27 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 7

Well this week has been a lot less busy and stressy and I'm starting to feel settled in my new house, wuhu! I am now super happy I can focus on enjoying living in my new home with Mark and Meg and get back into proper eating, sleeping and running etc routines.

1. A much needed day off. By Friday last week I was frazzled! Just moving stress and so much to do, I was a bit useless at work and just wanted to be home, to get through my sorting and unpacking. My lovely boss agreed a very short notice day off and it is JUST what I needed. Just one day to myself so that I could get everything done without having to squeeze it all in around work. And I DID get it all done and I felt SO much lighter and happier for it.

2. Mark everyday. Mark and I have been together almost seven years and in that time have seen each other on average once or twice per week. Yes of course we have had holidays where we have seen each other every day for two weeks etc.  But now I will see him pretty much everyday! It's been 11 days so far we have been living together and I love seeing him everyday... hope he isn't too sick of me yet! hehe.

3. Rescuing a bee. Just on my way to the work kitchen the other day when I saw a very large bumble bee wandering down the corridor! I love bumble bees, well I love all creatures really and don't like to see anything suffering, so of course I rescued him! I made him a little cup of sugar water which he drank happily, then I popped him on a little wall by a bush outside. Hope the little guy is ok. But it made me smile thinking I (hopefully) rescued him.

4. A friends day. Recently I met a group of lovely ladies for lunch. We all used to work together on the same campus and regularly met for coffee and chats and giggles. Two friends left last year as part of a restructure and myself and another of the ladies got separated. So it was super lovely to catch up with them and have a laugh and nice lunch. Later that day I popped over the border to Scotland to see another friend for a flying visit, for dinner and a catch up. A great day spent with friends always makes me happy.

5. New Game of Thrones. Well what can I say about this one? I've been waiting for aaaages for this, and it is here... we watched it already, it was good! I do enjoy this programme, I love how gripping it is but what I like best it is something Mark and I enjoy to watch together.

6. New kitchen cabinet curtains. Our kitchen is teeny tiny, but painted red and is super cute. Mark decided to take the cupboard doors off to make it all more open. The high cupboards look fab open, with all our colourful glasses and crockery on show but the bottom shelves do look a little messy. So I had an idea to make some little curtains, you know, like a 1950s style kitchen, I completed work on 2 out of 4 this week and on my oh my they look SUPER cute! They are red gingham, screeeam! They just finish the kitchen off so well.. I just love staring at them!

7. Fearne on YouTube. Yeah! I love Fearne Cotton! I happened to notice she has a little YouTube series on happiness! Double yeah. I'm attempting my own happiness project this year so I'm excited to see what she shares. This first video is a baking one, the muffins sound really yummy.

8. Sewing. Well I've had my sewing machine out a fair bit this week, first for the little kitchen cupboard curtains and then for some bunting my sister has asked me to make. I don't think I have worked on my sewing machine in months and months and it feels so nice to be back into it. It is especially nice to be sewing in front of a lovely bright big window, at my new lovely sewing desk in my new bedroom, in my new house too. 

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20 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 6

Well goodness me, its been a pretty stressy busy few days! I think I might have written that the move has been 'relatively stress free' on last week's post, well that's caught up with me now! LOL!

This past weekend was the final weekend of the moving, everything is out of my flat now, including the cat! My my I have a lot of stuff, you don't realise this fact until you start packing it all up and transporting it from one place to another.

But it's all done, everything is in its new home, I just need to spend a bit of time at the flat cleaning it up before I hand back the keys. That might be a tough one....

So let's keep focused on the positive, with this week's happy thoughts...

1. That 5pm feeling.  As much as I do like my job, I like coming home from work even more! As I have so so much to do at home with moving I have just been desperate for time spent in my new house. I want to finish the unpacking, and organise everything, settle Meg in and just enjoy being with Mark. I have been feeling that 5pm freedom feeling acutely this week.

2. Surprise cupcakes. My friend Anna (who I also work with, yeah!) popped up to visit me in the office on Monday morning, said 'Happy Monday' and popped the prettiest yellow cupcake on my desk! How sweet! A lovely gesture, it put a smile on my face all day, not least when I scoffed it down at lunch time, it was delicious! Thanks Anna! :-)

3. A new route. You know when you walk the same old route every day, everything looks the same, you stop noticing something new and you just drift off into auto-pilot. Well of course I moved house so I have new routes to figure out. I love the feeling of approaching a familiar place from a different viewpoint and route. Do you know what I mean? Ever get to your house by approaching the other end of the street? It makes it look and feel SO different? Just me? Approaching work this week from a different road has been so interesting.

