9 February 2016

Current Crochet: A Blanket for Me!

I love to crochet, it is a lovely relaxing hobby and one that can be done simultaneously with another favourite hobby of mine, watching TV or YouTube videos! hehe.

However recently all my crochet projects have been commissions and things that are more difficult; little superheroes, crochet pals or large blanket projects that I need to concentrate on and read a pattern. I do enjoy these challenges but I find if I do a lot of things like this crochet can get stressful and I end up not wanting to do it! aaargh.

Also when you crochet you find yourself crocheting a LOT for other people! This is great and I love making for other people.  But I have made numerous blankets in my time but do I own a crochet blanket, NO I do not!

So over the Christmas break one evening I wanted to crochet, to sit and crochet something I don't need to follow a pattern for, something repetitive and stress free whilst watching my favourite vloggers.

I turned to my rather extensive stash to see what colours I had for a decent blanket.  I picked these lovelies above.  They are all my absolute number one favourite yarn Lullaby by Stylecraft in the colours L-R: Denim, Misty, Primrose and Berry.

I chose the same pattern as my Bear Square blanket I made for my nephew.  The pattern can be found here. I don't think I will add the bears on this one though!

I put out a favourite fleecy blanket on the floor and crocheted one 'test' square. I then used this square to lay on top of my blanket to work out sizes and how many squares I would need to crochet for a decent blanket size.

You can see my very rough scribbles here, it was a very last minute stash project blanket so not meticulously planned! haha.

I am using grey as my main colour and I will join in this too. Then I will alternate the colours of the circles in the centre.

So I set to crochet my 19 circles of yellow with red (as per my pattern).  I like to split it up like this and do all the circles then I go along with my grey and do all the square bits.

It is lovely making these cirlces, you learn the pattern very quickly and the you can just sort of mindlessly crochet away...

I have started on blankets in the past and quickly got bored of them and not finished them, but I am determined to finish this one.

So I figure by blogging about the start of this blanket I have to finish it right? I fear it may take some time... but it is a nice enjoyable project for me and I'm in no rush!

This post is also a perfect excuse to show off a new crochet stash bag I made... 

I have made a zippy WIP bag before, see post here...  this is a new one, to use up some cute sheep fabric I purchased. I do often treat myself to little fat quarters like this with absolutely no idea of what to do with them. I put in a little gingham lining and then added some ribbon detailing.  Aaargh, I adore this sheep fabric, baaaa!

What are you currently crocheting?

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