17 September 2015

My Favourite Necklaces

I'm not really an 'accessories' person, but the one item of jewellery that I am never seen without is a necklace.  I have gathered quite a few lovely necklaces over the years, and I thought I would share a few bits from my collection here...

I guess you can tell from this pic, a name necklace is a particular fave of mine.  I do however often forget I walk around with 'Joanne' around my neck then get surprised when somebody I've never met before calls me by my name! duh!

My name necklace obsession, well my whole jewellery/necklace obsession, started with Tatty Devine, the true original and best quirky jewellery designers! I've loved them since they began with plectrum earrings and one type of name necklace.  My sister bought Number 4 for me, many many years ago, because I bought one for her (first!) This little pink one snapped in the middle one day, I cried (a LOT!) Daddy fixed it with super glue (aw, thanks Dad!).

Number 2 and 3 are also Tatty Devine and this rather lovely wooden Number 1 is a purchase from Finest Imaginary you can purchase one for yourself right here.

A relatively new discovery is the absolutely fantastically talented amazing Layla Amber, check out her beautiful website here. I'm such a HUGE fan, all her jewellery is just sooo pretty and unique. It is also incredibly well made and excellent quality.  I've already bought a few Layla Amber pieces and some for friends and family too, I can't wait to expand my collection.   Numbers 5,6, and 7 all Layla Amber, buy here... 

My necklaces used to be stored away carefully in their boxes in a little set of drawers.  However I found myself wearing the same ones every day as some of them were just being forgotten about.  I decided that as they were all so beautiful they needed to be displayed and arranged so I can see them. So I bought this fab necklaces hanger online here.

I was always such a huge Tatty Devine fan that I would wear little else, but recently one of my absolute fave things to do is to trawl though Etsy and discover new cool jewellery designers! Anything bright, quirky, perspex or wooden gets my attention!

Number 8 is from Kayleigh O' Mara, Number 9 was a birthday present from my sister, but I suspect she bought it from Ladybird Likes and Number 10 is from Rockcakes.

I am SO happy it is finally Autumn and I can wear this beauty again, I adore this necklace, I have such a thing for oak leaves and acorns (I have an Oak leaf tattoo even!). This necklace is quite large so really makes a statement when I wear it, and always gets compliments.  This was a special 30th birthday present from my friends.  I also have a smaller version of the necklace in black perspex, another pressie from my wonderful sister!

Number 11 and 12 are of course both Tatty Devine. I love this sweet little button necklace, super cute!

Can we have a little word about Tatty Devine... I am so sad that I find myself falling out of love with them a bit recently! Whilst they still have some pieces I badly want, a lot of their new collections just do not inspire me and then THIS happened, which I am devastated to report has really put me off them. (Super sad face!).  Anyone else?

Ah, just look at them all, so pretty! It makes me smile each morning picking a lovely necklace to wear for the day...

Who are your fave jewellery designers, do you have a new discovery I MUST check out? Do let me know...

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