8 September 2015

Holiday Adventures: New England Road Trip

So last week I posted my photos from our New York visit... and now the Holiday Adventures continue with our little New England Road Trip! I explained in my last post that our holiday was two weeks, starting in New York then road tripping it up through New England states to Canada for Mark's brother's wedding.

So in total on our road trip USA/Canada holiday we stayed in 8 different hotels, spent many many hours on the road and saw 6 US states (New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine) and 2 Canadian Provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  So here are the New England Road Trip photos....
We started in New York, not quite brave enough to rent a car in the middle of stupidly busy city we got the train from Grand Central, check out my blurry photos! We were in a rush and I was carrying my stupidly massively heavy rucksack, that's my excuse for the poor photos! haha.  So we got a wee train to a small town in Connecticut called Stamford.  We didn't explore much, didn't seem to be much there, we just picked up the car.

The car was fun! A bit more of a fancy one than we booked, and with the 'wrong' side of the road to contend with plus the fact Mark had never driven an automatic it was a bit of an adventure to get set off!

We mostly stuck to one main road, Interstate 95, which took us along the coast, through pretty New England states and up to the border of Canada.  We picked our stops that were just off this Interstate to make the driving part easier.  The idea was to set off relatively early, drive for a few hours and get to a stop.

Our first stop was Newport, Rhode Island, I had heard that it was mega pretty! It certainly did not disappoint.  We wanted some quaint little coastal places after the excitements of New York and this provided a welcome contrast!  It was very very touristy, but felt more like American tourists than foreign.  It was a very posh little place, with mega yachts, fancy boutiques and restaurants and lots of rich looking people wandering round.

We arrived quite late in the afternoon and went off for an explore, wandering all the cute little streets and going in all the gift shops.  The main tourist attraction in Newport are the mansions.  It is a favourite holiday place for rich and famous, not being too far from New York.  The mansions are mostly split up now or used as hotels or venues but it is lovely to wander round and 'gawp' at them!

Such a beautiful walk, the biggest houses were along the beach, there was a lovely cliff walk, with views of all the mansions on one side and the sea the other, was lovely in the early evening.

I loved this 'Victorian Ladies Inn', we didn't stay here, but wished we had! The building is pretty typical of Newport, all colourful, wooden buildings, so cute!

We were really excited to stay in cheap American motels, you know the kind you see on horror movies! haha.  This one wasn't very horror movie, but was cheap! I was impressed with all our motels actually, a lot better quality than I thought they would be!  We loved the huge 2 double beds in each room too!

Next day, next stop on the road trip... We traveled through to the next state, Massachusetts, by passing Boston and heading further in to the coast to a little place called Rockport.  I guess Rockport is a much smaller version of Newport, a quaint little seaside town. Still quite touristy with little gift shops and nice restaurants.

We enjoyed exploring the streets and stopping for Ice cream in the cutest little ice cream shop!

Our motel here was more like a little holiday camp, each room was a separate cabin.  The room was huge, but probably could have done with a bit of an update, but perfectly comfortable and adequate for one night.

We were super excited that there was a health food supermarket right over the road from our wee cabin, so stocked up there for dinner!

Next day and on the road again, heading for our last road trip stop in USA, Bangor in Maine!  Bangor was decided for us really, as this was the last place we could drop the car off close to the border in USA.

It was certainly an adventure in itself figuring out how to get to the border and across.  The rental car people say they will let you take a car over the border but then quote you the most extortionate price its just not possible.  So we dropped off the car in Bangor and actually paid for a cab to take us the 3 hours across the border to collect another rental car in Canada, this worked out a lot cheaper! There is nothing much in Maine and no public transport options!!!

We really enjoyed Bangor, felt like a more typical American town.  Basically big massive streets you have to drive down, loads of fast food restaurants along the road and huge supermarkets, awesome! We were so excited about Target and Wall mart! saaad! haha.

First stop of course big burgers....

 Super happy Target faces, gosh I could live in that shop! Could take all day to explore it!

We were on a 'Twinkie' mission from my brother, he wanted us to buy some and tell him what they were like.  We did purchase some, but they didn't survive very ling, they were gross by the way! But they just went to a squished paste in our bags before reaching home, oh well!

I did enjoy buying a lot of American candy! Oh and that cupcake the most sickly thing I have ever tasted! The amount of e-numbers in the icing was just crazy! Looked pretty though! couldn't resist buying it!

Our last motel was a Super 8 and I think it was the best of the road trip motels actually, it was really cheap but a lot more modern and better decorated that the others.  It even had a washing machine, so we were happy to be able to do some washing!

So tune in next week for the last part of my Holiday Adventures: Canada!

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