1 October 2015

This Month... September

Stuff that made me smile...

«My birthday, lovely presents and cards from friends and family «Birthday treat day surprise out to Beamish with Mark «Lovely day out to Edinburgh with my Mum «The start of the best season, Autumn «getting back into running and achieving 6 miles «achievements at work and that 'back to school' feeling of the new term and new starts «a little drive to Silloth «Downton Abbey starting again «Mark finishing his dissertation «planning little trips.

Stuff I snapped...

 More new nail varnishes! More cute Peg snaps and amazing new lipbalms.
So depressing having to get rid of my pretty spotty kettle and replace it with this boring thing! Corey's play room and Peg yet again!
My day out in Edinburgh, we visited the Palace of Holyrood House, we had big strawberry tarts there too! Ice creams at Beamish and one last curled up Peg!

(must try best to photograph something other than the cat next month! lol!)

Blog posts loved...

I'm mixing it up a bit this month, with some fave vlogs, I'm getting right into my Youtubers recently!

Cider With Rosie - The Summer to Autumn Transition
What a bloomin gorgeous video, makes me feel all cosy and happy inside. Also adored all Rosie's blog posts this month about her beautiful looking wedding. Go check out her blog here... http://www.ciderwithrosie.com/ 

Zoella - Birthday Treehouse Adventure
Erm how absolutely amazing is that treehouse! I want to go there badly! I looked it up, its a little (LOTS!!!) out of my price range sadly, but goals! I love Zoella's vids, they really do put a smile on my face.

Fleur de Force - The Big Secret, My Makeup Line
Fleur is my fave fave vlogger/Youtuber. She is simply stunning isn't she, she seems to have a perfect life, and I love being brought into her lovely world through her vids. If you have not checked her out yet, go now! Also check out her other channel Fleur de Vlogs which are super fun.

Maisie Williams - Welcome to my Channel
Aw cool! Maisie Williams, yes her from Game of Thrones is a Youtuber now! Super awesome, I love her, think she is super cool and wears some lovely things on the red carpet.  I'm super excited to see more vids from her.

So, got a fave Youtuber? Please let me know, I need to get following some new people...

Goals for the month...

... Blogged.... 7 times! Wuu, happy with this.  But of course I had lots to share with all my holiday adventures from last month.

... ran.... 31.9 miles, pretty dam impressed with that actually! That was 9 runs, one of 6 miles, rest of just over 3. I'm bloody loving running at the moment, I want to go out every night, but having to force myself not to over do it, who am i??? lol!

... cycled.... Big fat 0! Yep running has overtaken my biking time this month. So sad. And its getting too dark to go in the evenings now too. My poor wee neglected bike. boo hoo.

....saved.... £0! Might have to remove this one now, as I was saving mostly for my big holiday to USA/Canada and that's all done and over now.  I was very pleased that I managed to achieve my savings target, that's a first for me! haha.  But now I am focusing on paying off some debts and putting myself on a bit of a spending ban.

It's been a pretty good month really. I do love this time of year, September is a time for motivation and starting afresh for me, its a new year in terms of my age and academically too. There is a lot of change going on at work and I have a renewed optimism.  I'm so happy with my blogging and running this month, let's see if I can keep it up throughout October.

How was your September? Do link to your posts if you do a monthly round up.

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