26 January 2016

January Faves...

My new Kikki K planner - Yes it's official, I'm a diary/planner geek. I won't tell you how many setting up planner/opening planner YouTube vidoes I've watched (yes yes they are a thing!). I just adore diaries and planners and lists and stationery... I did buy an academic diary in summer, but I just couldn't resist another new one for 2016.  Check out Kikki K if you love stationery, swoon!

M&S Easter Eggs - Oh M&S I adore you, I really really do. M&S food is always superior but their seasonal confectionery is just amazing. Obviously it is now Easter so we have to eat as many chocolate eggs as humanly possible... These little Chicky Chocky eggs are super yummy. 

Presents from me to me - So I might have treated myself to a little something in the Tatty Devine sale, but look at it, just look at it, it's star shaped and shiny! Clearly you can see why it was impossible to resist.

Arla Protein pots - deliciously thick super filling pots of yumminess! Not 'technically' yoghurt, they are Quark, which you will have heard of if you have ever done Slimming World!  They are SO thick and only 140 cals, I feel fit to burst after eating one of these!

The Affair - I've been really getting into this show this month, I found it on Now TV. There is one MAJOR issue with it of course in the casting, Pacey is the husband she CHEATS on! (don't tell me off for spoilers it's called The Affair!!) Why on earth would anyone cheat on Pacey? 

Aw, Joshua Jackson's character is so Pacey like too, really lovely but a bit of a looser and a bit of a rebel at times. Obviously the fact Pacey is in this TV show is why I am watching it. (P.S. If you don't know who Pacey is, GET off my blog right now... settle yourself down and watch the full 9 seasons of Dawson's Creek and don't come back until you're done - you're welcome :-P)

Planner accessories - Falling in love with these scrapbooking/planner stickers from Simple Stories. I purchased these from The Homemakery and was so impressed with their super speedy delivery and stunning packaging!

Pinafore dress - I SO badly wanted this dress, I knew I would love it, but am I too old and perhaps er not the right shape to wear such a thing? Well I bought it anyway.  So far I've enjoyed wearing it in my flat and hidden under a big coat at the supermarket... I feel like a 5 year old in it, but oh my it's cute!

Fave Instagrammers this month... 

From L-R @jenniemaizels@crumbsanddoilies@janefosterdesigns@livesweetphotography

I adore Jennie Maizels's amazing illustrations, so bright and colourful, I would love to do one of her courses.  Crumbs and Doilies are a new discovery cupcake shop, she does YouTube vids too. Another amazing illustrator, Jane Foster's designs are so cheerful. And last but by far least probably the prettiest Instagram account discovery lately Live Sweet super pretty pics of her cute as a button daughter and their pet pig in their pretty pastel home.

Fave blogs/vlogs:

Zoella - Saying Goodbye to 2015

I loved this super long, rambly post from Zoe. I think she is fab, and when you look at what she has achieved in a year, makes me wonder what I've been doing with my time! lol.

Tanya Burr - New Year's Resolutions

I love love love reading new year resolution posts! I am super nosy but also find them really inspiring for my own resolutions.

Girl lost in the city - New Year Same Me

Emma's post made me chuckle, rather like the anti new years resolutions post!

Claireabellemakes - 2016 Goals

Another resolutions post, Claire always inspires me.  Her 2016 is going to very busy.

Forever Amber - Reasons to love running (even when you hate exercise)

I loved this list, made me laugh out loud, these 12 things are so very true.

Pet Lamb Girls - Easy Vanilla Cupcakes

Yes, LOVE this little bakery in the Grainger Market in Newcastle, just yum yum! The Pet Lamb girls are SO cool. They now have a YouTube channel, wuhu! It's the end of Jan, all our healthy eating resolutions are out the window now, let's eat cake...

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