have...

...Blogged... 7 times, not bad, wuhu. One more than last month. This is more than I thought I had to be honest as I didn't post much last week.

...Ran... 12.9 miles over a total of 4 runs. Ugh, pathetic, in the last couple of weeks I have not ran at all. I could blame the weather, who wants to work out in this stickiness? Or I could blame the fact that I was phone less for the best part of a week, phone is my source of music and my Nike Plus app, so couldn't POSSIBLY run without it! But really I have just been a lazy lump!

...Cycled... 22.5 miles.  That's a bit better! This consists of all 3 Whinlatter routes in one day and then a couple of smaller random bike rides. Whinlatter was right at the beginning of the month I'm dying to go back and do it all over again. I'd pop up and cycle these routes every day if I could! 

...Saved more... Yep I continue with the saving, haven't had to dip into it this month, which is great. But as I reach the end of my savings time, July will be the last payment into it before we actually go on the hol I'm saving for! I'm a little sad I haven't fully reached my target, but it's the most I have saved in a long time, so still super happy with myself.

I kind of feel like June has been a write off, I've felt a bit bleeurgh, stressy and down and just a bit yuk.  Not been eating right, sleeping right or working out and all that just makes me feel blue.  I haven't even snapped any pretty photos for my June post header, (this one is stolen from here) Work is a massive ball of stress and frustration at the moment and the fact I haven't had a proper holiday in months is beginning to take its toll... just July to get through (and more busy then ever at work this month) then 2 blissful weeks off to look forward to in AMERICA and CANADA!

I hope to be less of a stress head in July, I just keep daydreaming about getting out running and biking in the countryside... Lovely early Sunday morning run yesterday and I'm planning a big bike ride tonight. I won't let this month be a write off too!

How was your June?


  1. Looks like you had a great June. When I was in my twenties I had a cat with exact markings as yours. We had her for 20 years. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Joan. Well I hope little Meggy sticks around for that long, she's only 5, can't even contemplate life without her! x

  2. Oh wow NOFX! What a throwback! I hope you had a fantastic time. I'm trying to resist the urge to go and see Reel Big Fish for the 9th or 10th time.. how many times is too many?

    1. NOFX was SO good! I hadn't listened to them for years so was ace remembering all the words to all the songs. There's no such thing as too many times for a fun punky ska gig, def go again! x


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