4 August 2015

This month... July

Stuff that made me smile...

So my MAJOR news this month is that I finally passed my driving test! Wuhu! It was my second attempt.  At the age of 34 I can 'apparently' drive a car. To be honest I am still quite nervous going out in my little red car on my own, but I will get there. 

We had a lovely visit to Newcastle, in beautiful hot weather to see a gig, NOFX at the Academy. It was super fun and very nostalgic.

I did a charity walk across the Morecambe Bay Sands for work and it was a lot of fun.  Was very odd walking over the sands, and at one point wading through deep strong current water! But we had a giggle.

I spent a lovely weekend hanging out with my favourite sister and my favourite littlest nephew James in Newcastle.  He is growing soooo fast!

This month has felt super stressy and busy for both Mark and I, I have had lots to do at work, its my busy time, with graduation week etc. Mark has been finishing his dissertation, so weekends have been spent cooped up in my little flat with Mark studying and me mainly napping! hehe.

Stuff I snapped...

Blog posts loved...

Buttons and Beginnings - Alexa
A lovely new craft blog by a fellow Cumbrian blogger, you should def check out if you are crafty! I love Sarah's giant crochet pouffe, what a fab make. I'm dying to make one for myself, if I ever get to the end of my current WIP pile.  I really like how Sarah sets out her posts with explanations of what she learnt, what she would do differently next time, great idea.

Forever Amber - This is why i unfollowed you in Instagram
Superlatively Rude - Instashaming
These two posts are quite similar, basically acknowledging and commenting on the 'perceived' rules for social media and Instgram in particular.  I am really quite glad I live in my own little bubble most of the time, and I don't blog or use social media to create any sort of brand or business.  Competitiveness and especially between women makes me sad and makes me angry. Just put what you like on Instagram people and don;t fret about it!

Little Winter - Exposing Myself
Really enjoyed this super honest post.  I don;t think I could be that brave on my blog, so much respect. Some really great advice in this post and some really positive ways to help you focus on the positives about yourself.

A Beautiful Mess - Sister Style
I love Elsie and Emma's Sister Style posts, I love their sense of style, but this post has to be my favourite in a while. The photos are just so vibrant and bright and honestly Emmas's dress is to die for, want want want!

Goals for the month...

In July I have.... (erm not don much of anything really!)

... Blogged.... erm yeah once! (I'm not sure these month posts should count!) oh dear oh dear.

... Ran.... erm 3 times, a total of 10.1 miles. Ugh, could certainly try harder with that one. Usual excuses, weather been bad, graduation week wipes me out and then after graduation week I was run down and full of cold. bleeeurgh! However I am now at a yearly total so far of 150 miles running, which actually makes me quite proud.  Just another 150 to go for Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec to get to my goal of 300. I can do it!!!

...Cycled.... a grand total of 0! I am so sad looking at my poor bike all lonely in its cupboard, there are now loads of boxes and piles of recycling stacked in front of it, such a sorry state. I'm sooo desperate to hit those Whinlatter trails! Soon, soon....

....Saved..... Still going good on this one, wuhu! And this is my final saving month, for the reason I am saving is like in 2 days, as I write this, that's right folks we fly to NYC on Wednesday (5th!) screeeeeam!

So don't expect many blog posts in August either, as I will be on holiday for half of it.  But hopefully I shall have some fab hol photos to share when I get home.

We are going on a bit of an adventure.  Landing in New York City and having 2 full days and 3 nights to explore there, staying in the Upper East side, of course! My first time there and I've been desperate to go forever, so our plans are just to explore as much as possible and just take it all in! We then hire a car and do a little road trip for a few days up the East Coast covering the New England States before crossing the border and heading into Canada to meet up with Mark's family for Mark's brother's wedding, and a few days in Canada to explore around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia! I'm going to attempt to stay off social media so I can actually focus on my holiday rather than my phone, we shall see how that work's out.

Have a lovely August everyone!