5 April 2016

A Birthday day out for my Dad

This weekend was my Dad's birthday, and as my sister was up this weekend visiting anyway (for a hen do) we decided it would be really nice to all go out for the day together.

We wondered what to do, but in the end asked Dad what he would like to do! We said we could go anywhere (within reason) and we would treat him to travel, food, tickets for things etc. Dad decided he wanted to go to Pooley Bridge and to Glenridding, two of the worst hit areas of the recent floods in Cumbria caused by Storm Desmond. He thought it would be nice to support these small communities and spend some pennies in their shops etc. What a lovely idea!

So we set off for the little village of Pooley Bridge on Sunday morning and had a lovely wander round the shops and streets. There are a few little gift type shops and Jen and I were excited that there was also a local craft fayre on in the village hall.

Pooley Bridge is a little Lake District honey pot area, somewhere that is always popular with tourists as it is right on the shore of Ullswater. It is a picturesque little village with historic buildings and cafes and pubs. The main campsite is lovely too, we stayed there a couple of years ago.

Cute little shops!

Cute little streets!

THE best bit about Pooley Bridge of course has to be Granny Dowbekins Tearoom. It has a large seating are overlooking the river, which is juts lovely on a warm summer's day. We sat inside today and had a lovely early lunch.

and some cake of course!

Pooley Bridge gets is name, from its beautiful ancient stone bridge. Erm this is the bridge today, as the lovely ancient one got washed away in Storm Desmond. The bridge was iconic in Cumbria so very sad. But also very sad that it meant the village was essentially cut off, so the tourism the businesses depends on was threatened.

They have just recently opened a temporary bridge, yes it might not be anything to look at, but at least the tourists can get to the village now.

Dad wanted to visit Pooley Bridge and also Glenridding which is another lovely village at the other end of the lake. To join up the points there is a boat service called Ullswater Steamers that crosses the lake and also stops off another couple of places along the way. Some people, such walkers use it as a ferry service or you can just enjoy a leisurely cruise.

The Ullswater Steamer takes just over an hour to get from Pooley Bridge to Glenridding. It is lovely trip, obviously the views across the lake and up to the fells are just stunning.

The boats are all well equipped with little bars for refreshments and plenty of seats both inside and out. We sat outside for a little bit but it was rather chilly on the water!

Me and Dad inside the boat.

Dad and Jen admiring the views!

So we arrived in Glenridding and had a wander round. We had about an hour here to explore before we got the boat back.

We were warned by the lady in the Steamer shop that Glenridding was a bit of a mess and she wasn't wrong! It was so sad to see. Usually such a picturesque little place you could clearly see the damage caused by the floods.

All along the river the little shops, cafes and homes were empty still and drying out. It was nice to see that the locals had made an effort to make it look better with flower displays!

We were surprised though by the number of visitors still. Obviously a lot of people doing what we were doing and choosing to spend their money in these little villages to help them get back on their feet.

We popped to a super cute little cafe called Fellbites and actually sat outside in the sun! We enjoyed some drinks and scones, yum yum! Failed to get a photo of cute cafe and our scones (bad blogger!)

Soon it was time to head back onto the steamer and travel back to Pooley Bridge.

A lovely lovely day out! :-) 

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