4. New Cons. I live in Converse! I have a classic black pair of lows that I wear with dresses (I'm always casual, even in a dress!) and I have a black 'high' pair that have some studs on (ooh!) that I wear with jeans. I have TONS of other pretty shoes, but I always just want to wear my cons. They go with everything! My mum recently introduced me to a weird sale shopping site where she bought a bag. She informed me they had a Converse sale, so I was straight there. SO many pairs, and all pretty much half the price you pay in the shops, score! I spotted the perfect pair, half way between a lo and a high (who knew they existed!!!) and they are stripey and have red stars on the tongues, I'm more than a little bit in love with them. 

5. A field to myself. I love walking home from work to my parent's house across the local park. The park is exactly in between my parent's house and work and is just the loveliest of routes when I am going to visit them. The last leg of the walk is through a field, we always knew it as 'the Cow's Field' when we were little and used to sneak off to play there. It is usually a gamble whether it is soggy and muddy (my Cons arn't terribly practical footwear now!! hehe) but I mostly always have the field to myself. I can't help but turn back several times as I walk across and just stop and enjoy the view and the peace.

6. Wooly Wednesday. So not only is today Wonderful Wednesday but it is Wooly Wednesday too. We have started a new gang at work for crafters. The aim is to get some work colleagues together every Wednesday lunch time and knit or crochet or stitch together, have a chat and eat our lunch... It's not happened yet as I write this but just the thought of some sociable crochet time is really making me smile.

7. Meg in her new home. Well, I won't lie it hasn't gone too great. She was incredibly scared in her box in the car and then when we let her out in the bedroom she climbed into the bed, made herself a nest under the covers and stayed there all day. We eventually got her out and she darted straight under the chest of drawers. She didn't eat or sleep for 36 hours, but last night she was relaxing a bit, treadling my lap, purring away and even washing herself. She's eaten now too. Mark and I have been imagining Meg at this house for ages so its SO nice to finally have her here... enjoying all the big bright windows to look out of. 

8. Taylor Swift. In particular THIS the best thing I've watched in aaaaages! Can TS be any more perfect? I love her! This little question series on Vogue's Youtube channel is so fascinating to me, I've loved the others they have done too, like Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoon, if you are into your celebrities, DO give this a watch.

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13 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 5

Well its been quite a week, I have a to-do list as long as my arm, but it's 'good' busy and I'm excited! I'm in the middle of moving house, which seems like a HUGE deal to me.  I moved the majority of bits last weekend and it is more just essentials, bigger bits of furniture and Meg to go this weekend!

It has actually been relatively stress free! I have packed and sorted most evenings and moved little bits at a time, unpacking and putting away at the other end. I guess I am probably coping by being busy and trying to put a lot of the emotion out of my mind. 

I want to move obviously, I wouldn't be moving if I didn't want to! But I've lived in my perfect little flat with Meg for 6 years. The first place that has been just mine and just for me. So leaving here is a little bit sad too. Also now i've got to live with a boy!!! (hehe Friends reference!)

So in the midst of the busyness... let's see my positives for the week...

1. Newness. Yeah, I have a whole new room and a whole new house to get excited about! I'm buying new things and enjoying putting my old things in new places and this makes me smile soooo much! I think it is a bit of a balance this one, as too much newness , too much change can sometimes freak me out, but for the moment all this is super exciting to me! 

2. Emma's podcast. I have followed Emma Gannon's blog for quite some time, I love her writing, she is very insightful and also ultra hip and cool! She comments a lot about being a millennial (I think I'm just a touch bit too old to describe myself as one, but still identify.)  Generational 'types' really do interest me. She is also a massive advocate for feminism and a creative lifestyle which I find super inspiring. Emma has a book coming out soon (scream!) and has launched a podcast. Her first guest Elizabeth Gilbert (yes her who rote Eat Pray Love!) The episode was just awesome! Then next guest was Zoella, I adore her! It's super interesting to hear Zoella commenting on her career and her fame in this way. Check out this podcast, and subscribe on iTunes, so enjoyable to listen to.

3. An early morning drive. So I've talked about it quite a bit... but driving or learning to drive has been a huge part of my life for ages and it is something that is a daily focus for me. I had a good idea this week to get up at sunrise on Sunday and just drive, drive all on my own! Drive on the 'scary' roads when there are no other drivers and do you know I LOVED it! I was a bit nervous but I stuck to my goals and drove the whole route I planned. I felt so accomplished with myself... little victories for me.

