1 April 2016

This month... March

SO... I'm changing it up a little bit with my regular monthly posts. I used to have two, 'This Month...' and 'Favourites', with this month discussing things I've been up to and reflecting on my goals and faves being things I've been liking, blogs I've been reading etc.

This month I have started a new series on my blog called 'Wonderful Wednesday', this post is weekly and will now replace my favourites post. I will be posting my happy list each week, so will obviously include some of the same things I would have talked about in faves.

I would still like to have some sort of monthly reflection post, so it will be a sort of amalgamation of faves and this month.... Let me know what you think in the comments...

What I've been up to this month:
Mother's Day was spent with my sister and mum and baby nephew James at The Halston, a new posh aparthotel in Carlisle. It was a lovely afternoon tea. Now my sister, mum and I are all experienced cake eaters (lol!) but even we couldn't get through this delicious lot. Yum yum!
The flowers all came out this month! And what a pretty sight to behold in our local park. I don't walk through here regularly, so they were a lovely surprise one day. The next time I went back later in the month they had all gone. Got to appreciate them whilst you can.

But following the crocuses came the daffodils, just look at that happy colour! These were at the University of Cumbria Lancaster campus when I popped down for meetings.

The best bit of March has to be our weekend at Tilly's Barn with both mine and Mark's sisters (and Phil and Neil and Scruff The Dog too) it was so lovely spending time with them in beautiful Borrowdale, and it didn't rain! 
A bit of a challenge this month with my climb up Scafell Pike, I almost reached the top (that counts right!?!) hehe.

It was Mark's birthday this month so his parents took us out for a meal to a lovely Indian, it was super yummy, check out the size of the naan breads, droool!

Another big fave this month was a little day trip to Whinlatter, one of my fave places ever to ride my bike. The Red South Loop had been resurfaced and was super duper fun!

What I've been reading, listening to, watching this month:

Nashville One of my very fave programmes ever returned this month and I have been loving it! When you are caught up with a programme right up to date, its SUCH a chore to have to wait a week before any new episode, ugh!

Walking Dead Yep, still enjoying this one. Gosh it makes me so tense each episode... last one of season next week, can't they all just live happily ever after already!?

Geordie Shore Yes, and I'm not afraid to admit it! I've been watching since it started and I'm a big fan! Their behaviour is still quite shocking and I would hate anyone I actually knew to act like this, but still... very entertaining! hehe.

The Queen at 90 Really enjoyed this lovely programme about our Queen. Check it out before it disappears off the internets...

New Girl in Toon - Never Have I ever Newcastle Confessions I really enjoyed this blog post. I like to think I know Newcastle fairly well, its so close by, my sister lives there, Mark went to uni there and I have visited countless times. I know of all the places Chloe confesses to not have visited and I must admit I've been to very few too! hehe.

The Dainty Squid - The Cult of Fitbit Kaylah got a fitbit, I love my fitbit so this post made me chuckle. Also I'm pretty sure I never got the choice of that snazzy turquoise colour when I bought mine, NO fair!

A Beautiful Mess - My new (Pineapple) Tattoo Emma got a new tattoo and it's so pretty! It makes me badly want a new tattoo, I've always got so so many ideas...

Emma Gannon's Newsletter Do you read Girl lost in the City blog? LOVE it! Well Emma has a new newsletter, you can sign up on the left hand side of her blog... do it! It's packed full of super interesting, cool bits to read.

More Zoella - Vlogs I really really enjoy all Zoella videos, I think she is fab. I do prefer her vlogs ot main channel vids though and I was super happy to see her back vlogging this month, after a break since Xmas. Watch them, she is super funny!

Sprinkle of Glitter - Huge Beauty Haul - Watch this Louise is actually hilarious! Her little rant about Polly Pocket here is so random and funny, I was lolling a lot!

Blog posts from the month:

Catch up on any new posts you missed this month right here....

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My monthly goal reflection:

Be Happy
Well I'm not 'unhappy' but think I could have tried a bit harder with this one this month. I'm def getting there, I can talk myself out of bad moods these days and I really try not to focus on the negative. But I have let my meditation slip and I think I need to re-focus...

Run 350
Oh dear oh dear, probably a major contributing factor to not doing so well with the above, I have run a grand total of... drum roll please.... 6.03 miles this month. Poor effort Jo, just poor! Bother!

Ok, so I snook a look at my fitbit stats after feeling super awful at my lack of exercise this month, but I walked 181.93 miles this month, averaging about 5 miles per day. This makes me feel a little better about myself. It's not like I was sitting on my bum all month! (just some of the month!) hehe.

Cycle 500
Cycled 24.93 miles this month, not so great! But at least I cycled some. Will have to do much better in terms of exercise in April.

Sort out a car and drive it lots
Well well well... a goal I actually feel good about this month! I BOUGHT a CAR! A brand new, sparkly, fresh from the garage car! She's SOOO freaking pretty and I'm super excited! I'm way nervous to drive though, so I cannot claim to have met this goal completely. But I am glad I actually came to a decision and got on with it and bought one.  I will probably share photos soon...

See my friends and family lots more
Yes! Was a super fun family weekend at Tilly's Barn, I love hanging out with a bunch of people, makes things lots of fun.

spend less time looking at screens
Well I haven't really tried with this one much, but over the Tilly's Barn weekend I was without TV and internet and loved it. Also my internet at home was off the best part of the week (grr!) so I did actually read a book and got some house work done instead.

What have you been up to this month?

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