16 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 1

Well hello there! Welcome to a new (hopefully) regular feature on my blog.

You may have heard of Wonderful Wednesday before, for it is the creation of one of my very favourite bloggers... Sally Tangle I love Sally's words every Wednesday, it is such a fab idea to take time out and look at the small things that are making you smile.

So when Sally invited me to write my own Wonderful Wednesday I jumped at the chance! This will really help me with my number 1 goal this year, that is to be happy. It is always a great idea to focus on the things that you are grateful for and the small things in life that bring you joy. If you focus on positives rather than negatives it is SO much better for the mood.

This is going to be a bit different to my usual posts and be mostly words instead of mostly pictures. It's going to be hard to not have the desire to illustrate each point with 5 photos... hehe. But I will stick with Sally's original format, as it works so well on her lovely blog.

Well anyway, enough waffling, here's my Wonderful Wednesday number 1...

1. Crocus carpet. I walked through my local city park on Sunday, mostly because it is a quieter, more pleasant route to where I was going. I've noticed the snowdrops and a few crocuses here and there but I was not prepared for the sight that was waiting for me in the park. What can only be described as a crocus carpet, beautiful great bunches of purples, whites and lilacs stretching right across the grassy borders of the park, simply stunning. I could not stop myself from going over to snap some photos. Sadly the photos of this magnificent sight will never do it justice. What makes it even cheery was that this park has been looking really sorry for itself of late. The park was hit really badly in the floods and the whole thing was under water, so to see these bright little signs of new life put a big smile on my face.

2. Work friends. Think about it what is the first thing that pops in your head when asked what you like most about work? The people right! They make or break a job for you. My job recently changed a bit and I moved locations and some of my very favourite people were left behind or 'restructured out'. This made me incredibly sad. Work friends are so very very important. Even having that five minutes giggle when you bump into each other in the corridor can make all the difference to your day. This week I caught up with my old work friends for a meal and it was just lovely to be back laughing and gossiping with them.

3. Warm blue sky day. Something very peculiar happened on Monday. The rain stopped, the grey clouds rumbled away, the wind ceased its incessant blowing. The sun burst out, the temperatures rose the flowers bloomed, I chose a lighter jacket to wear on my morning walk into work and everyone had a smile plastered on their face. What a treat to have such a beautiful spring day. It made me feel optimistic and hopeful that more days like this are just round the corner. And goodness me it SO made me want to sit in a beer garden, with a nice icy cool fruity cider....

4.Golden eggs. I may have popped to the shop over the road from the office for an afternoon pick me up in the form of something egg shaped and chocolatey this week. Shock horror they were out of Cadbury mini eggs, what now? How is that possible with Easter BARELY 2 weeks away. I was ready to strop back to the office in infinitely worse mood than when got there, when I spotted them, glistening, if you will, hanging there in the corner with the mediocre bagged confectionery. GOLDEN EGGS said the packaging, Galaxy chocolate, with toffee crunchy bits covered in gold.... WELL I doubt I shall ever be going back to those Cadbury mini eggs again.

5. A new dress. As much as I like new clothes I am a careful shopper, I'm not constantly buying and I only pick pieces that give me that 'feeling'. You know the one, when you put something on and it's just an instant yes! I never deliberate when it comes to clothes I know instantly a yes or a no. I very rarely ask anyone's opinion, because that matters very little to me. When I put on my new denim dress it was instant love. The dress is plain, some would even say drab perhaps, maybe too casual for work but it makes me feel amazing! I love it, it's SO me and wearing it to work simply puts a smile on my face.

6. Walking. I walk, everywhere I go. I live about 1.5 miles away from work and walk there and back each day. Yes regardless of the weather. I don't have a choice in this matter, I don't have a car. (I won't say here that I can't drive as that is simply not true anymore and I'm being positive). I don't have anyone to ask for lifts, the bus goes nowhere near where I want to be, so I walk. But I WANT to walk. Even if I did have a car or there was a bus or I could get a lift I would still walk. This simple fact confuses most people. I find it confusing that people who live less than half an hour away choose to drive. Walking is me time, I can put my music on and sing along in my head, listen to an uplifting podcast (yes I do do that, not I'm not embarrassed to admit that!) or simply pay attention to the sights and sounds and pick a longer route on purpose. I genuinely love walking. 