4. Furniture shopping. Oh yes, I might, just might, have found something even better than yarn shopping! hehe. I have been planning and researching the perfect furniture to fit my new bedroom and I've changed my mind about a million times.  But then I found them, the absolute perfect pieces, so placed the order and I was bursting with excitement! They don't come for another week, major ugh... but I can't wait to get my new furniture in and plan what to put in my new drawers.

5. Meditation. This is something I am quite new to, but something I am loving.  It is all part of my big 2016 project to simply 'be happy!' It seems mad that I struggle to find 15 minutes twice a day for time to myself to do nothing, but it is sometimes hard! But when I do meditate and focus on doing it properly then I get so much from it. I am still learning and really hope to improve a lot... but my day and my outlook on life is always vastly improved when I meditate.

6. Going forward.  Everything at the moment in my life feels like it is changing. I'm moving house, I'm driving... But I guess the major one is I'm making a big leap in my relationship. I'm SO not an adult and I struggle a lot with adult things, so this is huge for me. Mark and I have been together 7 years this summer and in that time have lived separately and seen each other only a couple of times a week. Now we will be living together and moving our relationship forward. My relationship with Mark is the only grown up thing in my life I'm always 100% sure of and he makes me most happy out of anything or anyone. As much as this feels ever so grown up.. I feel super excited to be making the leap.

7. PJs. I never used to be a PJs or casual person at home. I obviously wear PJs to bed, but only to bed. I used to get up, get showered, put nice day clothes on, wear them until bed time and then put on PJs to go to sleep. Now the first thing I want to do when I get home in an evening is put on PJs or just snuggly leggings and my very favourite huge slouchy Sons of Anarchy T-shirt! I love being cosy in my PJs on the sofa in a blanket blogging or crocheting. I think this is most certainly a sign of ageing.. but that's ok with me!

8. A new haircut. I think every woman has discovered this little one! But there is nothing quite like a new haircut to make you feel all 'new' and fresh and just a little bit happier with yourself. I don't go very regularly to get my hair done so it always feels a bit of a treat. I didn't exactly go for a drastic change, I'm sure most people haven't even noticed... but I noticed, after all that's who I do it for, just me.

What's been putting a smile on your face this week? 

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8 April 2016

Collaborative Crochet: A Baby Blanket

Way way back in 2012 my friend was pregnant with her first child. We have a wee group of good school friends who all live back in the Carlisle now and we got together to make a crochet blanket for the new baby.  We enjoyed the project and the blanket was really well received. The blanket we made can be seen here... 

So jump to 2016 and the same friend was pregnant again with her second child, so of course we HAD to make a new blanket.

It seemed to take us an age to pick the colours. We had known for sometime that she was going to have a boy. We tried to pick lovely baby but gender neutral colours and not so much obvious blue and green, as the last blanket was blue and green.

The yarn we used was Lullaby by Stylecraft, my very favourite. We also used a size 4 crochet hook.

So we worked on our pattern ideas, it took an age to agree on a pattern too. After making quite a number of traditional granny square type blankets I've rather fallen out of love with the pattern. I much prefer to try something different.

We came across this square pattern in a book (failed to get name of it, bad Jo!) but basically rows of trebles leaving 2 chain spaces at corners, then doing two trebles into corner spaces of next row... if that makes sense... It was a lovely easy pattern to work with and I found my squares worked up really fast.

So we had our pattern and colours now just to figure out how big each square should be and how many squares each. We decided on 6 rows and 6 completed squares each. The blue was only to be used for edging and joining, leaving 3 colours to work into our squares. The idea being we would do whatever pattern of colour we wanted on 6 six squares but trying to balance out the 3 colours.

The 'tighter' stitchers amongst the group were told to crochet looser, after issues with previous blanket not quite matching.  But it is a collaboration blanket made by friends for a friend so a tiny bit of imperfection stitched in adds to the charm!

It was great to meet up with my friends for a project to do together, we could crochet and chat all at the same time.

Once we had all done our six squares (we put strict timetables on these things!!!) we met up round Emma's big dining table for the joining up... This took a lot of discussion too.

At first we wanted more of a flat join, but it meant we couldn't work on it individually... due to busy schedules etc it was easier for us to work on as much as we could individually and join our squares and then join the rows so we we picked the traditional granny join, double crochet stitches into stitches from each square, creating a ridge effect.

