1 September 2015

Holiday Adventures: New York City

I've always always wanted to go to New York city, for as long as I can remember. I guess it must have come from the very first time I saw it on a movie or on TV, but then came Friends and Sex and the City, then Gossip Girl etc.  It has been not just my number 1 place to visit in the world, but my number 1 ambition in life to visit!

Visiting has always seemed like a dream, not something that would ever happen, as it seemed so far away, so expensive and the fact that I would have to go on an plane for hours on end, I hate flying!

Then earlier in the year Mark's brother got engaged to Steph, a Canadian lady and their wedding would be in Canada, so Mark's family were all going and I was invited....  We first joked about the possibility of going to New York as part of the trip then suddenly it became a reality and we were booking flights!!! I just decided why the hell not, so I set about scrimping and saving every penny to make it a reality!

Will and Steph, live in New Brunswick, Canada which is quite near the border of USA and on the East side of the country so straight up from New York so visiting New York and then road tripping up to see them in Canada for the wedding was going to be the plan.... SCREEEEEEAAAAM!

We had two days in New York City, landing early evening on the first night, we found our hotel, Pod 51, on 51st Street relatively easily and went for a quick explore.  But all day travelling took its toll and it was early to bed.

Pod 51 was ace, highly recommend. Our room resembled a uni halls with bunk beds and shared bathrooms but who cares when you are in NYC! It was relatively cheap for the city and a great central area. The hotel was very modern and clean, and had the most amazing roof terrace, (that's it in the header pic!).

Our first day we woke up so excited, I think I was way more excited than all the Christmas mornings ever! Mark and I kept repeating to each other 'we are in New York!!' Our first stop was Central Park, we spent a good few hours exploring, it was huge.  There was loads to see and it was so exciting seeing all the bits that TV and movies made famous.

The views across the city sky line from the park were amazing too.  I was super impressed with Central Park, very clean and well maintained, it did not feel like you were in the city at all.  New Yorkers mostly seem to use it as a massive gym with most people jogging or walking teeny tiny little dogs!

We left the park and went for an explore, attempting to find Times Square.  I found the roads a bit confusing at first with the grid system and it was a bit frustrating having to stop every two minutes to cross a road.

I don't think I was quite prepared for just HOW busy, big and noisy it would be.  I used to live in London, but this was like London times a million! It was also incredibly hot, over 30 degrees.  We wanted so badly to explore on foot to see everything but a lot of walking in that heat was quite tough.  I didn't love it around Times Square and the main streets there, so bustly and busy.  Times Square was just a massive road junction so we didn't linger there much.
We explored everywhere and saw all the major sites, Flatiron building, Empire State building, the New York public library etc.  Finding time for eating along the way of course, I tried a pretzel in Central Park and we stopped for ice cream, yum!

That evening we wandered round the streets near our hotel and found third avenue and loads of restaurants up there, we had a nice little Italian meal and a lovely leisurely sit on our roof terrace before early to bed, wiped out!

Day 2 we explored more of Lower Manhattan.  Mark was super keen to see Ground Zero, so we actually braved the Subway! Ugh, the great thing about it was the trains were air conditioned which was heaven.  But trying to understand that map, nightmare, made me wish I was on the tube (what!!! haha!)

I found Ground Zero really emotional, you can't help get morbid thoughts in your head.  I didn't know what to expect, but 2 massive holes in the space where the towers were was not cheery symbolism! Then the names of all the victims carved into the monument, I don't think i realised there were so many.  Bit of an odd tourist attraction, but was good to see it.

We wandered on from there and headed in the direction of Wall Street, we happened to come across a little street called Carlisle street (we live in Carlisle!!!) so took a geeky selfie. hehe.  There was nothing down the street, rather a dead end. (No you may not make some joke about comparing that to my beloved city!! haha).

 We found Wall Street...

 And the Brooklyn Bridge...

Next we got the ferry to Staten Island, and straight back.  That was awesome, def one of the best things we did.  It was lovely and refreshing on the boat, amazing views and it was free!  We sailed right past the statue of liberty and the views of the city skyline as we sailed away were fantastic.

It is weird when you are in the city the buildings are sooo tall, you cannot see the tops of them.  We walked right past the Empire State building before realising what it was.  Then it was impossible to get the right angle for a photo.

Early evening we went for a stroll up to the Upper East side, I popped in Sephora to buy some Kat Von D make-up, so exciting! Then we walked down Park Avenue up as far as the Met and then back down 5th Avenue to the shops.  I loved it up there, much nicer than the mid town shopping areas and bustly streets.  Park Avenue just goes on forever, just block upon block of massive posh apartment buildings, all with fancy doormen.  I would have loved to pop up and see one of the apartments.
Here's my very geeky Sex and the City photo collage! I had to visit Perry Street and see the actual steps to Carrie's apartment.  There were quite a few people with the same idea! haha.  Then a visit to Carrie's fictional address east 73rd street, and popped into the library to see the (non) wedding steps.
We actually didn't spend that much money in New York and didn't buy any 'things' aside from a load of junk food.  So we treated ourselves to a rather more permanent reminder of our trip with tattoos from cool New York Tattoo shop Red Rocket.

Coming soon... My New England Road Trip and Canada photos....

Have you been to New York City, what would you recommend we see if we ever go again?


  1. I'm so jealous... Your trip looks amazing! I'm going to try and get my brother married off to an American so I can have a similar road trip. LOVE the tats too.

    pierrelecat | fashion jewellery & book blog

    1. Hi Helen, thanks SO much for your comment. It was such an adventure for us! I def recommend forcing siblings to marry foreigners so get holiday excuses! haha. xxx


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