8 April 2016

Collaborative Crochet: A Baby Blanket

Way way back in 2012 my friend was pregnant with her first child. We have a wee group of good school friends who all live back in the Carlisle now and we got together to make a crochet blanket for the new baby.  We enjoyed the project and the blanket was really well received. The blanket we made can be seen here... 

So jump to 2016 and the same friend was pregnant again with her second child, so of course we HAD to make a new blanket.

It seemed to take us an age to pick the colours. We had known for sometime that she was going to have a boy. We tried to pick lovely baby but gender neutral colours and not so much obvious blue and green, as the last blanket was blue and green.

The yarn we used was Lullaby by Stylecraft, my very favourite. We also used a size 4 crochet hook.

So we worked on our pattern ideas, it took an age to agree on a pattern too. After making quite a number of traditional granny square type blankets I've rather fallen out of love with the pattern. I much prefer to try something different.

We came across this square pattern in a book (failed to get name of it, bad Jo!) but basically rows of trebles leaving 2 chain spaces at corners, then doing two trebles into corner spaces of next row... if that makes sense... It was a lovely easy pattern to work with and I found my squares worked up really fast.

So we had our pattern and colours now just to figure out how big each square should be and how many squares each. We decided on 6 rows and 6 completed squares each. The blue was only to be used for edging and joining, leaving 3 colours to work into our squares. The idea being we would do whatever pattern of colour we wanted on 6 six squares but trying to balance out the 3 colours.

The 'tighter' stitchers amongst the group were told to crochet looser, after issues with previous blanket not quite matching.  But it is a collaboration blanket made by friends for a friend so a tiny bit of imperfection stitched in adds to the charm!

It was great to meet up with my friends for a project to do together, we could crochet and chat all at the same time.

Once we had all done our six squares (we put strict timetables on these things!!!) we met up round Emma's big dining table for the joining up... This took a lot of discussion too.

At first we wanted more of a flat join, but it meant we couldn't work on it individually... due to busy schedules etc it was easier for us to work on as much as we could individually and join our squares and then join the rows so we we picked the traditional granny join, double crochet stitches into stitches from each square, creating a ridge effect.

Here's we all are (well most of us!) stitching away.  I love these photos. We all hold our hooks so differently!

Ah, we were so happy to see it all beautifully joined and laid out on the table. A proud moment for all our efforts.

I ended up taking it hope to add one more row of blue trebles right round the edge to finish it off.

We all got together to visit our friend this week, meet the new baby and present the blanket, she was really pleased with it.

So I'm finally able to share this project here on my blog... it feels like ages since we started on this one.

I just need more friends to have babies now to do more collaboration crochet, its super fun!


  1. This is fab! I've embarked on making a crochet blanket out of crochet circles, it seems a mammoth task, doing a collaborative project is a great idea and it looks so pretty and neat. So impressive!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Becca. Yes collaborative blankets are a LOT less work. I have three other blankets on the go at the moment, just doing it on my own, and I can't see an end in sight ever! haha. x

  2. I really love this, it's gorgeous! You've made me seriously think about giving crochet a try...not that I'd be able to make anything so impressive anytime soon. Is it something you think I'd be able to learn myself over the internet? C x

    1. Thanks so much Cat! Yes you SO can learn on YouTube, I did! Honestly one of the very firth things i did was our first collaborative blankets... linked above... I think crochet is easy to pick up and get going. You really will get to blanket making surprisingly quickly! Best of luck x

  3. This color choice is fantastic. I think the collaboration projects are so nice idea - it's quicker and a lot of fun putting it together :) Keep up the good work.


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