Here's we all are (well most of us!) stitching away.  I love these photos. We all hold our hooks so differently!

Ah, we were so happy to see it all beautifully joined and laid out on the table. A proud moment for all our efforts.

I ended up taking it hope to add one more row of blue trebles right round the edge to finish it off.

We all got together to visit our friend this week, meet the new baby and present the blanket, she was really pleased with it.

So I'm finally able to share this project here on my blog... it feels like ages since we started on this one.

I just need more friends to have babies now to do more collaboration crochet, its super fun!

6 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday... 4

Gosh this week seems to have wizzed past, I suddenly remembered yesterday that I have this little post to put together, I started panicking that I hadn't thought much about what to include... But actually I sat down to start my list and loads of things came to mind, loads more than I need to include even!

I think writing happy lists like this, focusing on positive things, lets your mind gradually grow to think in a positive way as its default position. Yeah for the power of Wonderful Wednesday!

Here's this week's list...

1. Squirrels. I spotted a teeny grey squirrel on my way to work this week and stopped to watch him for longer than was probably necessary! Considering I'm usually late for work, I really should not be stopping to watch squirrels.  But I can't help it... Squirrels are quite a rare sight up here in Cumbria, especially our beautiful red ones (that's ALWAYS an extra special sight!) so I love to watch them wizzing up trees and scampering about.

2. A new baby. One of my very bestest friends had a new baby and I got to meet him properly and give him a cuddle this week. I'm sorry but is it not impossible to have anything other than a great big grin on your face when cuddling a newborn? You really do forget how teeny tiny they can be... then you look at their little funny facial gestures, and their tiny feet and hands... oh no.... I probably want one now, hehe!

3. Driving in my car. Yes, I really do love it. As much as it makes me feel quite nervous I'm super motivated and keen to be out in it and driving. Yes admittedly I have not gone very far at all yet but what I have done I have enjoyed. I am determined to only think positive things and be confident in my new car.  I am going to focus on how much I love it and how many adventures we can have together...

4. A new stripey coat. I have quite a few coats, well I have quite a few navy coats... hehe. I have a beautiful navy thick woolen duffle coat with furry hood, a super warm, thick navy waterproof parka which I have been living in this winter and a thinner parka style coat which is great for warmer weather but not very waterproof. I wanted something in between all these, so maybe a parka style, but thin, light and waterproof. In my head it was to be navy... BUT then we saw it, on a shopping trip my mum and I noticed a beautiful bold stripey waterproof coat in good old M&S! Its Navy and white stripes, I love it, but its quite eye catching and different for me. But I feel SOOOO happy wearing it. Who cares if I resemble a five year old child?

5. Days out with my dad and sister. What a rare treat this weekend was. When we were younger we used to have quite a lot more days out together and I do admit thinking that now my littlest nephew has come along these days might be gone forever, but just me, Dad and Jen went out for the day at the weekend and it was just lovely. 

6. The walking dead. So I just watched the final episode in the latest season and it of course ended on a big dramatic cliff hanger, and the thought of waiting months and months for a new season is super depressing. But I have really enjoyed this show, its super gory and shocking but what I like best about it is it is a show Mark and I can enjoy together... there isn't many of those that we actually agree on. I love our weekly ritual of sitting down to watch it together and then big discussions afterwards...

7. Celebrity gossip mags day. Preceding Wonderful Wednesday is Celebrity Gossip Magazine Joy Tuesday (doesn't have quite the same ring to it! lol!) but it is JUST as wonderful! I have a bit (ok ok HUGE) of a magazine buying habit and I have done for years and years and years. I do believe I have purchased every single issue of Heat since it started (or the vast vast majority of at least!). I do keep up with regular news so I'm not ignorant and ill informed but lets face it, it is never positive and it gets me down so much. But the celebrity gossip always puts a smile on face. I'm just fascinated by it all and its pure escapism from my 'normal' life. I buy at least 3 celebrity gossip mags weekly, nothing better than buying a big stack and sitting down for the evening to read them, snuggled on the sofa.

8. Pretty earrings. I have pretty much ruined my ears. Well in a way I have. My piercings are stretched, I did this years ago, because I thought it was cool. I do still like it and don't regret it (much) but I get sad that I can't wear dainty pretty earrings. My stretched ears are not huge so most people probably don't even notice, and I mostly wear plug type earrings. Most plugs and tunnel type earrings are ugly, they appeal to teenagers and have silly logos on them and come in crazy colours. I do have more crazy ones, for crazy moods, but sometimes I just want something nice. This week I found them... and ordered a whole load... pretty ones in pastel blue, pink and soft green and the most amazing clear plastic ones with dainty pressed flowers in! Yeah, hurrah, at last. I can have pretty ears again!

