7 March 2016

A trip to Edinburgh Zoo

So I suggested a weekend in Edinburgh to my friend Ailsa, what feels like months ago! So we excitedly planned our weekend of historical sight seeing, but when the zoo was suggested I think this is the part we both got the MOST excited about!

You can see day 1 of our Edinburgh trip here.
So Edinburgh Zoo costs £17 for a visit, and you can stay as long as you like. There really is enough to spend the whole day here.

We booked in advance mainly because we wanted a panda time! The panda enclosure viewing area is quite small so they control visitors into this bit, so it is advisable to book your time ahead, there is no additional costs.

I love zoos, I'm really animal mad so any chance to see animals I wouldn't normally see I jump at it! I think these days zoos do amazing work and you feel like your money is contributing to the welfare and research of these animals.

The first animals you get to straight out of the gates are the Meerkats, they are so funny to watch. We then found a monkey pair and noticed the mother had a teeny baby on her back, she came right up to the glass to have her photo taken! aw!

Our Panda time was 11 am, but it was not too busy when we were there.  We did only get to see 1 panda though, as the other was hiding! The one Panda we did see was mostly asleep, hehe.

I loved how these little Leemars were sleeping all huddled up together, it was a very cold scottish day! These guys are probably used to tropical rainforest or somewhere?
So it has been an incredibly difficult decision but I think I am settled, these two are my favourite of the whole zoo.  In this enclosure there were lots of these little Azara's Agouti, I've never seen or heard of them before! They are kind of like larger guinea pigs with longer legs! But they were super cute. In the same enclosure was also a Pudu, just one of them. He was a bit bigger, like a really tiny deer and he was just adorable! Look at his teeny hooves.... I reckon I could have put in my pocket to take home!

But the best thing was seeing in their little hut and these two pals were sharing their food nicely! aaaaargh! So nice of them to put the little lonely Pudu in with some pals, this makes me smile.

This huge Rhino guy was amazing, we watched him for ages. He walked right to the top of his massive enclosure just as he was walking back down and went inside, we were so excited, barging the little kids out of the way to get a good place! haha.

He was amazing to watch, SO huge! His skin looks like armour, doesn't look real, wow.

Now closely second favourite was this wee guy, the pygmy hippo, aw! He was probably just a bit bigger than a large dog and so cute! He has tiny little facial features.  I felt sorry for him though as he appeared to be on his own.

I made Ailsa walk all the way round his enclosure checking for his friends....  see me and zoos are never a good idea as I panic when animals look lonely or wander off from mothers etc. Don't EVER take me to a duck pond full of little ducklings, the stress is unbearable! hehe.

Aw this wee guy was super cute, he looks so much like a deer but was a breed of cow type thing (failed to read any signs! haha).
Penguins!!! I think these were Ailsa's favourite! What funny little things they are.  These guys were just all posing right up near the glass. Their enclosure was so cool, you could see them swimming underwater and everything.

Spot the Koala, I was super excited about these guys! They don't do much, hehe, and sit in their trees really uncomfortably, well I'm sure it must be ok for them.

MONKEYS! There were LOTS of monkeys, all of different types and sizes. Super funny little things. It is very odd watching them as they are so human like, we watched one pair for ages, one was following the other and the other was getting really pissed off and kept leaping off....

What do they make of us weirdos staring in at them???

Not only does the zoo have loads of mega cute animals but it also has mega yummy big scones! wuhu! Oh goodness I do like a scone these days.... I had a hot chocolate too, yuuuumy!
Have you been to Edinburgh Zoo? Who was your favourite?

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  1. Love Edinburgh Zoo - been so many times and never tired, especially watching the penguin parade!


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