30 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 3

Wonderful Wednesday number 3 already! These little mid week posts are such a treat to put together.
They also save my blog from a particularly spare posting month, hehe!

So here's my round up of positivity for the week...

1. Mud. 'Mud mud glorious mud.' I love being muddy! Well I love being muddy when I am dressed appropriately for being muddy! hehe. If say, I was to get splashed with mud or fell in a muddy swamp on route to work in nice work clothes, done hair and make up on I probably wouldn't be too impressed! But when I'm in 'outdoor' clothes and biking or walking then getting muddy is just super fun. I did a mud obstacle race last year for the simple reason I wanted to play in all the mud. Squeezing through tunnels filled with mud, wading in thigh deep thick mud, unimaginable fun! Splashing through muddy puddles on my bike, wizzing super fast coming home splattered right up to my face, yes please! It's just child like and silly... When else in adult life is it acceptable really to splash in muddy puddles ? I am sure Freud would have something to say about this one... hehe!

2. My Bike. I am probably cheating here with my top 3 being all quite similar. But you see I went to Whinlatter over the long weekend to play on my mountain bike.  Really this makes me insanely happy and puts the biggest smile on my face that it deserves 3 separate listings in my happy list. I've always felt 'right' on a bike, it's a vehicle that stays on the ground (mostly!) and I have complete control without the aid of scary motors and buttons and other bits and bobs. Sitting on my bike is my happy place wherever that may be. The whole world, all my cares and worries melt away as I peddle peddle peddle....

3. Whinlatter Forest Altura Red South Loop. Whinlatter Forest near Keswick, Cumbria is one of the best trail centres for mountain biking in the country, it is my local forest and a place I have been to literally countless times. Still every time a trip is suggested I get SO excited. I love mountain biking but I am not the most adventurous when it comes to downhill, especially downhill I don't know very well. But I have wizzed down the bottom section of red south SO many times me and my bike know every corner, twist and turn. It is the one route I can just let go (even let up of the brakes a bit! eeek!) I do scarier bits of that trail that would freak me out in other places, but it is MY trail. I know it, I am confident I can do it well and it is just the ultimate fun! And they just recently refurbished the trail, I didn't think it was possible to improve on such perfection, but it is smoother and faster... and when I burst down that last little slope with the widest grin on my face, the first thing that crossed my mind on Monday was 'OMG I want to do that again....' 

4. Car Shopping. Well yes, a little spoiler for my forthcoming 'March in review' post, but I might have been car shopping. It was a teeny bit stressful and I fretted quite a bit over it. It's a LOT of money and buying a car means I will actually have to drive the thing. But choosing my car and looking at colours and imagining driving it has all been super fun. I might introduce you to my little car in a forthcoming post... 

5. Spring Cleaning. I spent a good couple of days over this long Easter weekend spring cleaning. Yes absolutely gutting my entire flat. Going through every drawer, shelf and cupboard and just simply chucking things away that I no longer had a use for or no longer loved. It's funny the little treasures Ive kept over the years that meant so much to me in younger years I really don't have much feeling for now as a 'proper' adult. (I say this in '' because at my age one ought to be a 'proper' adult, but I don't really consider myself that! hehe). I am tidying and sorting in anticipation of moving and because clutter and stuff make me stressed. It feels so nice and makes me feel so much lighter to have a good sort out.

6. My diary. I love my diary, it's a Kikki K Cute Planner, I blogged about it here... I love to feel organised and be able to plan things and write lists and goals etc. One of my very favourite things to do on a Sunday evening is get out my diary, get out my HUGE box of sticky notes, stickers, cute pens, washi tapes and motivational quite cards (oh yes!!) and plan my diary for the week. I love sticking in cute stickers on to days when I am doing something fun. I put in little reminders for fortchcoming events, birthdays and trips away planned. Honestly if I get no time for this little ritual before Monday starts I feel like the whole week is just a blurry mess and I can't cope! hehe.