So what's been making you smile this week? Drop the Wonderful Wednesday gang a tweet with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday or why not compose your own post? 

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5 April 2016

A Birthday day out for my Dad

This weekend was my Dad's birthday, and as my sister was up this weekend visiting anyway (for a hen do) we decided it would be really nice to all go out for the day together.

We wondered what to do, but in the end asked Dad what he would like to do! We said we could go anywhere (within reason) and we would treat him to travel, food, tickets for things etc. Dad decided he wanted to go to Pooley Bridge and to Glenridding, two of the worst hit areas of the recent floods in Cumbria caused by Storm Desmond. He thought it would be nice to support these small communities and spend some pennies in their shops etc. What a lovely idea!

So we set off for the little village of Pooley Bridge on Sunday morning and had a lovely wander round the shops and streets. There are a few little gift type shops and Jen and I were excited that there was also a local craft fayre on in the village hall.

Pooley Bridge is a little Lake District honey pot area, somewhere that is always popular with tourists as it is right on the shore of Ullswater. It is a picturesque little village with historic buildings and cafes and pubs. The main campsite is lovely too, we stayed there a couple of years ago.

Cute little shops!

Cute little streets!

THE best bit about Pooley Bridge of course has to be Granny Dowbekins Tearoom. It has a large seating are overlooking the river, which is juts lovely on a warm summer's day. We sat inside today and had a lovely early lunch.

and some cake of course!

Pooley Bridge gets is name, from its beautiful ancient stone bridge. Erm this is the bridge today, as the lovely ancient one got washed away in Storm Desmond. The bridge was iconic in Cumbria so very sad. But also very sad that it meant the village was essentially cut off, so the tourism the businesses depends on was threatened.

They have just recently opened a temporary bridge, yes it might not be anything to look at, but at least the tourists can get to the village now.

Dad wanted to visit Pooley Bridge and also Glenridding which is another lovely village at the other end of the lake. To join up the points there is a boat service called Ullswater Steamers that crosses the lake and also stops off another couple of places along the way. Some people, such walkers use it as a ferry service or you can just enjoy a leisurely cruise.

The Ullswater Steamer takes just over an hour to get from Pooley Bridge to Glenridding. It is lovely trip, obviously the views across the lake and up to the fells are just stunning.

The boats are all well equipped with little bars for refreshments and plenty of seats both inside and out. We sat outside for a little bit but it was rather chilly on the water!

Me and Dad inside the boat.

Dad and Jen admiring the views!

So we arrived in Glenridding and had a wander round. We had about an hour here to explore before we got the boat back.

We were warned by the lady in the Steamer shop that Glenridding was a bit of a mess and she wasn't wrong! It was so sad to see. Usually such a picturesque little place you could clearly see the damage caused by the floods.

All along the river the little shops, cafes and homes were empty still and drying out. It was nice to see that the locals had made an effort to make it look better with flower displays!

We were surprised though by the number of visitors still. Obviously a lot of people doing what we were doing and choosing to spend their money in these little villages to help them get back on their feet.

We popped to a super cute little cafe called Fellbites and actually sat outside in the sun! We enjoyed some drinks and scones, yum yum! Failed to get a photo of cute cafe and our scones (bad blogger!)

Soon it was time to head back onto the steamer and travel back to Pooley Bridge.

A lovely lovely day out! :-) 

1 April 2016

This month... March

SO... I'm changing it up a little bit with my regular monthly posts. I used to have two, 'This Month...' and 'Favourites', with this month discussing things I've been up to and reflecting on my goals and faves being things I've been liking, blogs I've been reading etc.

This month I have started a new series on my blog called 'Wonderful Wednesday', this post is weekly and will now replace my favourites post. I will be posting my happy list each week, so will obviously include some of the same things I would have talked about in faves.

I would still like to have some sort of monthly reflection post, so it will be a sort of amalgamation of faves and this month.... Let me know what you think in the comments...

What I've been up to this month:
Mother's Day was spent with my sister and mum and baby nephew James at The Halston, a new posh aparthotel in Carlisle. It was a lovely afternoon tea. Now my sister, mum and I are all experienced cake eaters (lol!) but even we couldn't get through this delicious lot. Yum yum!
The flowers all came out this month! And what a pretty sight to behold in our local park. I don't walk through here regularly, so they were a lovely surprise one day. The next time I went back later in the month they had all gone. Got to appreciate them whilst you can.

