1 February 2016

This Month... January

So the first month of the new year over already. Loads of people saying glad to see back of it, but it really hasn't been a bad month at all for me... Poor January, why do people hate you so much?

So what have I been up to this month?
I've been loving bike rides this month, taking myself off round some country roads at the weekends. I wasn't expecting this particular ride to be quite so muddy. But embrace the mud I say! I had a lot of fun wizzing through the puddles. If it's not on your face you're not having fun right! LOL!
It snowed! YES! I've been waiting for some decent snow for what feels like forever... It started snowing on the Saturday afternoon but very light so I wasn't getting my hopes up, but then looking out the window after tea it looked pretty deep... So we jumped outside with the sledge and went sledging in the local park in the dark. It was amazing! The park has no street lights and is usually pitch black but due to the snow it was so light. Oh I love sledging, and with the park to ourselves... bliss!

Mark of course had to 'modify' the hill for extra fun with snow jumps, and he had to show off by going down on his front.  The walk back descended into childishness with a snowball fight.. fun and japes...
 I couldn't resist snapping some snowy scenes.  I even rode my bike in the snow which was super fun!

We made a little visit to the local woods and look who we took along, oh Kara dog loves the woods, especially woods with a river running through where she can paddle and chase sticks. Oh that little doggy makes me smile so much.
We saw the Star Wars movie, haven't been to cinema in ages so we went all out with VIP seats, huge Tango Ice Blasts and snacks. The movie was good too! hehe.
At the very end of the month (just got back last night) I spent 4 lovely days in Newcastle with my Nephew. This was the first time I was completely on my own with my nephew over night. We had 3 nights and 4 days together, it was lots of fun. He's such a good boy :-) Miss him now... I must admit to having a little cry on the bus on the way home...

and other stuff I failed to get photos of...

We went 'out out' for New Year! Like to an actual nightclub.  We saw in the new year over the border in Dumfries with friends, first for a lovely meal, then some pubs and clubs. I was a little worse for wear the next day but my good friend Jools is SO good at the hangover fry ups the next day.  There is sadly no photographic evidence of this evening. 

I met my friend and her daughter for coffee, I hadn't seen her in SO long, so it was great to catch up.

Had a super fun girly evening of crochet with some friends, cannot disclose what we made yet... but it will no doubt be on the blog soon...
I attended my (to be) brother in law's 30th birthday which was lovely, a nice family get together with some very yummy food and lots of playing with baby James.

Stuff I blogged:

How I'm getting on with my goals this month...

Be Happy
This has certainly been my main focus this month. I started the year on such a positive feeling.  I have purchased and started reading some really fab books on mindfulness, happiness and habits. I have been meditating and making a conscious effort to be positive.
Towards the end of the month I felt familiar frustrations and grumpiness flooding in which upset me but I re-focused and I'm really trying. I might blog a bit more about this soon...

Run 350

This month I have completed 6 runs with a total of 18 miles, will need to do a bit more if I am going to reach my goals... ugh... who wants to run in these stupid storms?

Cycle 500

I'm just happy that I made the effort to be out on my bike this month. I've completed 3 lovely weekend countryside bike rides of around 15 miles each and then I used my bike for practicalities getting to and from Mark's house too!
I have cycled 48 miles this month.  I need to be averaging about 42 per month to meet my goal so super happy. We have lots of cycling planned for February too, wuhu!

Sort out a car and drive it lots

Not done too much about this yet, but I am waiting to move house so I have more pennies! However I have made a list of cars that I will consider and I have been doing some initial research into options.

See friends and family lots more

This month I texted a friend I hadn't seen for ever and we went for coffee which was fab, I've had my good friends round for dinner and I've suggested a weekend away for next month to one of my best friends which we are super excited making plans for.
Mark has been spending lots of time at his house doing DIY so hadn't seen him much so I made sure I went to his house instead and just hung out.
There was also a birthday party for my sister's fiance, which my mum and dad went to, and was lovely to hang out. Then I had 4 blissful days with my littlest nephew James, who really is an angel.

Spend less time looking at screens

Weekends I'm making real effort to be busy and out and about doing fun things but its the evenings I'm struggling with this one. I tried leaving my phone in the other room one evening but it didn't last long and I was still on my laptop all night! If anyone has any tips for my screen addiction let me know... 

How was your month?

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