13 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday ... 5

Well its been quite a week, I have a to-do list as long as my arm, but it's 'good' busy and I'm excited! I'm in the middle of moving house, which seems like a HUGE deal to me.  I moved the majority of bits last weekend and it is more just essentials, bigger bits of furniture and Meg to go this weekend!

It has actually been relatively stress free! I have packed and sorted most evenings and moved little bits at a time, unpacking and putting away at the other end. I guess I am probably coping by being busy and trying to put a lot of the emotion out of my mind. 

I want to move obviously, I wouldn't be moving if I didn't want to! But I've lived in my perfect little flat with Meg for 6 years. The first place that has been just mine and just for me. So leaving here is a little bit sad too. Also now i've got to live with a boy!!! (hehe Friends reference!)

So in the midst of the busyness... let's see my positives for the week...

1. Newness. Yeah, I have a whole new room and a whole new house to get excited about! I'm buying new things and enjoying putting my old things in new places and this makes me smile soooo much! I think it is a bit of a balance this one, as too much newness , too much change can sometimes freak me out, but for the moment all this is super exciting to me! 

2. Emma's podcast. I have followed Emma Gannon's blog for quite some time, I love her writing, she is very insightful and also ultra hip and cool! She comments a lot about being a millennial (I think I'm just a touch bit too old to describe myself as one, but still identify.)  Generational 'types' really do interest me. She is also a massive advocate for feminism and a creative lifestyle which I find super inspiring. Emma has a book coming out soon (scream!) and has launched a podcast. Her first guest Elizabeth Gilbert (yes her who rote Eat Pray Love!) The episode was just awesome! Then next guest was Zoella, I adore her! It's super interesting to hear Zoella commenting on her career and her fame in this way. Check out this podcast, and subscribe on iTunes, so enjoyable to listen to.

3. An early morning drive. So I've talked about it quite a bit... but driving or learning to drive has been a huge part of my life for ages and it is something that is a daily focus for me. I had a good idea this week to get up at sunrise on Sunday and just drive, drive all on my own! Drive on the 'scary' roads when there are no other drivers and do you know I LOVED it! I was a bit nervous but I stuck to my goals and drove the whole route I planned. I felt so accomplished with myself... little victories for me.

4. Furniture shopping. Oh yes, I might, just might, have found something even better than yarn shopping! hehe. I have been planning and researching the perfect furniture to fit my new bedroom and I've changed my mind about a million times.  But then I found them, the absolute perfect pieces, so placed the order and I was bursting with excitement! They don't come for another week, major ugh... but I can't wait to get my new furniture in and plan what to put in my new drawers.

5. Meditation. This is something I am quite new to, but something I am loving.  It is all part of my big 2016 project to simply 'be happy!' It seems mad that I struggle to find 15 minutes twice a day for time to myself to do nothing, but it is sometimes hard! But when I do meditate and focus on doing it properly then I get so much from it. I am still learning and really hope to improve a lot... but my day and my outlook on life is always vastly improved when I meditate.

6. Going forward.  Everything at the moment in my life feels like it is changing. I'm moving house, I'm driving... But I guess the major one is I'm making a big leap in my relationship. I'm SO not an adult and I struggle a lot with adult things, so this is huge for me. Mark and I have been together 7 years this summer and in that time have lived separately and seen each other only a couple of times a week. Now we will be living together and moving our relationship forward. My relationship with Mark is the only grown up thing in my life I'm always 100% sure of and he makes me most happy out of anything or anyone. As much as this feels ever so grown up.. I feel super excited to be making the leap.

7. PJs. I never used to be a PJs or casual person at home. I obviously wear PJs to bed, but only to bed. I used to get up, get showered, put nice day clothes on, wear them until bed time and then put on PJs to go to sleep. Now the first thing I want to do when I get home in an evening is put on PJs or just snuggly leggings and my very favourite huge slouchy Sons of Anarchy T-shirt! I love being cosy in my PJs on the sofa in a blanket blogging or crocheting. I think this is most certainly a sign of ageing.. but that's ok with me!

8. A new haircut. I think every woman has discovered this little one! But there is nothing quite like a new haircut to make you feel all 'new' and fresh and just a little bit happier with yourself. I don't go very regularly to get my hair done so it always feels a bit of a treat. I didn't exactly go for a drastic change, I'm sure most people haven't even noticed... but I noticed, after all that's who I do it for, just me.

What's been putting a smile on your face this week? 

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  1. I am literally so excited for all the change that's happening for you right now. The moving in sounds so exciting. I feel like spring has brought you so many new things.
    Early morning drives are so good. It feels like the only one around. Although I doubt I will be saying that at 4am on Saturday morning ready for a 150 mile drive.
    I'll definitely be checking out Emma's blog. She sound right up my street.
    Have a fabulous week
    Kate xx

    1. Thanks so much Kate for your lovely comment, really made me smile. x

  2. I remember the part in Friends - I feel you... but I'm so excited for you... I live in a tiny tiny apartment and house is my dream still - so you're kind of living it for me and change can be so scary sometimes.... but it will be fine and it will be great :)

    1. Hi Mari, thanks so much for your kind words. Yes its a bit scary, but I think excitement is outweighing it. x

  3. Oh Jo I'm so so excited for you! HURRAH!!!!! I might see you popping up more often since you'll be on my side of the river now....? YAY! Sending you all of the good luck wishes with it all.

    Lots of love xxxxx

  4. What a wonderful wonderful Wonderful Wednesday! You have so many exciting things going on in your life right now! Heaps of well dones on the driving - I learned to drive quite late and still don't enjoy it so I'm really impressed with how you just got in the car and drove!

    High fives on the move too - we're moving down south while you're moving up north! I remember very well the feeling of moving in with a boy (sob!) about 4 years ago. It takes getting used to but is so worth it and from the sounds of things, you're going to be so happy in your little home together!

    Quick question, where do you usually buy your yarn from? Any recommended brands? C x

  5. That's fantastic news Jo, congratulations!! I've downloaded the podcast you recommended too, can't wait to listen to it! x


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