But following the crocuses came the daffodils, just look at that happy colour! These were at the University of Cumbria Lancaster campus when I popped down for meetings.

The best bit of March has to be our weekend at Tilly's Barn with both mine and Mark's sisters (and Phil and Neil and Scruff The Dog too) it was so lovely spending time with them in beautiful Borrowdale, and it didn't rain! 
A bit of a challenge this month with my climb up Scafell Pike, I almost reached the top (that counts right!?!) hehe.

It was Mark's birthday this month so his parents took us out for a meal to a lovely Indian, it was super yummy, check out the size of the naan breads, droool!

Another big fave this month was a little day trip to Whinlatter, one of my fave places ever to ride my bike. The Red South Loop had been resurfaced and was super duper fun!

What I've been reading, listening to, watching this month:

Nashville One of my very fave programmes ever returned this month and I have been loving it! When you are caught up with a programme right up to date, its SUCH a chore to have to wait a week before any new episode, ugh!

Walking Dead Yep, still enjoying this one. Gosh it makes me so tense each episode... last one of season next week, can't they all just live happily ever after already!?

Geordie Shore Yes, and I'm not afraid to admit it! I've been watching since it started and I'm a big fan! Their behaviour is still quite shocking and I would hate anyone I actually knew to act like this, but still... very entertaining! hehe.

The Queen at 90 Really enjoyed this lovely programme about our Queen. Check it out before it disappears off the internets...

New Girl in Toon - Never Have I ever Newcastle Confessions I really enjoyed this blog post. I like to think I know Newcastle fairly well, its so close by, my sister lives there, Mark went to uni there and I have visited countless times. I know of all the places Chloe confesses to not have visited and I must admit I've been to very few too! hehe.

The Dainty Squid - The Cult of Fitbit Kaylah got a fitbit, I love my fitbit so this post made me chuckle. Also I'm pretty sure I never got the choice of that snazzy turquoise colour when I bought mine, NO fair!

A Beautiful Mess - My new (Pineapple) Tattoo Emma got a new tattoo and it's so pretty! It makes me badly want a new tattoo, I've always got so so many ideas...

Emma Gannon's Newsletter Do you read Girl lost in the City blog? LOVE it! Well Emma has a new newsletter, you can sign up on the left hand side of her blog... do it! It's packed full of super interesting, cool bits to read.

More Zoella - Vlogs I really really enjoy all Zoella videos, I think she is fab. I do prefer her vlogs ot main channel vids though and I was super happy to see her back vlogging this month, after a break since Xmas. Watch them, she is super funny!

Sprinkle of Glitter - Huge Beauty Haul - Watch this Louise is actually hilarious! Her little rant about Polly Pocket here is so random and funny, I was lolling a lot!

Blog posts from the month:

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My monthly goal reflection:

Be Happy
Well I'm not 'unhappy' but think I could have tried a bit harder with this one this month. I'm def getting there, I can talk myself out of bad moods these days and I really try not to focus on the negative. But I have let my meditation slip and I think I need to re-focus...

Run 350
Oh dear oh dear, probably a major contributing factor to not doing so well with the above, I have run a grand total of... drum roll please.... 6.03 miles this month. Poor effort Jo, just poor! Bother!

Ok, so I snook a look at my fitbit stats after feeling super awful at my lack of exercise this month, but I walked 181.93 miles this month, averaging about 5 miles per day. This makes me feel a little better about myself. It's not like I was sitting on my bum all month! (just some of the month!) hehe.

Cycle 500
Cycled 24.93 miles this month, not so great! But at least I cycled some. Will have to do much better in terms of exercise in April.

Sort out a car and drive it lots
Well well well... a goal I actually feel good about this month! I BOUGHT a CAR! A brand new, sparkly, fresh from the garage car! She's SOOO freaking pretty and I'm super excited! I'm way nervous to drive though, so I cannot claim to have met this goal completely. But I am glad I actually came to a decision and got on with it and bought one.  I will probably share photos soon...

See my friends and family lots more
Yes! Was a super fun family weekend at Tilly's Barn, I love hanging out with a bunch of people, makes things lots of fun.

spend less time looking at screens
Well I haven't really tried with this one much, but over the Tilly's Barn weekend I was without TV and internet and loved it. Also my internet at home was off the best part of the week (grr!) so I did actually read a book and got some house work done instead.

What have you been up to this month?