23 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 2

It's time for my second Wonderful Wednesday post. I loved writing this for the very first time last week and I got some lovely comments too, thank you! 

I've been keeping a little list in my phone this week of those little things that have made me smile, ready for this wee post. Focusing on positive things is really easy once you get started, the more positive thoughts in your head the less room for the negative ones, that's how I see it any way.

So here is my little list of the things that made me smile this week...

1. A lunch hour with my mum. I recently changed working locations to near the city centre. I used to be 5 minutes walk from my flat and five minutes walk in the other direction to mum and dad's house. I used to therefore go to mum and dad's house regularly for lunch. Now as I don't work near it is harder to fit in time to pop in and see them. This week I asked mum to meet me in town for a wander round the shops in my lunch hour, it was lovely. Something nice to look forward to and break up the dreary work day. I hope to do this more regularly.

2. Spring lambs. I spent lots of time in the beautiful countryside this weekend and one of the most fantastic views at this time of year is of course the glimpse of a spring lamb! I get so excited when I see lambs and I could literally watch them jumping and frolicking all day.

3. Styhead Tarn. This place just wow! We did a big epic walk this weekend up to Scafell Pike (tallest mountain in England no less) and on the way we walked past Styhead Tarn and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was there. We had set out early so not many people around (but it can get VERY popular!) it was a perfect blue sky day and the water was so calm. It can only be described as tranquil. Mark said, whenever you are having a stressful day you just need to remember that this is here, unchanged, calm, tranquil, beautiful and it will make everything ok. This is SO true. A fantastic place to visualise during meditation. (That's what my photo is of by the way!)

4. Podcasts. A new very favourite thing to do is listen to podcasts when I walk to work. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I don't listen to anything at all, but other times when I need a bit of a pick me up I listen to motivational podcasts. If you have an iPhone, its super easy to listen on your phone, there's even a built in app, who knew! (am I just really new to this party?) anywho, some of my faves include - Happier with Gretchen Rubin (love Gretchen Rubin!), Radio Headspace and Blogtacular.

5. Being outside. As I mentioned above I had a fantastic weekend. I spent 2 nights 2 days in the spectacular Borrowdale Valley in Cumbria camping and walking. Even though this place is no more than an hour from home, even though it is familiar to me and we were not there very long, the sheer simple fact of spending this much time outdoors in the beautiful surroundings (the good weather helps too) puts an insanely large smile on my face! I tried to focus on being in the moment and soaking in every tiny bit of it.

6. Being switched off. This goes in hand with number 5. I love my phone, I'm as addicted as everyone else, it is always by my side and I must pick it up several hundred times a day. But I also love being without it. There was no internet, no telephone signal, not much of anything where we were staying. My phone came with me but just as a camera. I love this feeling of not having the need to check my phone and living and enjoying my life rather than scrolling through pictures of someone else's.

7. Raspberries. Well who would of guessed I would be a Raspberry person? Not I! I've always been a strawberry person, what could be more delicious? A very favourite healthy treat is a big bowl of strawberries smothered with low fat yoghurt. Tesco were out of strawberries though... so I reluctantly went with the rasberry option. I've never been sure about the texture of them, and that hole... well any little beasty could be living in there quite frankly! But I braved them, and my oh my, SO much more flavour than my usual strawberries. I think I have been converted!

8. Cumbria. I had to leave our fair county this week for work, just for the day, so not too bad. But on the way back on the train it hit my just quite how superior Cumbria is to anywhere else ever. You hit the county and the landscape changes, the dramatic fells come into view, the grass is greener and I feel at home. I had such a fantastic weekend exploring places in my county I've never been before, seeing sights I'd never imagined and looking down on familiar views from way way up high. A whole new county (to me) exists above the clouds and it such an adventure discovering it all.

9. Nashville. No not the city, although something tells me I'd love it there too, and would be very happy to visit! But I'm talking here the TV show. I adore this programme. I have a list (yes I know I'm very sad) of TV shows to keep up to date with on my IMDB account. And out of this list Nashville is by far my very very favourite to watch, the first one I go to when there are lots of new episodes of lots of things. It has to be up there on my very faves of all time. It's about country music, I never even thought I liked country music! I was so happy to see its return this week with a new season. You MUST check it out if you have not watched it yet...

10. Help from my Dad. My dad is very clever and good at you know dad stuff! So I am moving house soon (eek!) and I bought a rather large, very red chest of drawers a while back. They are ever so useful and I really want to bring them with me when I move but I just don't love them or think they will go with the decor in my new room. I had an idea to paint them a lovely pastel yellow. I asked my Dad if he might want to paint them for me (as he would make a FAR better job than me!). I popped round to mum and dad's last night, and wondered if he might have started sanding them... no, they were sitting in the driveway all finished a lovely shade of pastelly yellow (the paint is called Happy Yellow! - and it CERTAINLY is just that!) Dad did such a good job. I LOVE them now, not only are they Happy Yellow but my daddy painted them for me so they will be extra special.

So what's been making you smile this week? Drop our little gang a tweet with the #WonderfulWednesday hashtag, or leave a comment below.

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  1. Argh I'm so jealous of you being up in Cumbria. The lambs, the walking it all sounds so ideal. Sheep are my favourite animal, they might not be the most exciting but they're so cute and I get to see them quite frequently. I hope you have another great week x

  2. I haven't seen any lambs yet this year and I definitely need to keep my eyes peeled. However on my walk yesterday morning I saw some calves with their mothers and similar to your lambs they were folicking everywhere.
    I can't believe you've only just discovered raspberries. They must be my favourite fruit. That hole you speak of is just perfect for stuffing with nutella and obviously that is still healthy because it involves fruit, right?
    Lovely to have you on board and you've got a great, happy-making list here!
    Kate xx

  3. Styhead Tarn looks stunning! And a little bit not real, almost like it's been CGI'd into being. I'm very jealous, I love my little part of the country but I very much want to explore further afield, Cumbria is high up the list. I've just discovered the joy of the podcast, I'll have to download Gretchen Rubin's, I LOVED The Happiness Project very much - who wouldn't want a bit more happy in their world.
    And I'm with Kate ^^ raspberries are EVERYTHING.
    So lovely to read someone else's happy little bits of the week, thanks for sharing!
    M x

  4. I love how.....outside-y{?!} this list is! We are flippin' lucky to live so close to such breathtakingly beautiful places. It's reminded me that i need to get out there a bit more. It's been ages since the Mr and i have had a day off together and this Easter Sunday will be our first in a little while - i feel an outside-y jaunt is in order!

    Bless - arent Dads great at things like that?1 Excited to see them and hope you'll share a pic soon! Also lovely that you got to meet your mum. It'll be lovely to do that and sit outside somewhere for lunch once it gets a bit warmer.

    Have a lovely Easter! And thank you so much for joining in again - i love your little blog! :)

    Sal xxx

  5. Switching off is just the best, it all gets a little overwhelming online sometimes so it's good to get away and get some fresh air! Your week sounds just lovely. Thanks for the podcast recommendations, I've been on the lookout for something new to listen to, so I'll give those a go!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  6. I'm moving house soon too and my Dad will be playing an important role in that process! Aren't they great?! Your bright new chest of drawers sounds lovely - do post a picture at some point :)

    Found your blog via Michelle's Wonderful Wednesday posts and am loving having a wee nose around!

    C x


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