7. Chats with my sister. I actually hate chatting on the phone! It feels a bit odd really doesn't it. You don't get eye contact so sometimes things are misread and then silences are just quite awkward! I used to chat on the phone endlessly in my teens but now I much prefer to do all my communication via text! hehe. No really, face to face for catch ups with friends is always preferable. But the one exception to my phone phobia is my sister. She's probably the only person I think to ring regularly just for chats. I feels a bit odd going any length of time without speaking to her. We chatted this week for about 40 minutes just about nothing in particular... and it felt like no time had passed at all.

8. The Queen. Probably a bit of an odd one, and maybe a controversial one. But I LOVE The Queen and the royal family and anything to do with royalty and residences and the history etc. This week The Queen at 90 TV programme was on ITV, a whole 2 hours of blissful TV viewing! I'm fascinated by anything to do with royalty and I feel that teeny extra bit 'closer' to all the stuff as I used to work for The Queen when I lived in London.  It's really nostalgic for me to see Buckingham Palace and see familiar staff faces on screen etc. It was a fantastic time working for the Royal Household, something I will always treasure.

9. Going the extra mile. There are always things at work that get passed about from person to person and nobody feels like it's 'their job', do you get that where you work? I HATE that mentality! We all work for the same place... blah blah blah... but this week myself and a colleague went the extra mile (many in my case a very long day and 7 separate vehicles to get there and back!) and it was WELL worth it! We were meeting a group with an interest in the history of one of our uni campuses and they were just lovely, so grateful and interested and it just made me super happy that we could do this for them.

10. Skinny Lister. A recent band discovery that are just SO good! We went to see Frank Turner (who I just LOVE love love!) last year and the support band was Skinny Lister, neither Mark or I had heard of them before. But we were SO impressed. They were so lively and energetic on stage and their songs were just well fun and catchy. Mark bought a CD at the gig and he's been listening to it loads in the car. So I've popped a few of their songs on my walking to work playlist and I find myself skipping to these songs. A lovely mix of catchy, fun tunes and just super pretty lovely melodies. There is one song in particular that you should listen to 'Plough and Orian', a beautiful song, the lyrics are just lovely. Oh and another very fave 'Kite Song'. I love this band now, and every time their songs come on in my earphones they also make me think of Mark too.

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  1. There is something beyond brilliant about getting utterly filthy isn't there? I don't know if I always liked it or if I've learned to love it because of spaniels but either way, it's a OK by me. I rather like the royals too, her maj is incredible for 90!
    I've been loving a super duper long weekend off and generally mooching about the house eating chocolate. It's been grand!
    M x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Michelle. Yes you can't really fail to get filthy with dogs! You just have to learn to embrace it. A long weekend of mooching and chocolate eating sounds like bliss! x

  2. Ohh exciting about the car!! I bet that's so exciting. I've been driving sooo much lately and I would love a new car to zip around in.

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Jasmin. Yes exciting but mostly scary at this point! I'm not the most confident of drivers and have been putting it off. But hopefully the new car will inspire me to want to drive, that's the plan anyway... x

  3. Oh my goodness I love your planner SO MUCH! I'm a massive stationery addict too - I lived in Japan for four years, which really fuelled my stationery addiction. I think you set yourself up for the week perfectly with that little plan!
    Sounds like you've had a lovely week and I'm loving being a part of this happy little group!
    C x

    1. Hi Cat, thanks so much for your comment. I'm SO jealous you lived in Japan, that must have been amazing, I would love to visit one day. But I'm sure I would need to hire a whole plane for all the cute stationery and other bits I would buy! hehe. Welcome to the Wonderful Wednesday gang... I'm off to read your post now... (a day late! oops!) x

  4. I'm mega mega late to the commenting on last weeks posts - my week just disappeared and so everyones posts were read en route to work!

    I'd love to go mountain biking - you know me, i LOVE being in my bike and i'm a bit like you - i'm not really a fair weather cyclist - i'll happily go out in the rain and get wet aslong as i'm prepared for it. I reckon i'd love proper mountain biking - my little pushbike might need to be upgraded for the day though!

    Such a fab list! Thank you times a million for joining in - LOVE reading your Wonderful Wednesdays xxxx


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