7. Making a decision. When something has been looming for so so long, a big deal, something life changing and important to you it can be hard to go for it and take a leap. This week I have put a plan in place and made inquiries, sat down and worked it all out... and quick as a flash made the decision that in the next two months I will leave my beloved little loft flat and move to Mark's house. The when and where of this has consumed me for so long, it is so nice to finally have this not weighing me down and now nothing to think about but lovely positive, exciting things....

8. Meg. I can't start off a new series of stuff that makes me smile without talking about one of the biggest things in my life that puts a smile on my face now can I! I live alone (not for much longer) in a little roof of a big house with my cat Meg. Sometimes it gets lonely, but everyday when I get home from work I have a smiley mewing cute little face greeting me as I walk through the door. My little shadow, follows me everywhere, curls up on my lap to watch TV every evening and sleeps on my back at night. I would be lost without this little furry girl, such a funny little creature, you can't not smile when you have a Meg.

9. Something to look forward to. I've always been a planner, I like to be organised. Feeling dis-organised is certainly going to make me feel blue. I like a certain amount of plans for my weekends in the not too distant future as something to work to, something to think about, something to plan and ponder. If I feel like I have nothing to look forward to life can feel a little bleak and lacking in purpose. (oooh are we getting a bit too deep for a Wonderful Wednesday here?) It doesn't have to be a grand holiday, an extravagant day out. It can simply be an evening with your best friend, a trip into town with your mum. I just like to have something... This weekend we are going camping with friends and I've been looking forward to this for what feels like SO long. Having this little treat coming up at the end of my busy work week, is really making me happy.

10. Blogging pals. I end my very first Wonderful Wednesday list with a happy shout out to blogger pals. I've been very lucky to meet some lovely people (both online and off) through blogging. And when one of said lovely people has a popular blog series, a lovely idea and asks you to be part of it, THIS makes me smile! Bloggers (in my little bubble anyway!) are SO supportive and friendly. So thank you Sally, your little tweet and invitation to post a Wonderful Wednesday really really made me smile. 

Let's spread the Wonderful Wednesday joy! Go here to the original Wonderful Wednesday from Sally, and also visit Kate, Nadine, Michelle and Helen too. If you would like to post your Wonderful Wednesday drop Sally a little tweet tweet... @sallytangle. 


  1. GAAAAAAAH JO!!!!!!!! I loved every single last point of this whole post and i am SO SO grateful and pleased you have joined in!!! Wasn't Monday lovely?! And as for walking, I'm totally with you. It's my me-time. Head clearing, thinking and relax time either before or after work and even when it's horrible weather i sort of don't mind it!

    I'm so excited for you moving in with Mark! Congrats! I might see your lovely face even more now ;) We must sort a get together once the clock change and we've got some lovely longer evenings.

    Aren't the crocusses amazing?!?!? I mean they're pretty there every year but somehow this year they're lovlier?!? I love that the horrid floods havent ruined them forever.

    Also i must try those delicious eggs that you talk of! They sound yummy!

    Thank you so much for your lovely words and for writing this. I'd love you to join in always!!!! Hurrah!

    Happy mid-week lovely lady xxxxxx

    1. Thanks so much Sally, what a lovely comment! x

  2. Firstly, welcome to our happy little crew! I love reading these kind of posts.
    Your dress sounds great. I'm into anything denim and anything that makes you feel that fabulous has got to be a winner!
    I am loving the flowers at this time of the year. Crocuses are beautiful and it's lovely to hear that the park is back to blooming glory.
    This week has been all about sunshine, music and theatre trips.
    Kate xx

    1. Thanks so much Katie. I'm so enjoying being part of the Wonderful Wednesday gang. x

  3. Snap on the flower pic! I just love the contrast of purple and green. I must try out these fan-damn-dancy golden eggs this easter! I'm glad you had a great week and I can't help but nod my head in agreement about all your points x

    1. Hi Becca, thanks so much for your kind comment. DO try the Golden eggs, quick quick before they are gone for another year... I don;t quite know how I will cope! x

  4. Welcome to the wonderful wednesday posse! These are some blooming awesome bits of happiness. There's a lot to be said for walking everywhere, especially at this time of the year when the land is bursting into life. Happy days.
    This week I've been ever so jammy and had some days off to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, fingers crossed for so much more!
    M x

    1. Thanks for your comment Michelle. Thanks for having me in the Wonderful Wednesday gang, what a lovely happy place to be! x


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